Language Barrier

Standing at my usual bus stop, the next bus was coming in two minutes, and the bus after was three minutes away. A small Vietnamese girl working at a massage shop behind me stood beside me and asked if I had a lighter. I had seen her a few times and out of the few ladies working there, she seemed to be the best looking, with a petite body, blonde dyed hair that was usually tied up in a ponytail, for ease of work I guess. She was about to lit her cigarette until I told her about the bus timing and she quickly put the stick back into the box.

We stood there speechless until our bus came, and I did not flag it.

Girl: ‘No going home?’
Me: ‘Next bus in three minutes, less people.’

The second bus had caught up with the first and it was those miscalculations that us Singaporeans used to make a fuss over. We boarded the second one and I headed right for the upper deck, the usual case to have some peace for the long ride. Surprisingly, she followed me up despite alighting earlier, something I noticed whenever I looked out of the windows.

Being the only two passengers, we were alone as we chatted in short phrases, sharing details about our lives and work.

Bian: ‘Very hard to find men like you, so hardworking and good looking.’
Me: ‘Thanks. You are pretty and hardworking too. I see you everyday there.’

For someone whom always had a tough life, she was mature in her thinking and did not hesitate a single bit when she picked my arm up to slip hers under it. Our fingers interlocked and she was sitting closer to me.

Bian: ‘Accompany me a while?’
Me: ‘Okay.’

I did not know what were her plans, but it was still a long way from home and I could definitely spare the time. The white MNG tank top was thick enough to hide her bra cups and I could not see much beyond that. She wore a maxi skirt that extended to her calves and it was making her looked a little Singaporean.

Bian: ‘You got girlfriend?’
Me: ‘No.’

Her hand suddenly went over to my jeans and massaged my bulge until my mind finally gave in, erecting the meat to build a tent quickly. She did not waste anytime and unzipped me, doing all the work while I was feeling lucky. But something soon made me stopped her.

Me: ‘Bian, you do this for a living. I cannot afford to pay you. I don’t earn much too.’
Bian: ‘Don’t worry. I just want to feel love. Not horny.’

She probably meant ‘horny’ as ‘lust’. Her job as a masseuse consisted of giving customers ‘special’ and it was purely to make more money, not for love or anything emotional. Once my dick was hard in her jerking hand, she stood up and raised that long skirt, keeping it in her grip around her hips.

She remembered the safety precautions she needed to take and a condom was fished from her wallet, giving it to me with her open-crotch panties exposed under her groin. I quickly rolled it on and she climbed over my lap, making sure to cover our genitals with her skirt so no intruders would get a peek even if they knew what we were doing.

Sitting on my lap, she grabbed the handrails behind me and sat with my dick under her pussy. Bian was still dry when we started, so she had to rock her hips a little to rub against her pussy, till it was moist. Picking her body up, my dick flicked upright for her to sit over it. She made it seemed so easy with a forward slide to get it in. After it sunk all the way into her, she began bouncing, grinding back and forth on my lap. There wasn’t space for any other positions except the one she started.

Slowly, I was in my own world feeling that tight cunt going up and down my dick, while she was moaning softly into my ears.

Me: ‘You like it?’
Bian: ‘Yes. Very sexy and I feel love.’

Not sure if I was ‘loving’ her or just love what she did, she grew tighter as time passed and she was glowing with sexuality too.

Bian: ‘Tight?’
Me: ‘Yes. Very tight.’

I slouched my body lower for her to go faster and a gentle tremble was building in her arms. Her body turned cold all of a sudden and dews of sweat formed on her fair skin. I knew she was about to cum and I placed my hands around her butt, doing a little ‘pumping’ motion to drive her faster and deeper.

Bian: ‘I am cumming.. ‘

A bit more time passed and she changed her hands to hug around my neck, planting a hard kiss as I felt her getting more slippery. Our movements stopped and her body shook more violently. I did not want to end the pleasure just like this and kept sliding her along my lap, thrusting at the same pace as before.

As she climaxed and recovered, I was still using her to get to my orgasm. It took us another five minutes before my dick gave up fighting the urge, and I warned her about my ejaculation. Bian held me tighter to stop me from moving anymore and dismounted me, letting her skirt fall back down while sitting next to me.

Bian: ‘I give you my special.’

She was about to remove the condom when I held her hand, shaking my head so she wouldn’t do anything she would regret later. Actually, I was the cowardly one and did not want to be infected, if she was even carrying something.

Her head went over my groin and sucked on that rubber skinned dick, shoving her face deep and fast. It only took her a minute before I could no longer hold it in anymore. Her mouth had made a suction that kept my mind thinking I was still fucking her, and her tongue served as an extra stimulation that kept swirling around the tip.

I lifted her head up and she jerked me off, till the creamy load gushed into that transparent rubber, filling the reservoir tip up.

Bian: ‘So much!’
Me: ‘Yeah. I haven’t shoot for a long time.’

She smiled and took the condom off professionally, without a single drop leaking from it. We stayed in each other’s embrace for the rest of the journey and she spent the night at my place. Well, smuggling her into my room was the toughest part as my grandmother was in the living room at that time, sleeping soundly to the sounds from the TV.

That night, we went for another round before sleeping, making sure to use a condom no matter how horny we were. It did really feel like ‘love making’ when we had sex at my place, showing me that language wasn’t a barrier between two person, only a rubber barrier could give us the sense of enjoying without fear of causing any accidents.

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