An Incepting Story

(girl asked) ‘Hey.. Are you heading to Suntec?’

‘Not really. I’ll be waiting nearby for some friends to finish the countdown. Then maybe go for a drink or something.’

‘That’s cool. Smart choice to avoid the crowd huh? Do you have a nice place to chill? I think I’m going follow your plans until the countdown is over.’

We continued chatting in the train till I switched tracks to Bugis, for a quiet little spot where I would usually write if I am in the vicinity. Once we got out of the station, she casually clung onto my arm as the floor was wet after a rain, and proceeded to a rooftop in total silence.

(her surprised tone) ‘Wow! This place is awesome!’

Having three hours to kill, I set up my iPad and began typing a highly-likely-but-impossible(?) story inspired by our acquaintances.

Leanna knew better than it being a coincidence they had a chance to talk at all. The sight of his toned back, pressed against the thick, cotton, sleeved top that joined the pair of slim-fit jeans so perfectly, was what overpowered her usual shyness to any cross gender interaction. His seemingly light-but-weighted bag showed her more than enough about what he carried, bare necessities for him to get through that rainy night.

With no music in his ears, his eyes fixated on a blank point of the carriage, mind much more active than how distracted he appeared to be. Standing just one feet away during their brief introduction, her mind was mesmerised by his voice, rhythm of speech, and precision to get her questions answered.

As she saw her name, Leanna, appeared at the top, the nature of my literature slowly became clearer.

(she whispered) ‘Erotica?’


Seated beside an erotica writer at the rooftop, her eyes remained glued to the next part he was about to write. Partially overwhelmed by his intellect, the cold ground was gaining contrast to the warmth in her panties, directly in contact with the rain-washed rough surface.

Leanna couldn’t explain the racing heartbeat, and beyond that, an urge to give his bulge a squeeze to see if she turned him on. No way would a sex writer not be turned on when his mind is living a sexual fantasy right?

Slowly, her hand went under my belly that was ‘pushed out’ when I bent forward at my keyboard, and gave the zipper area my dick was supposed to be poking against, a squeeze. My abrupt pause stopped her as well but she requested me to continue, while she ‘tries’ to realise my fantasy.

She finally gave in to the temptation and reached for his zipper, cranking it down so she could slip her fingers into it. When the warm, semi-hard erection greeted her cold fingers, she quickly undid the only button restricting her entry. Once she wrapped her fingers around his manhood tightly, a satisfying gasp from him eased the embarrassment she was still in.

(she said) ‘You’re good.’

‘Here comes the challenge. I’m going to write ahead of what will happen now.’

‘Huh? In the story or real life?’

Within minutes of her handjob, he couldn’t take her teasing anymore and pushed his keyboard away. A little part of her had long been hoping for him to pay her more attention, but another part was dying to read more. His warm hand immediately slid down her thigh, went under her dress and pressed hard on her wet panties.

He had no inhibitions to hold him back when he peeled those underwear off, forcing her to jerk him faster to ‘calm’ him down. Once she was butt-naked, his fingers cycled on her clit at a fast speed, throwing her off with the explosion of pleasure. That guy she had so easily followed to the roof with, knew exactly when to slip his fingers into her, and drove her crazy.

As she moaned and trembled hysterically to his deep thrusts, her body fell into his lap where her hand was still trying to stroke him properly. The overpowering scent of a freshly washed cock, couldn’t be more inviting when she lowered her lips around it. Now, the duo was locked in a race for orgasm, but with the upper hand pumping at her pussy.

(she whispered softly) ‘fuck.. ‘

I couldn’t care less about the sluggish hand stroking my dick and looked at her other hand, fidgeting wildly inside her pink panties. Once the red-faced girl saw my bewildered expression, she shifted my iPad further and handed me my keyboard, to bury her face in my crotch. Holding the base of my shaft, she gave the tip a long kiss before I gasped at the long-awaited descend.

Placing the keyboard on her back, I kept writing while in the mixed realm of pleasure and intellectual sanity.

When she couldn’t take his non-stop digging anymore, she pinned him against the wall and climbed over his lap. In a flash, his dick was brought to a new high, strong heartbeat throbbing in her soft vaginal tissues. The little distance between the wall allowed him to slouch lower, for her to ride him like a rodeo.

Hips grinding fiercely, he played his part by keeping her boobs from bouncing too much – with a sensual massage on them. Her abundance of bodily fluids kept him at the edge, extending his stamina as flashes of numbness ran through his dick head.

After a few minutes of grinding, she planted her lips on him as an orgasm shook her body violently, causing her pussy to tighten around his erupting cock. The series of fast-paced events wasn’t doing any good to him either, as every pause would make him more sensitive below.

‘I’M CUMMING!’, he groaned into her ear and laid her gently on the grey concrete floor, unleashing the last set of womb-deep thrusts into her petite frame. Right before he came, he pulled out of her and she sat upright with him, picking her soaked panties at the same time.

She wrapped it around his cock and pumped for a few more minutes, before his thick semen squirted into it. The curiosity got the better of her when she opened the ‘wrap’, to see a soggy, sticky mess at where her pussy once stayed in.

A tap on her shoulder ended the addictive blowjob, and she spent a few minutes reading the last parts of the story.

(she asked) ‘What happens after that?’

‘I don’t know yet.’

I spun her legs towards me and stripped her panties off, ready to eat her out in doggy when she suddenly had a eureka moment. Squatting against a wall, I remain seated as I ran my tongue along her slit, alternating between flicking her clit and making out with her ‘lower lips’.

Moments later during a break, the huge patch of wetness around my mouth amused her for a good laugh, but it sure didn’t kill the sexy mood we were in. I sat against the wall with my knees up, legs opened. She did the same in front of me and lined our genitals for the penetration course.

We then shifted our asses closer and closer till I poked into her pussy, able to kiss or just hug each other at close proximity. Thankful for our not-so-firm butt, we could jerk our hips at each other and that launched the fastest strokes ever in my life. Both of us moved in the same direction, slamming my cock balls-deep each time we ‘met’.

First, she was leaning over me and fucking me with a peeing pose, swinging her hips so hard onto my groin to thoroughly cover every area inside her. Next, it was me in half-missionary, towering over her body as I drove my dick top-down on my knees.

Each passing minute got her tighter, and I still had not given her an orgasm yet. Indeed, unlike what I usually write, it just wasn’t that easy. We didn’t stop for a second to rest since we were taking turns fucking each other, until the inevitable was about to cum.

(she groaned excruciatingly) ‘It’s coming.. It’s coming!’

‘Fuck! Me too!’

A hard grip on her arms sent us in the opposite direction, disconnecting like a hose spraying out of control. I handed her her panties and she knew what to do with it. My fingers kept rubbing her clit as she fumbled for the ‘same spot’ on her panty as ‘her’ in the story. As soon as she found it, it went over my dick head and a handjob brought me to my climax.

Our timing was impeccable as we came together, watching our eyes sparkle as we looked for ourselves. In the moment of synchronicity, our returning epiphany smothered the temporary desire for each other.

(she said) ‘Now, this.’

She got up energetically and wore the panties back, smoothing out the part where my cum came in contact with her pussy. We adjusted our clothes back and caught the seconds from midnight. Like lovebirds, I stood behind her and hugged tightly, as fireworks marvelled the night sky with the impressive land-to-air attacks.

(I whispered) ‘Let’s go.’

To start off our new year, we exchanged numbers before going our separate ways, but never too far for us to live out the fantasies I wrote for her in her absence.

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