Rolling In The

Girl: ‘Put lesser! You want to concuss here ah?’

The stone table next to me had two girls rolling their cigarettes and had a sheet of paper with some powder on it. They were using some plastic cards to divide the substance and scooping some into their sticks. Definitely not something I would come by everyday. Since it was none of my concern about their deeds, I continued with what I was doing.

It was almost 1am when I was drinking at the void deck, watching a movie on my iPad with my ear phones plugged in. The girls lit their cigarettes and the idle rising smoke at the tip was spiralling in green. I did not know what were they smoking but it was certainly illegitimate from their suspicious reactions. Their heads were swinging back and forth as the odour drifted to me, causing a slight lightheaded feel.

Just then, one of them walked up to me with a stick and placed it on my table, with a lighter ready to fire.

Girl: ‘Why so lonely? Want to join us?’
Me: ‘What’s this?’
Girl: ‘Something fun lah. Just try. If cannot finish give it to me.’

I stuck the thin end into my mouth and she lit me up, watching me closely as I drew my first breath in. It wasn’t like anything I’ve smoked before (when I was younger), as my thoughts faded into white in my mind, and the surrounding began smudging in my eyes.

Me: ‘I can’t take anymore.’
Girl: ‘Lousy lah you. Give me.’

She snatched it from my immobile hand and sucked a mouthful of it, before kissing me and making me take the poisonous air into my lungs. The second hit amplified the first wave and I was feeling that sensation of euphoria mixed with a little tingle in my shorts. The desire to just go naked and get my urge relieved was so huge, as though I was in a hotel room alone and there was no one else to stop me from doing what I wanted.

Girl: ‘High already?’
Me: ‘Yeah. I can’t think straight.’
Girl (shouting): ‘Come over leh. Don’t emo alone.’

Her friend came over and the sight of a young woman’s body made my mind even more creative. Girl A, who was speaking to me, wore a tank top with a crystals-lined bra strap across her shoulders, and a pair of tight fitting skirt. Her friend, Girl B, was in a plain t-shirt and a pair of loose cotton shorts. Both of them looked like they had just completed their secondary school and did not looked mature enough even to be smoking.

Me: ‘How old are you girls?’
B: ‘Seventeen.’
A: ‘I can’t take it anymore le. It’s making me.. ‘
B: ‘Shhh!’
A: ‘Don’t tell me you are not horny lo.’

One of A’s hands came over my shorts to check if I was hard, and felt the tip poking in her palm. The stoned girl did not think twice about what she sensed and raised one of her feet to the seat, pulling my right hand to her exposed pink underwear.

A: ‘Help me first.’
Me: ‘Then who help me?’

Tsk She lowered my shorts in a hard tug and pumped it dryly, while my fingers were beginning to rub her panties under the skirt. Girl B was still smoking away, probably more immune to the effects from frequent dosage and did not request anything, till she was bombarded by both our moans.

B: ‘Don’t be selfish leh. Help me too.’

She unzipped her shorts and quickly removed them to strip her panties off. Her cotton pants went back on but the zip was left undone, giving me enough space to work my other hand. Both of the girls, one on each of my side, were moaning to my fingers thrusting at their wet pussies. They even took turns to let me take puffs from their cigarettes, while I pleasured them in a ‘two cats one rock’ style.

B: ‘I think your fingers are not enough eh.’
A: ‘You wanna fuck him ah?’
B: ‘No lah! Hehe.

The girl in shorts looked at me and asked, ‘you want to fuck me?’

The glance I took at our surroundings did not exactly register in my nodding head, but I was too high to care anyway. Girl B stood behind her seat and held onto the backrest, while I went behind her, pulling her shorts down to her thighs.

B: ‘You don’t have a condom with you right?’
Me: ‘Nope. Still want to do it?’

The annoyed girl reached between her legs and guided my dick in, returning me the control once the tip entered. Her sexy back was bent at the perfect angle for both my hands to hold on to and I was pounding her in a hurry. Girl A sat on B’s empty seat and kept scanning around for any passer-bys, masturbating herself while waiting for her turn – or so I guessed.

It was a monotonous moment for me as I could not really feel the ejaculating urge, just the waves of pleasure as I ripped through her pussy over and over again. B’s moans got louder as I went faster, until I had to cover her mouth in fear. Her vagina sealed around my dick so closely that the vacuum was pulling me back in, driving me nuts with the wriggling waist of her, yearning for more.

I rammed the desperate girl harder just to get at her and she was finally giving in after five minutes of furious thrusting. Saliva was dripping from her mouth and her cunt was relaxing to my force.

B: ‘I am going to cum.. fuck!’

