Bring Me Home Tonight

Going over to the sofa seat where the last customer was seated, I couldn’t bring myself to tell her that the bar was closing. She had been drinking alone for the past two hours and even the few guys whom had approached her did not manage to strike any conversation. I left her where she was and continued closing the accounts for the day, until the clock sounded off at 2am. It was the last minute I waited till before heading to her and joined her with a cup of Coca Cola in my hand.

Me: ‘You’ve been crying the whole night. Is there something wrong?’

She took another piece of tissue from the box and dabbed it over her eyes, before picking her head up to look at me.

Lady: ‘Oh.. is it closing time already?’
Me: ‘Yeah. But don’t worry. Today is one of the earliest I have closed shop.’
Lady: ‘I’m just tired of everything. Can you believe I don’t have any friends?’
Me: ‘With that beauty of yours? No way.’
Lady: ‘All my female friends are those pretentious type and the guys only want to get into my pants.’
Me: ‘You can’t blame them I guess. Who can resist a pretty girl?’
Lady: ‘You?’
Me: ‘I am working here. So I can’t hit on anyone even if they appealed to me.’
Lady: ‘Do you want to bring me home?’

I paused after she asked that question, not knowing if she was jus testing me or really giving me a chance to hit on her. The long flowing hair at her waist had been my weakness and her light make up complimented her slim face more than cover her flaws. I did not reply her but sipped on my cup, till she finally gathered herself and wiped her tear stains clean.

Lady: ‘I shall not impose you any further. Can I get my tab?’
Me: ‘It’s been settled. You have no idea guys were paying for you tonight huh?’
Lady: ‘Really?! I should come by and cry more often.’

She had looked much happier after she realised she had saved her drinking money, and waited for me at the door while I placed her cups into the dishwasher. We went to the roadside and waited till a cab stopped before us, where I opened the door for her.

Lady: ‘You’re not coming?’
Me: ‘I have to work tomorrow.’

She held onto my wrists as she entered the cab and I got in reluctantly, not wanting to ruin our relationship by engaging in some rash decisions.

Lady: ‘Uncle, go to any hotel in Geylang.’

The wink the driver gave me totally gave my thoughts away. He was kind enough not to look at us while we spoke about why she was crying, and the clothes she was in didn’t make her look cheap nor easy. For that evening, she was wearing a wine red dress with a purple cardigan, concealing her shoulders and true body shape under it.

Lady: ‘Uncle, keep the change.’
Taxi Driver: ‘Thank you thank you. You two have fun.’

We went to our room after passing through the few female workers at the corridor who gave her a jealous look, probably thinking that she had scored a customer while they were just waiting for the carrot to come.

Like all budget hotels, the slight cigarette odour was imminent and the lady simple removed her cardigan after dropping her bag on the bed.

Lady: ‘I go shower first.’
Me: ‘I haven’t got your name.’

Lady: ‘Just call me Lynn.’

I gave her a smile and she disappeared into the bathroom after I saw her bun her hair up. She took some time in there but after the water stopped running, she came out in a towel and used another smaller one to dry her hair.

Lynn: ‘Your turn?’
Me: ‘Now I don’t feel like showering.’
Lynn: ‘Why?’
Me: ‘Cause you are just so tempting!’

She let off a *tsk* sound and threw her hair towel at me, thereafter I dashed in for a quick rinse. Walking into her with the small towel around my waist, she was just lying on the bed, without the blanket over her body. It was just so sexy to see her leaning against the headboard in just a towel and legs folded to hide her intimate parts.

Lynn: ‘Wahh. So sexy ah. Small towel hiding a big package.’

I looked down on my bulge and only saw the usual size, poking against the fleece so hard that the towel lifted itself.

Me: ‘Big meh?’

I crawled onto the bed and joined her, letting my towel fall apart and she slid her body flat on the comfy bedsheets. I was on top of her in no time and our eyes met with electricity jolting our inner desires to a warm charcoal glow.

Lynn (whispering): ‘You are just as tempting as hell.’

Skipping the small talks, I planted my lips onto hers for a long while and the breath I took totally filled my mind with her scent. She unwrapped her own towel and the full breasts slipped a little sideways, still considered ‘firm’ to my liking.

My lips went from her mouth, to ears, and then down her neck, finally stopped at her soft brown nipples where she began moaning. I was sucking on it so gently and nibbled on them after I lost control over my own mind. After a few minutes, I continued my journey southward of her chest and made another stop at her groin, the curved part just above her pussy.

I kept my eyes on her as my hands spread her legs, but she was too distracted to notice me watching her. As soon as my mouth landed on her pussy, her hands went behind my neck to pull me closer and my tongue went to work immediately on her clit. Stroking and flicking her clit, she was moaning louder and faster. Her feet were on the bed and had raised her hips higher for me to attack her slit, where she had told me to keep going at. For her clit, her fingers were already there and rubbing wildly.

The taste of her juices was so clean it had no taste nor smell, and I did not mind doing it slower for as long as she liked.

Lynn: ‘Don’t lick me anymore. Lie down.’

