Deprived Helper

My maid Lati was doing the laundry when she called out to me, asking why were there holes in my underwear. I had figured out what she was talking about before I even saw what she was holding. It was a set of three underwear that I bought, that was made of sheer material over my crotch, somewhat like a g-string, but consisted of a little ‘pouch’ to hold my package.

Me: ‘This is a new design. It’s more airy.’
Lati: ‘Are you sure this is for guys?’
Me: ‘Duh. You look at the front, girls got things to hold meh?’

She giggled as she threw the two of it in, stuffing the washing machine full with her own clothes as well. We had fixed a day to wash all the inner wear for hygiene’s sake and the last few pieces of panties that went in had a similar skimpy designs too.

Me: ‘You also wear like me ah?’
Lati: ‘Like you said lo, more airy. I like.’
Me: ‘Where did my mum go? I didn’t see her today.’
Lati: ‘She went to Malaysia to visit her relative. I think she will come back tomorrow.’

After we hired a maid, my mum had been frequently out with her friends and visited more places to catch up with her dreams. My dad was a taxi driver and had a taxi to himself, choosing to work all day except to come home to sleep at midnight.

Me: ‘Since it’s just the two of us, you want to rest today? Don’t cook. I go buy food.’

For twenty over years, I had been used to living alone and taking care of all the chores, that’s why I still did not let her do all the work, respecting her as more of a helper than being a ‘mum replacement’. I went to the kitchen where the basket of dirty clothes laid and took out a pair of worn shorts, swapping out the torn boxers for it. Lati was right beside me dumping the detergent in and could see what I wore, the black coloured underwear that hid nothing beneath the see-through material.

I was semi-hard from the early morning and she was staring at it the whole while. And how did I know? Cause I was watching her as I changed, hoping that she was busy but soon, I realised she was bound to see such things in days to come.

Her upwards glancing eyes at me was telling me ‘good job’, probably for having that size. I went about buying the food for the both of us and we ate quietly at the dining table to the whining sounds of the washing machine.

Lati: ‘Does your girlfriend take care of you?’
Me: ‘Every now and then? Your boyfriend leh? You’re only 23 right?’
Lati: ‘He is too small for me. So I always take care of myself.’
Me: ‘Haha. Doesn’t matter as long as you love him right?’
Lati: ‘But now he is so far away, I think he go find other girls already.’
Me: ‘No lah. He won’t. Like you say, he is too small right?’

This domestic helper we hired was a little plump at first, but after doing all the work for a month, she was slimming down and her figure was no difference from a girl who had been working out in the gym. Nonetheless, her dress code was pretty conservative except for the times she chose to get dressed outside the bathroom, letting me catch glimpses of her in bra.

Me: ‘So am I bigger than him?’

She gave a shy nod and a slap on my arm, hurrying me to finish the meal so she could wash the chopsticks. After I was done, I went into the living room to watch the non-stop movie channel and she joined me.

Lati: ‘Yes lah. You are bigger.’
Me: ‘Show me how long is he?’

She held her hand up and showed me the diameter of two one dollar coins. Pretending not to know how long was it, I asked if she could show it to me side by side and I moved before she could answer. My shorts went down to my knees and I kicked it onto the ground. Wearing just the see-through underwear, she placed the two fingers beside my dick, and replied ‘this long’.

In a do or die moment, I grabbed her wrist and pulled it over my dick, where she naughtily leaned closer to hold it in her hand.

Lati: ‘It’s so warm.’
Me: ‘Can you make me happy?’

She gave me a slutty wink and tugged my underwear below my balls. She then tucked her hair over her ears and went down on me, licking the tip a few times to get me harder. My hands could not resist going over her head and pushing her, just to show her how eager I was. Finally, her lips parted and some warm saliva flowed over my rod.

Bending down beside me, her lips pressed hard around my girth and brought them up and down, going in a steady pace. I was growing harder by the minute and her hands were soon on her boobs, making small squeezes on them.

Me: ‘Since mother won’t be home so soon, we can do a little exercise.’
Lati: ‘You got condom?’
Me: ‘It’s in the blue Toyogo box. Help me take?’

She got up hastily and went into my room, appearing shortly after with a smooth glass dildo and the 3-pack box.

Lati: ‘Can I try this? I never see one before.’
Me: ‘Can.. I put on the condom first.’

She stood in front of me and I took the packet from her, ripping the silver wrapper and rolling the rubber. She stripped her shorts and a nude coloured panties off, before sitting beside me by leaning against the armrest on the other side. Her opened legs soon met the dildo and she was not shy in pleasing herself at all. The tip of the dildo went along her slit a few times before she pushed it in.

Lati: ‘Sir, can you buy an electric shaver for me?’
Me: ‘We go buy together next time.’

Although she had asked for it, her pussy was thoroughly shaved and clean, healthy pink between her dark skin. She masturbated herself non-stop and moaned hysterically, turning me on with her sweet voice that sounded like nothing her speaking voice.

Me: ‘Lati.. I can’t wait anymore.’
Lati: ‘You very naughty ah.’

She reached her hands out for me and I went on top of her, parking the tip in, I asked if she was ready and she said yes with her eyes closed. It must have been a long time since she had a dick in her and I was all armed and ready to fire.