As that F word left her mouth, her pussy suddenly went into black hole mode and I had to push myself away or risk shooting into her. She turned around with me holding onto the seams of her shorts, pulling them up before collapsing against the chair. The panting me was like a dog, totally wet from perspiration but still rock solid in front of her.

A: ‘Don’t be shy leh. Use her mouth lah.’
B (tiredly): ‘You shut up.’

I took B’s smouldering cigarette and took a deep puff from it, before standing over her outstretched legs. I pushed her head towards my dick and she took it in straight, letting me continue to fuck her mouth. As I was moving to my heart’s content, she suddenly choked and blurted cum out as she coughed, surprising me with the sight of my milky white that had left without my knowledge.

A: ‘Don’t waste it. Swallow some?’

B closed her mouth to prevent anymore wastage and swallowed whatever that was left. I picked her up and placed her on her seat, while Girl A took her place on top of the table, sitting with her legs opened. Her skirt was out of our way, while her panties were pushed to the sides. I went between her legs and she let my autopilot dock the meat stick.

I did not pause throughout the entry and A was groaning in pain. Her wetness did not help with my size at all and her legs just went around me to keep my inside. We took a little break to let her get used to my rod and right after, we were fucking in a hugging position, dripping sounds coming from the floor that had a puddle was forming from her juices.

As if a horny demon had taken over my mind, I felt strong and sturdy, like I could go on for a long time. Despite the fact I had already came once, I was still as hard and did not disappoint her. My hips kept thrusting deeply at her and her eyelids vibrated as she felt an orgasm coming.

A: ‘You are really big.’

Her friend had recovered more or less and sat beside us, occasionally snapping pictures at Girl A who was in a trance. Finally, an orgasm strike her and she closed her legs in vain, clamping me but did not slow me down at all.

B: ‘She’s not really tight right? Her boyfriend had been sharing her with his buddies like a slut lo.’

True enough, no matter how hard she came, she wasn’t as tight as B. I could not bother less and kept going, till A blacked out in my arms. I was so horny that I did not mind a dead fish at all. Fucking her for another few minutes, she regained consciousness as I felt the cumming sensation returning.

Me: ‘My turn to cum now.’
B: ‘Just shoot inside her. She’s on the pill.’

Girl A was hugging around my chest as I unleashed the last burst of energy, releasing all of my soldiers at her as I kept moving my hips. We remained in that position for some time, letting B take a few photos of our ‘intimate’ moments. At last, I pulled out of her and a huge load of cum just splashed onto the ground, in lumps that flowed around.

B did not waste that scene and digitized the mess on the floor. We rested at our respective seats and I cleaned myself up with the wet tissues B had in her bag. Girl A was still high from the cigarette and the two of us had to clean her up, a big baby indeed.

B: ‘I will take care of her. You want to exchange numbers?’

The smile on my face gave her a satisfactory answer and we got hold of each other. Numerous photos were sent to my phone and she instructed me to show it to her whenever I needed it. Deep down, I knew Girl A wasn’t what I wanted, it was B herself.

Me: ‘And if I needed you?’
B: ‘Call me lo. I stay around here only.’
Me: ‘Okay. She lives near too?’
B: ‘Yeah. Next to me only. But she always stay with her boyfriend. Cause her dad hits her. You wait ah. I call him first. You wait at the playground.’

I packed my belongings and sat on the slide, watching the boyfriend appear and load A into his car. Girl B stood at her lift until they were out of sight and came over to me, covering her shirt over my head childishly.

Me: ‘Eh. Don’t be so naughty leh.’
B: ‘Haha. We are free to do anything we want now!’
Me: ‘Wanna go to my place?’
B: ‘No one home?’
Me: ‘Just you and I.’

I made her remove her bra and shorts at the void deck, using only her shirt to cover her bum. No one interrupted our trip home and she got naked the moment my bedroom door closed. Lying on my bed comfortably, you guys should have seen her face when I took the self-made bondage straps out. The girl had no experience in that but the obedient girl had no problems carrying out every of my commands.

Her sudden change to a submissive slut told me how much she liked to be dominated. And she constantly asked me about what to do in every possible, kinky moments.

B: ‘Can you tie me up all the time? I want to be your little slave.’
Me: ‘I won’t do that. I like you with a bit of freedom to yourself. But promise me, wear nothing below all the time, and keep this inside you.’

I presented her the wireless vibrator and she hastily put it in, hooking my pinky to assure me of her promise. Her renovated room had a sliding window facing the corridor, and that opening had became my ‘door’ to spend the tiring nights with her, usually with a ball gag over her mouth and my dick stroking inside her non-stop.

That little slut just couldn’t let me rest for even five minutes without sucking on it to get it big again. Yay or nay? ;)

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