Ignorant Kids

I was in the living room drinking my chilled bottle of water when my nose picked up a scent of cigarettes. Knowing that there was no one in the household who smoked, I looked out of the window but found no one below my block (I lived on the second storey). So the next place that made sense to check was the door, and the sight through my peephole wasn’t a surprise to me at all. Two secondary school students, a guy and a girl, were smoking and talking at the staircase. I was feeling really lazy then but wanted to be ready to call the police if they made a scene at my doorstep.

After two minutes or so, they suddenly put their bags down and the girl started removing her shorts from under her skirt. I couldn’t ignore what was happening and pasted my ears on the fireproof door, listening in to their conversations.

Girl (whispering): ‘Eh.. No one will come right?’
Guy: ‘No lah. It’s so early in the morning.’

True enough, it was only 4.30am and no one would be heading out. The nosey me kept watching as the guy unzipped his pants and lowered them to the ground. The girl did not hesitate at all when she squatted down and took his dick into her mouth, leaning against the rails while his hips jerked to her blowjob. I could totally make out the ecstatic look on him whenever he groaned with his head looking upwards, and the blowjob ended after a few minutes.

I ran my hands over the lock and realised I had forgotten to fasten it, but I was going to give them a little ‘surprise’ anyway. As the girl bent over the handrails, the male student flipped her skirt over her back and shifted their bodies to face my door. Although I could no longer see the entry process, the expression on the malnourished thin girl did catch my attention, watching her hand go between her thighs to guide him in.

Guy (whispering): ‘You’re fucking tight today.’
Girl (whispering): ‘It’s my first time doing it outside lah.’

I took my phone out and placed the camera directly into the peephole, turning on the video recording as soon as they started banging. The vignetting effect had caught the whole situation in ‘retro-style’ and their faces could be clearly seen on film. Right after I got a few minutes of their dirty act, I did not waste anymore time and swung the door open, with my camera still aimed at them.

The main gates were locked to my advantage (protection) and they got dressed super fast. The guy ran out of my sight to the lower floor and waited for the girl, until I stuck my phone out at him. I did not expect him to run away without his partner, but that was exactly what he did! The poor girl got all her belongings after a while and disappeared from my floor, giving me all the time to back up the video into my laptop.

After fifteen minutes or so in front of my computer, a knock came through the door and I saw the female student in tears at the gate. All of a sudden, I realised what I did could traumatise her for a long time.

Me: ‘Yes?’
Girl: ‘Can you delete the video?’
Me: ‘How do you even know I am really recording?’
Girl: ‘We.. I think we were too loud. I’m sorry. Please don’t spread it can?’
Me: ‘Where is your friend? He is not with you?’
Girl: ‘No. He told me not to care. But I can’t. I am a girl after all.’

I opened the gates and stepped out into the lift landing, without my phone in case she snatched it away. The swollen eyes certainly melted my heart and I made up my mind to delete it after she left.

Me: ‘How old are you?’
Girl: ’15?’
Me: ‘He too?’
Girl: ‘Yeah.’

I did not mention a word after that and simply sat at the next flight of stairs above mine, wondering if I should scold or comfort her. She remained quiet as well and began removing her shorts while seated next to me, reaching out for the bulge in my pants that had been up since they were bonking.

Girl: ‘I help you and you don’t tell anyone about what he and I did, can?’
Me: ‘I don’t know. You seemed like a nice girl to be with him. He just ran away and left you there.’
Girl: ‘We are just friends. We did it just for fun.’
Me: ‘Okay. I don’t want you to be hurt by him.’

Her sorrowful state was enough for me to delete the video right there and but the bastard me didn’t want to just let her off like that. I leaned backwards and tugged my boxer shorts low enough to let my hard on out, and her hand went straight to it and started jerking.

Me: ‘Didn’t you like sucking?’

