Foreign Bodies

Girl: ‘Hi there. Do you know where is block 336?’
Me: ‘It’s quite a distance from here. The block is opposite AMK Hub.’
Girl: ‘So from here I have to walk straight is it?’
Me: ‘Why don’t I bring you there? You’re not in a rush right?’
Girl: ‘I just need to get there by tonight. My plane landed late and I am not very familiar with this place yet.’
Me: ‘It’s just fifteen minutes away. I’ll help you carry your stuff and walk you there.’
Girl: ‘Thank you so much! So sorry to bother you.’

She sounded like a Singapore from her accent but was actually from China. I packed my stuff and kept the Google Maps opened on my phone, showing her the directions and that I wasn’t going to sell her away. The skinny girl was carrying two luggages, one duffel bag and the other was a trolley bag. I took over her duffel and carried them for her as we walked, chatting about her new life in Singapore.

Liqing: ‘What were you doing with your iPad?’
Me: ‘Oh. I was working. That place is quiet and peaceful. I like to watch people walk by too.’
Liqing: ‘You are so weird. People in my country would find their own house to be the safest place to work in.’

She had two weeks of holiday before her contract with a local design firm started, and was more than happy to let me show her around the island, especially the bus routes she had to take for work. We made our way up to her place after a tiring ten minutes walk and the surprise that awaited for us made me sigh out loud.

The 4-room flat had boxes laid up to the doorsteps and only a narrow walkway was made to her room. The luggage had to be carried overhead and it took us more than ten minutes just to get her belongings into the room. We had no idea how long the place had been in this condition, not that it was abandoned, but clearly had not been occupied for at least two months.

Me: ‘You want to change out first? I don’t expect you to clean the place up in a dress.’
Liqing: ‘I should not bother you anymore. It’s getting late.’
Me: ‘I don’t mind. I usually reach home around 1am.’

That white lie couldn’t be any lousier but the kindheartedness in me just couldn’t bear to leave her in this state, without a clean place to even sleep at. She took a fresh set of clothes, towel and her travel sized body wash into the shower and spent a long time inside, presumingly cleaning the toilet while she bathed. I was drenched in sweat and topless when she called out to me, causing me to tumble over the boxes as I dashed to her.

Liqing (shouting): ‘Is everything alright?’
Me: ‘Yeah. I just tripped over some boxes. You need something?’
Liqing: ‘Umm.. I forgot to take my bra and panties.. do you mind?’

I ‘swam’ through the mess and picked out a mismatched set of lingerie, handing it to her through the gap in the door. I wouldn’t expect her to go braless when she had a guest (me), and so I did not think much about it, going back to finish the sloppy job of wiping down all the furniture she needed for the night.

The freshly showered girl had smelled much better and was apologising when she saw the room cleaned of dust and her luggage opened neatly in front of the wardrobe. The rest of the house was still in a mess but I guessed she could sleep better that night.

Liqing: ‘I can’t believe it. You are really fast.’
Me (panting): ‘It’s not really cleaned though. I just wiped it through.’
Liqing: ‘Are all Singaporean guys so helpful?’

Little did she know we were only this good to pretty girls like her. I gave her a single nod and she went on to unpack her clothes into the wardrobe.

Liqing: ‘You want to shower before you go?’
Me: ‘It’s okay. I don’t have clothes to change into.’

I picked up my shirt hanging on the wooden chair and was about to put it on before she pulled it away.

Liqing: ‘别穿湿衣服。’
Translate: Don’t wear wet clothes.

Me: ‘那我就这样回家吧。’
Translate: I shall go home like this then.

She gave me a cute tsk frown and threw an oversized t-shirt at me. I caught it and told her I would take a quick wash before I leave. In the bathroom, the same body wash and shampoo she used was emptied, and I stuck to my words of having a fast shower.

Liqing: ‘那么快?有洗干净吗?’
Translate: So fast? Did you wash yourself properly?

Me: ‘有!’
Translate: Yes!

I wiped myself dry with her towel and was ready to slip her t-shirt on. Just as I was blinded with the shirt over my head, she came to me and hugged me tightly, leaving the shirt stuck around my neck. As her breasts pushed against me, she made some space between our lower bodies and I felt one of her hands digging into my shorts.

Me: ‘喂,别这样。’
Translate: Hey, don’t do this.