As though I had stoked the heat into a fire, she brought my face in front of hers and flipped me on my back, wadding on her knees to go between my legs. She swept her long hair to one side and her mouth went to my dick in a flash, using her tongue to wet it a little before taking it whole.

She had two fingers around the base of my shaft and the rest of the moving parts were just her mouth. The sight of her eagerness melted my strength away as she went all out to go up and down on me. Only her neck was moving, and it was something I had not seen except in porno flicks.

I couldn’t help but groan as she tortured me by sucking the tip hard, and then lowering her mouth over it to ease the discomfort. I could only take this much until I stopped her, too hyped for just her mouth.

Me: ‘Lynn.. I don’t want your mouth anymore.’
Lynn: ‘Why? Is it no good?’
Me: ‘No no.. it’s too good. But I want to be inside you now.’

A sly grin went across her face and she laid beside me, cuddling me for a while before we proceed.

Lynn (whispering): ‘Do what you want to me.’
Me (whispering): ‘That would be too much to ask for. I’m going to do what you want to yourself.’

I leaned over her body and held her wrists above her head, using my knees to split her legs as wide as I kneeled on the bed. The next few seconds were spent with my rod rubbing on her pussy, and then pressing my hips against her groin.

Me: ‘I am going in.’

She gasped as I forced my way into her tight hole, causing me to regret rushing into her. The pressure around my dick was so strong it was aching, but did not last very long once I put it into her warm privates.

In there, I could feel her heartbeat pulsing through her vagina and she was feeling the same too. We took a short break in that position to get used to each other, and it truly felt like a long time.

Subsequently, my lust began moving my hips and we were picking up speed at an incredible rate. Her body was jerking instinctively to my deep thrusts and her hands were clenched into a fist.

Lynn: ‘You are torturing me!’
Me: ‘Now you know?’

With one hand holding her hands still, I raised her legs over my shoulders and she was biting her own lips harder, as I sank my meat deeper and faster. She was going out of control as I felt her strength building up, as though she was gaining power over her assailant.

After three minutes or so of intense ‘rape’, she kicked me away and I fell backwards onto the edge of the bed. She grabbed my thighs and jerked me towards her, resting my head on the bed instead of dangling over the corner.

The crazy girl then climbed on top of me and sat over my dick so fast I couldn’t believe she was not enjoying it. Her hips grinded my dick much quicker and the tight grasp of her fists showed me she was purposely squeezing me.

I totally felt her wrath as my dick went into shock, overwhelmed by the sensitivity of my dick head being teased by the underside of her pussy. The countless times she came was unmistakable, giving me an agonising look whenever a gush of juices came to lubricate our genitals, signalling the satisfaction she was getting from the sex.

Me: ‘I can’t take it anymore.. ‘
Lynn: ‘Are you cumming?’
Me: ‘Yeah yeah.. ‘
Lynn: ‘Let’s cum together then.’

She rode me harder and I grabbed the bedsheets, struggling to handle her horniness that had been driving my dick too weak to fight back. After another five minutes of her non-stop grinding, I held her waist down onto my hips and she paused, drawing in a deep breath in the most cliffhanging manner.

Her mouth opened at first to enjoy the incoming orgasm, then a frown appeared with her teeth on her lips, biting down as my body trembled with the enormous amount of cum squirting into her. Part of her expression wanted to enjoy the soothing warmth filling her body up, and the other just couldn’t take the orgasm anymore.

After her tightness subsided, she collapsed over my body and my dick gave its final spit. She rolled herself over to the side and her hands went to her pussy immediately. We were next to each other when she took her hand up, holding the cum that had made long sticky strains between her fingers.

Lynn: ‘You see?’
Me: ‘A lot right?’

Lynn pushed a finger into her mouth to taste it and she showed me her cleaned fingers.

Lynn: ‘Not too bad.’

I got out of bed and dragged her into the shower, washing the cum off her groin like a dad bathing his daughter. She was so lazy in there that I had all the freedom to do anything I want. I went down on her again with the water running over her body, and fingered her at the same time.

We did slept a lot that night, but were still tired when we had to check out. I only start work at 5pm, and had a long way to go before then.

Lynn: ‘You want to go to my place to catch more sleep?’
Me: ‘Are you sure we will be sleeping?’
Lynn: ‘I think so.’

We hopped into a cab and she placed my hand under her dress.

Lynn (whispering): ‘Oh shit. I forgot to wear my panties.’

My fingers went to massage her clit till we reached her place, where she forked out the fare for the second time and we had another round of fun in her bedroom, with her younger sister sitting in front of her desktop in just her bra and panties, oblivious to the action happening behind her.

Lynn: ‘Mei, I brought him home for you. He is quite nice and caring. I think he will be a good boyfriend.’

A Japanese Adult Video was then played on the 22″ flat screen and she came over, lying next to her sister while we were in missionary. Well, my hands got busy fingering Lynn’s sister while fucking, and they took turned to let me bang them in doggy.

I still wasn’t sure if anything that happened was real.

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