A Close Shave of Pleasure

Chrissy was seated on the bed when I removed my shorts in the hotel room, her mouth opened in surprise when she saw my shave dick.

Chrissy: ‘How did you get it so clean?’
Me: ‘It’s not really clean luh. The bottom part is hard to shave.’
Chrissy: ‘But it’s cleaner than mine!’

That night, we had went for a drink at a pub and decided to head to a budget hotel for the night. Since poly times, we had a thing for each other but did not really express our lust for each other. The most fun we had was flirting through our conversation when we were out with our clique.

Chrissy was the type of girl who dresses casually but it had never occurred to her that it appeared ‘slutty’ to many of her guy friends whom had gone through puberty with raging hormones. Too bad for them, she did not hang out with many groups and merely stuck to one during her studies.

So I should consider myself lucky when she asked if I was free that evening, and we finally revealed our feelings for each other while high.

Chrissy: ‘Next time help me shave eh.’
Me: ‘I think they have shaver here. Later I help you?’
Chrissy: ‘Yay! Okay. Lie down lie down.’

My dick was standing tall in front of her and she did not hesitate to give it some love, using her hand to massage and find the sensitive spots that would cause me to groan. The exploration part was the most sexy as she fondled with it innocently, watching my expressions to adjust her strength.

After a brief moment with her hand, she crawled beside my head and bent over in doggie, her mouth hovering above my dick as though she wanted something like 69 but not exactly it.

Me: ‘You want me to lick you?’
Chrissy: ‘Nope. Not when it’s so prickly. I prefer to suck you this way.’

She shifted her body forward and her mouth went over my dick, thrusting slowly till her lips were close to touching my base. I had no idea she was so good at it and my hands couldn’t stay still in that enjoyment. I placed one hand between her legs and rubbed on her pussy, swiping my middle finger up and down her slit.

The amount of saliva flowing out of her mouth was increasing as I poked a little of my finger in to tease her further. That skinny 159cm girl was just so arousing with her oral skills that I couldn’t wait to find out the rest of the things she was good at.

Chrissy: ‘You’re making me so horny!’
Me: ‘I love how wet you are. It’s all over my hand now.’

She went down a few more times deeper and faster, till she suddenly sat upright on her heels and let my finger vibrate on her clit. A few seconds later, her body trembled cutely and the moans she gave off was next to silence. At least I now know that she wasn’t a moaner.

I patted on her hips a few times and she turned herself to face me eye-to-eye. Chrissy had done enough work for the day and it was time for her to enjoy as well. I hugged her body tightly against mine and rolled her over, pinning her with my body weight. In a frenzy, I raised both her legs to the sides as was about to penetrate her when she stopped my advances with her hands on my hips.

Chrissy: ‘Don’t put it inside. I am still a virgin.’
Me: ‘You are?’
Chrissy: ‘Eh! Why so surprised? I act like a bitch doesn’t mean I am one k?’

She closed her legs together and I had to open my beside her waist. Pointing to the centre of the ‘Y’ shaped opening, she wanted me to put it between her thighs and just use that to relieve myself. A part of me did not believe that she was still a virgin, but no matter what reasons, her intentions were clear – no intercourse.

I went to the bathroom to place some body lotion on my dick and returned to the waiting girl, who was kind enough to help me poke my dick into that crevice just for me to enjoy. Going real slow, I was holding myself back because the part under my dick head was at maximum contact and was driving me too sensitive.

I did pick up the speed after a while but there was a limit to how fast I could go. Chrissy was just holding my waist and feeling my dick rub against her clit, making her mouth open and close as the sensations came and passed.

Chrissy: ‘Is it too much for you to handle?’
Me: ‘A little bit. It’s just too overwhelming.’
Chrissy: ‘Umm.. then I open my legs a bit. But just rub along the outside k?’
Me: ‘Alright.’

She relaxed her thighs and it definitely felt better. I thrust into that small hole continuously to her body jerking and her legs did not take long before spreading wider. Knowing that I could accidentally slip in, I dare not moved too fast but her legs made it impossible to keep myself seated on top of her. Having no choice, I closed my legs together as she placed them on both sides of me.

Chrissy: ‘Go faster?’

