Awaken Before Me

As I flipped to my side in the comfortable sheets the hotel provided, the pillow sank under my head and a faint breathing sound heaved like the most gentle alarm tone. The sun had been out and on the thick curtains, creating a soothing line of light on the carpet. My vision adjusted to the dark room and the bathroom light was already turned on. Half asleep, I turned my body to where Crystal was lying and saw her knees up, and her arms across her flat tummy between her legs.

Her chin was tilted up and hands seemingly busy with indulging herself to the free flow privacy for self-pleasure. She was lying on the pillows right beside mine, and not yet noticed that I was awake. Discretely, I placed my arm over her hips and lowered it, pressing onto the back of her hand where she made way immediately for me.

My mid finger ran down her slit, lubricating with her juices, before stopping below the clit. In a backward scooping reaction, that little hood hiding her ruby crystal popped open and was at my mercy. Giving it a gentle push, the muscles in her legs almost shut themselves, but was held opened with sheer mental determination. The top most part of my finger was already stuck to that wet, slimy raw texture of her flesh, and moving in the least hurrying manner.

Her breathing went shallow, and deep, and when the orgasmic cycle reached its peak, her hand would push my fingers in, and kept it still. The climax she had was one of the most systematic ones I’ve seen, from the slight shiver of her head, to the tensed nerves in her neck, protruding collarbone, pointy nipples, rising abdomen, sinking hips, clenching pussy to finally her trembling knees and legs.

Once the height of the sensory bombardment was over, her hands relaxed and I would stop teasing her, knowing that she preferred to have a few more moments to pull herself together. After she got that one orgasm, the next would not require any asking, as I knew any girl could handle more than just one. The next cycle would be the same routine clit massage, but this time, her hand would run over my boxers, resting on the dragon that did not expect any favour in return.

That small palm would rub the thin material of the boxers onto my foreskin, hyping up the rod that was heating up to an intense, unseen pink. My fingers naturally went faster with the influx of energy from her unsuspecting reward, probably driven by the lust that her body was building up on.

This time, her legs managed to close onto my finger, and restricting my movement except going up or down. The only part on my finger that could catch onto her clit was my nail, that wasn’t too long either. So, in a C curve, my nail did the work of pushing her mind over the ledge, and the beautiful arch of her body appeared again, this time, with moans that matched the purr of a feline.

The hand on my bulge closed into a fist, wrapping her fingers around my manhood that was still looking for a chance to rest. The climax came and went like the wind, and she raised her legs to hold my wrist before turning to me.

‘You want it?’, she asked in a tone I knew was a courtesy question. I gave her a satisfied smile that stretched to my ears, before closing my eyes, going back to sleep with the image of her body, that a skateboarder would find it the most pleasing ride to go on. Kicking off on the board at her shoulders, flying through the wind down her waist to a climatic slow down up her hips, before letting himself free down her thighs to infinity.

Sex is a privilege, as it is not a simple want or need that can be attained by a single being. It is the one act I know that both parties will have to give, and take as it comes. Although it is an alternating urge, in the end, we all will walk away with something from the other party, be it physically, or emotionally.

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