Hotel Line

Angel: ‘I have no energy left. So many guests checked out today.’
Ray: ‘Haha. It’s over le lah. Go shower and head home. Tomorrow still need to wake up early.’

The two students on internship at one of the hotels in Sentosa was in the cafeteria, where a few other friends were next to them. It was a specially long day for them as an event ended and guests checked out in the mass, leaving them no time to rest as they prepared the rooms.

One of them who was working with the front desk had asked if they could use one of the rooms to rest for the night and being such a hardworking bunch, the in-charge gave them a thumbs up and granted them two rooms, one for the guys and one for the girls.

Ray: ‘We have two rooms for tonight. So we don’t have to rush to work tomorrow. Is anyone staying?’

All of them were lying on the table and only Angel replied, since she lived quite a distance away. In the end, only Ray and Angel wanted to stay on and the rest of them left when the clock strike one.

Ray: ‘You want to crash with me? Then don’t have to clean two rooms tomorrow.’
Angel: ‘I’m fine with anything uh. Am just going to shower and sleep.’

He took both keys from the reception and went to the room, letting Angel shower before he did. Their uniform was issued by the laundry department and did not have a fresh set for the next day. After Angel was done, she slept in her white blouse and panties, tucked under the thick blankets hotels were known to have.

Ray: ‘I turn off all the lights k?’
Angel: ‘Okay. I’ve set the alarm for 7am. We can wake up later.’

The single queen sized bed had an imaginary line between them, and Ray went to bed in just his underwear, knowing that the blanket will serve as a cover till the day comes. As the earlier events flashed through Angel’s mind, she was constantly thinking about the tip a guest left and was smiling to herself. Ray wasn’t asleep due to the bump he suffered during the course of duty and noticed her happy look.

Ray: ‘Why are you smiling?’
Angel: ‘Cause I got a tip.’
Ray: ‘How much?’
Angel: ‘100 euros.’
Ray: ‘Wow! Lucky you. And I am feeling the opposite lo. I hit my leg when I was rushing and it is hurting till now.’
Angel: ‘Got apply medication?’
Ray: ‘No leh. Nothing to put on. I think it will be gone tomorrow ba.’
Angel: ‘Cannot eh. We still have a lot of work to do tomorrow. Let me see?’

Ray flicked the bedside lamp on as Angel pulled the blanket away, scaring her with the blackish bruise on his thigh. As long as it was untouched, it did not hurt, but Angel was more worried about his discomfort the next day that she had gone to the toilet to wet a warm towel.

Angel: ‘I’ll rub it for you. Bear with it k?’
Ray: ‘Mmm.. ‘

The concerned girl massaged his legs for a while, not realising that he had been peeping at her panties and admiring her pink nipples showing under the translucent top. The staff had a blazer over them most of the time and did not take them off unless they were in the room. So there was no way he could enjoy such a view until such a fateful night came.

Ray: ‘Umm.. Angel, you have pink nipples?’

She glanced down on her chest to spot the pinkish patch and pulled her buttons together. The underwear above his thighs had a bulge set up and she was embarrassed by his words too. Her cameltoe was so alluring he could not stop staring at them and she finally covered herself with the blanket.

The sense of freedom in a hotel room had made her so comfortable that she forgot the other person in the room was not her boyfriend. Quickly dumping the towel onto the carpet, she turned off the lights using the main switch above her head and went back to bed.

Ray was still hard and did not want this to end just like that. It was not everyday he could be in bed with someone so gorgeous as Angel, with long flowing hair bundled up distastefully due to work. In a fearful manner, he shifted himself under the sheets to her and spooned her gently, poking his hard on on her ass.

Saying nothing, his hand went to her waist and moved upwards to her boobs, unshielded and bare to his touch. Her nipples were first to be pinched and rolled, till she could not take it anymore and reached her hand behind to feel his bulge.

Angel: ‘You know I have a boyfriend right?’
Ray: ‘I know. But I can’t resist you.’
Angel: ‘Okay. As long as you know.’

Her fingers did not stop fondling outside and it took her some time before braving up enough to enter his underwear. Stroking his rod that felt so clean and dry, Angel was slowly opening herself. Surely, no one would know what happened in this room. That very thought pushed all the guilt away and she lowered his underwear, while he tugged her panties down as well.

Getting into a horizontal doggie style, they laid on the bed sideways, angling her body almost perpendicular so he could put it in. After he lubricate his rod with some saliva, it was easier for him to push his way in and Angel was getting wetter as he struggled to penetrate her.

Angel: ‘Go slowly k? It will hurt at first.’

He continued inching his way into her pussy with a little obstruction from her panties but did not delay for too long. In a minute, he was inside of her and wriggling, to thrust her so sensually she did not mind moaning for him.

Ray: ‘Let’s change into doggie k?’

Angel let him guide her hips upwards and he kneeled at her feet, increasing his speed as she clenched her hands around the pillows. The rawness of his dick was brushing along all the sensitive spots in her vagina and his balls were slapping loudly at her clit. The double attack was simply too much for her to take and her body gave her the first orgasm after five minutes of their discreet sex.

Ray: ‘You came?’
Angel: ‘I think so.’
Ray: ‘Your cum is so thick and white.’
Angel: ‘Shhh.. ‘

He understood her feelings and did not mention another word as he thrust harder and deeper. The attempts to get her into missionary was futile as she did not want to see him, and think of how she cheated on her boyfriend. Ray wasn’t any bigger or special than her own boyfriend, but it was the circumstances that drove her so horny and willing to be dominated by another guy.

The two of them fucked in this position for the night, making her cum at least three times before he abruptly pulled out. Angel already had her share of pleasure and was executing the squeezing motion in her pussy to get him to cum, and it was finally time he did. The pleasure she had was filled with so much wrong she knew nothing would make up for the betrayal.

Ray: ‘Sorry I had to stop. I am cumming.’
Angel: ‘It’s okay.’
Ray: ‘So.. where do I shoot?’

Angel had never liked to touch a wet dick but for that night, it was different. She made him lie on the bed next to her and covered themselves with the sheets. Her hand went on to work, stroking his dick fast and furious, letting the soft material of the blanket tease the tip as she pumped.

In no time, he was groaning louder and the blanket was suddenly pulled away, just as a huge load of cum spewed out of his pee hole and over her hand. The playful girl kept jerking him off till he had to escape and dashed into the toilet to hide himself.

Angel: ‘Someone cannot take it huh?’
Ray: ‘Do you do this to your boyfriend too?’
Angel: ‘Uhh.. no.. He usually shoot in a condom inside me.’
Ray: ‘Wah.. so I should be honoured to do you raw?

Right.. how could she do that to someone she barely loved? Ray washed up and returned to the bed, falling asleep from the intense sex and ejaculation Angel had given him with regret. The next day came and went like nothing had happened, but Ray was constantly seen with a hard on around Angel.

After the two days of non-stop service, Angel finally found time to catch up with her boyfriend. Everything seemed normal except when they got into bed, where Angel went out of her usual way to suck him off and please him like a king. It was the least she could do to relieve the guilt from cheating on him with a guy at work.

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