Asumi’s Cup

For a start, let me say that this is a non-sexual entry that I wrote for Asumi, with a daring attempt to make a good guess about her personality and desires. What I have written in no way reflects her true personality and is not intended to expose or taint her reputation. Read it with an open mind, and half-believe what I wrote for you guys to enjoy.

Me: ‘Asumi, give this a try and tell me if it’s good.’

I placed the cup of cappuccino on her table and she held the cup to feel the temperature before taking a sip. The sight of a beautiful half-Japanese lady drinking from a posh looking black up couldn’t be more beautiful, especially with that leopard printed tank top with a pair of leather-looking, shimmering leggings.

Asumi: ‘It’s good. Very milky and sweet even without sugar.’
Me: ‘Haha. Wait a while more and tell me how is it again.’

The look on her face was priceless as she gulped another two mouthful of it, as though some magic would happen after emptying the cup. I took the time to clean up the coffee machine and turned off the lights, preparing to close shop for the night. She was around the bar earlier and dropped by without informing me. Though I wasn’t very tired that night, her visit did brighten my day to have someone accompanying me even for a while.

As the front signage was shut off, I saw her moving on the couch, as though wriggling to something in her pants. I walked past her to clear her cup and she held me abruptly, pulling me down to sit beside her.

Me: ‘How? Is the coffee good?’
Asumi (whispering): ‘What did you add inside?’
Me: ‘A secret formula.’
Asumi: ‘Tell me!’

Me: ‘I can’t. It’s a secret!’

I could see her face blushing in the faint lights from the street lamps and her hands were stroking along her inner thighs. I placed my arm around her and she snuggled quickly into my embrace, giving me a feel that I have control over her now. She was a quick learner when she placed her hand over my groin, disturbing the hard on that was growing underneath. How I wished I could just whip my cock out for her to do anything to it then, but there was something else on my mind.

Me: ‘I want you to take off your leggings.’
Asumi: ‘But I didn’t bring any spare bottoms.’
Me: ‘You won’t need them. I am not going to dirty it.’

Asumi did not think twice after hearing my assurance, and quickly removed her leggings. Her smooth butt simply glowed in the dark and was so alluring that I couldn’t stop staring at them. There was just no way any guys could resist if they were in my position. That long flowing black hair, body hugging tank top, ample breasts and perfectly curved hips. What would you do if you were here?

Asumi :’What do you want me to do?’
Me: ‘Masturbate yourself. But do not climax.’
Asumi: ‘Cause you’re going to help me?’
Me: ‘Just do it first.’

I went to the seats opposite her and sat comfortably, while she placed her feet on the short table in front and her fingers got busy getting herself off. It only took her two minutes before she asked me to go over, and help her to stop before she came.

I pinned her hand against the backrest after a few more seconds and her hips were jerking to deny the fact that she wasn’t allow to cum. Fully satisfied at her performance and self-control, I took out the bottle of serum where the ‘secret’ was contained. Holding it against her nose, she breathed normally and the chocolatey scent made her smile a little.

Asumi: ‘It smells nice.’
Me: ‘Like the coffee?’
Asumi: ‘Yeah.’

I safely tucked the bottle away into my pockets and held both her hands together against the sofa, immobilising her while standing in front.

Asumi: ‘What’s happening?’
Me: ‘Wait.’

I squatted down between her opened legs and blew some cold air onto her pussy, where a soft shiver slowly grew to an intense one.

Asumi: ‘What’s happening? I am feeling warm down there.’
Me: ‘You’ll see. Don’t worry. It won’t hurt.’

Her head flung backwards onto the sofa and her arms grew stronger to resist my hold on her. Her hips were arching up and down and the more she did it, the moving air around her pussy stirred an orgasm that was building up but never seemed to reach.

Asumi: ‘I feel like cumming now.. but I can’t!’

I pulled my hand away from hers and gently used my middle finger to give her clit an upward swipe. Her free hand almost went back to her pussy but I caught her before she succeeded, and something magical occurred.

Her body weakened all of a sudden and the orgasm that she had been waiting for, came like the pleasure of relieving a full bladder, gently, but satisfying. As the first wave of climax passed, I flicked her clit again and the second one came. She could not believe how easily her body orgasmed and my fingers felt so powerful then.

Asumi: ‘Somemore?’

I continued for a total of three times before the fourth one came after a minute. The effects were wearing off and I was about to end her fun for the night.

Me: ‘I am stopping here tonight.’
Asumi: ‘Why? We haven’t even did it.’
Me: ‘You are not supposed to.’
Asumi: ‘You have been reading my blog?’
Me: ‘Everyday.’
Asumi: ‘But I really want it tonight. And I can do it one more time for this week. It’s Sunday already!’
Me: ‘Save that for someone more important. I am just a writer right? Someone who is experienced to stimulate your mind, not please your body.’
Asumi: ‘You.. sigh

I did not want to hear what she had to say because it didn’t matter to me. When someone wants to curb an addiction, I will respect their goal and in my own ability, offer a small escape without jeopardising their efforts. I stood in the back waiting for her to wear her leggings and appeared when she was done.

We waited for a cab to send her home after what happened, with me feeling a little guilty for not making full use of her time and effort to be with me. It was past one after midnight when a Comfort saw us on the opposite side of the road, waving to us to wait while he made a U-turn.

Asumi: ‘Thank you for today.’
Me: ‘You’re not mad at me?’
Asumi: ‘I was. But I know what you did for me.’

She gave me a peck before hopping into the taxi, waving at me till I was out of sight. My journey home was filled with thoughts about this awesome writer and her mission to control her desires. She had this special characteristic that made her feel precious to everyone who had interacted with her. I hope she had enjoyed herself without crossing the lines and gained a little insight to such ‘magic’ liquid that is available in the (black) market.

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