Liqing: ‘Shhh.. ‘

My dick was in her hand by then and her eagerness to please sent me carrying her to the bed, falling backwards with her on top. Her body slid down between my legs that were sticking out of the bed and she brought my shorts lower at the same time, taking a whiff at my manhood.

Liqing: ‘真的有洗干净哦。’
Translate: It’s really clean.

Her head turned sideways to give it a few long licks up and down, while I shamelessly placed my arms behind my head to enjoy her gratitude. She did not tease me for too long before devouring the throbbing piece of meat, gliding her lips up and down my shaft while watching the expressions on my face. It was so heavenly that I wasn’t thinking straight when she asked me how it felt.

Liqing: ‘你是在爽还是在受苦啊?’
Translate: Are you feeling pleasured or suffering?

Me: ‘是爽到很苦吧。’
Translate: It’s too pleasurable till I am suffering.

The answer was somehow accepted and the girl went faster for a while, stopping just as my hands went over her head. She turned around to her luggage and flipped everything out, appearing with a first aid pouch in her hands. The zip went lightning fast for her to fish a condom out of it, and she tore it like a hungry tigress. Placing it lightly over my dick, her mouth went around the rubber ring to roll the protection on and she gave me a bonus feel of how skilled she was doing a blowjob even with a condom on.

After everything was in place, Liqing climbed on top of me and kept her hips raised, inches away from my dick that was dying to get inside her. Instead of just sitting over it, she gave me a roselip tease by rubbing her slit along the base of my shaft a few times. She was using it to turn herself on and only after she felt a little more juices lubricating my rod, did she sit at my abs, ready to please me to her fullest.

Very slowly, she slide south over my dick and the penetration was uninterrupted. In one move, she sank my rod deep into her and a moan from her sounded like a click between a key and a keyhole. I had fitted into her so well that she could not move but enjoy the moment for a few seconds.

Liqing: ‘I was so wrong when I imagined Asian guys to be small.’
Me: ‘I could be only one of the few.’

I stuck my tongue out in the cheeky response and she began grinding me revengefully. At first, her boobs were swaying in front of me, then she leaned back onto my bent knees to let my dick stimulate the underside of her pussy, which she fell weak to after a few strokes. I used the strength in my forearm to keep her hips raised before thrusting my rod upwards, jamming it into her contracting pussy as she moaned louder.

Her wet, chest length hair fell over my calves and she did not last long in that position either. Shortly after, she went back to riding me while seated upright, letting her waist did the work fondling the tip of my dick. In that stance, she could move faster just by wriggling her hips and I was soon overwhelmed from the intensity. Despite not changing position, she had showed me the variations of it and was indulging in the fun too.

Me: ‘I am cumming soon. Keep going.’

She jerked for a few more seconds and stopped as my balls tightened, leaving me a little restless when she ended the fun. Liqing dismounted the stallion and sat next to me, removing the condom carefully and chucking it onto the floor. She went down to take my dick in her mouth and let the saliva accumulate before transiting to the next phase. It wasn’t a blowjob at all since her mouth did not move, only leaving some saliva for her to use.

She wrapped her fair fingers over my rod and jerked me gently, paying attention to the areas under the hood and mostly the shaft. The knowledge she had about where to stimulate was commendable, being a guy who did not mind handjob as long as it was done properly. After five minutes had passed, she showed no signs of tiredness but placed a finger under my balls, where the anus was inches away from.

Liqing: ‘About now.’
Me: ‘Huh?’

Her hand suddenly picked up speed and pumped me hard, playing with my balls as she went crazy on me. My mind did not have time to react when the powerful jets of cum took off like a space shuttle, launching into the air and covering her pretty fingers. It was so thick and dense that it did not flow everywhere but stuck onto wherever it landed on. She went on to tease the tip of my dick with her thumb till I was about to beg her, and she stopped in the most timely manner.

Liqing: ‘Let’s go wash up together.’

She pointed at the sides of her duffel bag and I took the two 1-litre bottle of shampoo and body wash, following her behind into the bathroom. There, we soaped each other up and she paid extra attention to my little one, cleaning it thoroughly till it was smelling brand new. I wore her t-shirt and was texting her on the journey, making plans on where to go the next day. She confessed to me that she masturbated herself with the empty shower bottle after I left, thanking me over and over again for the help I gave her, and the fun too. It seemed that she would now have someone to play with whenever she feels stressed out from work.

To think she even offered me an allowance out of her high salary to accompany her, what a lucky life she has here huh?

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