I listened to her suggestion and went faster, getting dangerously close to penetrating her but not angled right yet. All of a sudden, she stopped my movements with her feet on my hips and pushed me back. One of her hands came to my dick and held it at her pussy, and then her calves hit against my butt to push me in.

In one swift stroke, I pierced into her with a scream and she was pinning my ass to keep me still. It had lasted too long for comfort and I resisted her feet, ramming my dick into her as she struggled to keep my inside. The small bodied girl was so tight I was totally convinced she was a virgin, and the painful look on her face was scary at first, till we were going full speed and she gave off a soft moan as I pounded her.

Me: ‘Does it feel good?’
Chrissy: ‘Yeah. Much better than using my fingers. Don’t leave me k?’
Me: ‘I won’t.’

Going into berserk mode, my mind had shut off and engaged the beast in me, pumping my dick so hard and deep that she was climaxing back to back. The amount of juices had formed a huge patch on the bedsheets but she was not relaxing her legs at all. Having only one choice, I gave her my best and claimed her virginity in a way she would not regret giving it to me.

After close to five minutes of crazy fucking, I laid on top of her and rolled ourselves so I was below her. Holding her body upright, she was almost knocked out when I asked her to lean forward in a doggie style. She easily raised her butt and I jerked my hips up and down, ramming that swollen piece of meat deeper into her.

A long ‘fuckkkk.. ‘ was heard as another orgasm hit her hard, causing her to collapse on me. Still having some stamina left before I came, I let her lay on the bed while making my way behind her, holding her waist higher so I could help myself to her pussy.

I placed the tip in and took a deep breath before shoving it in one move, jolting her awake and screaming for mercy. It had gone way deeper than before and she just could not faint even if she wanted to. In that position, I made sure she was properly satisfied. The few minutes felt like hours in her contracting pussy and I was barely holding it in too.

My last burst of energy went out at her and she was clenching the bedsheets, pulling it out of the mattress and fighting my deep thrusts. Her body kept struggling to keep up with the orgasms that were draining her life force, but I had no desire to let her go till I was done.

Me: ‘I am cumming soon. Hang in there!’
Chrissy: ‘I am already not there. Just shoot already!’

I made another three thrusts and pulled out of her. I hastily flipped her body over to lie on the bed and I climbed over her abs. She was barely awake but knew what was happening, grabbing my dick and jerking it in an uncontrolled rhythm.

In less than a minute, my load exited my system and splashed all over her face and breasts, leaving some on her lips as she smiled watching me groan in agony. The thumb rub on my dick head as I came was simply overpowering and she did not let me go even after I stopped shooting. I had to pull myself away and she only freed me after I pushed the cum into her lips.

Chrissy: ‘What the hell! Letting me taste your cum so I’ll let you go.’
Me: ‘If not let you torture me to death ah?’
Chrissy: ‘You must be a gentleman mah.’
Me: ‘You are not even gentle with me.’

Still kneeling over her legs, I helped her up and we went into the showers to wash my cum off her body. She used a generous amount of soap to clean my dick and applied some on her groin, after washing it a few times to rid the juices over it.

Chrissy: ‘Help me to shave now?’
Me: ‘Yupp. Oh ya. I will help you masturbate as I shave, so you will be distracted from the fear.’
Chrissy: ‘If you think it will work.’

That evening, I spent fifteen minutes smoothing out her pubs and it looked even better than myself after the service. She couldn’t stop touching it and even masturbated herself on the bed, turning me on with her moans she purposely directed into my ears.

Chrissy: ‘I’ll suck you off as a reward k? I know guys love it.’
Me: ‘You can do it tomorrow if you are tired.’
Chrissy: ‘You did it so well I can’t stop touching it. You can lick me if you want k?’

She crawled into 69 and her glistering clit was right in my face. As soon as her mouth started work, my tongue came out to play with her pussy till she went faster. It was her first time doing 69 so willingly and it was all thanks to me, making her feel so confident.

My second load of cum went down her throat and her two orgasms worth of juices went down mine, quenching our thirsts just before sleep. The next morning came with a request to shave her again, as tiny stubs irritated her. Of course, I got my ‘payment’ in the form of physical satisfaction after it and she actually set up a schedule for us to meet so I could shave her.

It would be.. every two days, in this hotel with expenses paid for, and a reward to let me do anything to her after I am done. Not too bad right?

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