Like it or not, she understood what I meant and went down on me, wrapping her lips around my shaft and thrusting her head. I held onto the railings as her mouth sucked me harder, going deeper as I groaned in pleasure. Her full attention was on me and I didn’t want to be the only person enjoying it.

Me: ‘Masturbate yourself too.’

One of her hands disappeared under her skirt and she began making moans that sounded like earlier, when he was ramming his cock into her. After a few scary occasions hearing doors being unlocked, I slowed her mouth down and stood up. She was looking at me throughout and was waiting for me to give her the next command. Well, it was time to wrap things with my last request.

Me: ‘Bend over like just now. I will be the last guy inside you until you have a boyfriend. Can you promise me that?’
Girl: ‘Deal.’

She got on her feet in a livelier mood and even had a firm smile. I carried her to sit on the narrow, horizontal part of the handrails and placed hands on my shoulders for balance. I stepped towards her and let her legs go around my waist, getting into position to let me own her body. Inch by inch, my dick disappeared into her pussy and she was watching the penetration closely.

Me: ‘How does it feel?’
Girl: ‘You’re bigger than him.’
Me: ‘Glad you like it.’

I held her in my arms and began thrusting my hips furiously, ramming her tiny slit with a huge cock. Her waist was so thin that I worried about crushing her, yet her sensual moans into my ears kept driving my dick faster. I did not know then how would I let her go free, but that could wait till later. I focused on pounding the little girl crazy and she grew tighter as I sped up.

In less than three minutes, her body slumped onto my chest and I felt an overwhelming black hole swallowing my rod. She was so unbelievably tight that I had to force myself to stop moving, or be a 15 year old girls’ husband. Once she recovered, I took things slower and she was more responsive to my control strokes.

Me: ‘Where does he usually shoot?’
Girl: ‘We only did it two times before, in school. The first time inside me and the second time in my mouth.’
Me: ‘Hmm.. then where do you want me to unload?’
Girl: ‘In my mouth?’
Me: ‘Deal.’

I helped her off the railings and backed away, for my turn to lean on the wall as she kneeled on her skirt for me. My hands were away from her when she brought her mouth to my dick and a few seconds was all she needed to start sucking me. This time, she was more initiative in stroking the base where her mouth couldn’t reach and fondling my balls while at going it, taking it deeper than before but without any gagging sounds.

We lasted for almost five minutes in that position and the countless times I asked if she was tired always garnered a reply from her, by going faster and deeper. Finally, the desire to end the game came and I gave her the warning calmly. She opened her mouth and continued pumping my dick pointed at her lips for whatever was coming.

About ten seconds later, I bent my knees a little and shoved my dick a little into her mouth, pushing her lower jaws down to contain the explosion that went off right after her lips touched the dick head. As I was shooting, her hands went to my hips and held me firmly, before gliding her lips down my shaft again. It had accidentally caused me to moan like a girl when my dick went into overdrive, shooting every last drop out to her after-ejaculate blowjob.

After I finished, I had to jump away from the smiling girl as she noticed how weak I had became in her hands, or mouth in this case. We began dressing up after we were done and she spent most time clipping her fringe up.

Girl: ‘You don’t have to delete the video, but please don’t spread it.

That deal she said came with one condition though. She would drop by after school that day to see what was captured on it. I immediately counter-proposed to meet her before school starts everyday.

Girl: ‘I don’t have school tomorrow. How?’
Me: ‘Hmm.. good question.’
Girl: ‘Let’s go somewhere else and have fun in peace?’

I nodded in satisfaction to her idea and let her go to school without any worry. During the short rest, we had exchanged numbers and texted the whole day, mostly her ranting to me about school life.

Girl (Whatsapp): ‘This is for you.’

An image came attached in the message and it was a picture of her, standing in front of a mirror in the ladies, blouse unbuttoned and a hand under her skirt without her shorts or panties. After school, she surprised me in a body hugging tube top, and a flare skirt so we could get to it immediately.

A new, before-school ‘CCA’.

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