With a strong thrust, I pierced into her pussy and she screamed in a sharp pitch. Seeing how agonising it was, the next thing to do was to keep moving so the pain would go away. I was pounding my heart out as her hands went to my ribs, holding me steady. We did missionary for only three minutes, before she suddenly went black and her body began shaking, from a gentle one to a violent convulsion.

I got worried at one point in time, but she quickly assured me that it was how she climaxed, especially with a huge dick in her. I did not care if she was telling the truth when she claimed I was the second dick she had, but kept ramming her swollen cunt.

Lati: ‘Let me go on top and make you happy master.’

I sat myself upright in the middle of the sofa and she faced the TV, before sitting down over my rod. She bounced her body on top of my lap continuously while moaning, leaning back on me whenever she came. I couldn’t take the shallow thrusts in that position and got her to bend over the coffee table, with her legs together.

Lati: ‘Don’t go too fast k? I scared I hit the table when I climax.’

Ignoring her words, I shoved my dick in high speed, holding her waist as her body weakened. We remained in that position for as long as I could remember as her pussy was contracting around my dick, stimulating the tip where it got too sensitive.

Me: ‘Where do you want me to shoot?’
Lati: ‘Wait wait.. take it out.’

I pulled out of her before I even felt the urge and she turned around to kneel between my legs. Her mouth went over it again after tearing the condom off and sucked me tirelessly, listening to my groans. She was so skilled in her oral sex that I was losing my mind as she went on. Forcing her face deeper into my crotch, my dick had disappeared fully in her mouth and I was too high to care.

Me: ‘I’m shooting!’

She lifted her head till only her lips were around my hood, and went down in quick but short jerking motion. Driving my mind crazy with that focus around my dick head, I did not last more than thirty seconds before my load flushed into her mouth. Lati was swallowing as I came, sucking me like a straw till everything was out.

We were finally done with our little deed and she went back beside me, with her hands massaging my balls.

Lati: ‘Men need to massage after sex so it will feel relaxed.’

Her tight grip on my dick kept pumping my shrinking rod till it was too small, and she cleaned me up with her bath towel from the toilet.

Lati: ‘Since mother is not home today, can I ask my friend over?’
Me: ‘Who is your friend?’
Lati: ‘She lives just below us, also a maid. But her family is on a holiday, so she is doing nothing too.’
Me: ‘Okay then. But please don’t make too much noise k?’
Lati: ‘I want her to meet you. Cause you always take care of me.’

She texted on her phone for a while before the doorbell rang. A small girl with the same skin tone as Lati entered in a long t-shirt, with her nipples poking against her shirt. Luckily, I had my boxers on but this time, without anything underneath.

Girl: ‘Hi, I am Lemmy.’
Me: ‘Hi. You can call me.. ‘
Lati: ‘Boy boy!’

Lemmy giggled at her interruption and sat next to me, clamping me between two girls. Lati did not waste anymore time in pulling my boxers down and bringing Lemmy’s hand to my dick, speaking to her in their mother tongue. Lemmy soon flashed a smile at me and took the box of condom I had forgotten on the table, placing it on my chest.

Lati: ‘Take care of my good sister too can?’
Me: ‘Hello. I am not even hard yet.’

Sensing a chance to display her skills, Lemmy got on her knees and took my little one into her mouth, giving it a mouth-to-dick resuscitation. After it grew to a proper size in her mouth, she stood up and lifted her shirt to show me her bare butt. Lati helped me put on a fresh condom and pointed it upwards to the girl climbing on top of the sofa, slowly descending down to my dick.

Lemmy was much tighter than Lati, and we were fucking in seated-cowgirl throughout the session. She was much more active in her hips and grinded me non-stop till she came. After about two orgasms for her, my second load was about to unload and I told them what was happening in my balls.

Lati: ‘You want to taste him?’

Lemmy did not answer her and crawled to the empty side, remaining in a doggie position as she mouth fucked my dick. I came shortly after into her inexperienced mouth and she did the same, swallowing it before taking her rest.

Lemmy: ‘Oh! What is this?’

The flushed face on her did not show any exhaustion at all, picking up the glass toy on the table. I got up and let the two girls sit with their legs opened, facing each other. As a benevolent master, I helped them get the toy into their pussies and let them have the afternoon to themselves, fucking the fortunate dildo to their hearts’ content.

Me: ‘Lemmy, it’s getting late. Do you need to go home for dinner?’
Lemmy: ‘No one is home. I can stay here tonight.’

The girls did not have anything for dinner except my dick, where I felt like a king on my bed as they took turns to suck me off. By nightfall, I was dead tired but the girls were still hyperactive, probably excited at their newfound ‘freedom’ to unlimited orgasms since their arrival in Singapore.

Lati: ‘Master, can I not wear my underwear when we are alone? I don’t want to keep washing them.’
Me: ‘Sure. Up to you?’
Lati: ‘But you also must do the same. Or you can wear just the sexy underwear. It’s easier to wash.’

I did not mind her requests at all, and we had our fun around the house whenever we were alone, which equates to ‘most of the time’.

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