Beach See-Through

Alice and I known each other a few weeks ago, blogging as our common hobby. Although our sites had a huge difference in content, we shared the same goals to write and live out lives in our works. It had taken some time to arrange for a special kind of meeting that reached beyond coffee and meals.

We met at pit 50 as planned for a small picnic by East Coast Park. Although the weather was hotter with the haze, it was still fine for us to gather there and chat. A short while of waiting later, Alice came in a tempting white blouse that was slightly translucent and short denim skirt, strolling through the sand to where I sat, right under the sun.

Alice: ‘Is this the best spot you can get?’

Me: ‘Yeah! You can see your bags from the sea and while it’s hot, we can go for a swim.’

I arranged her bags on the army style groundsheet and did a candy wrap before removing my shirt and shorts, stacking them over the sand to dry. She did the same but in a more sensual manner, unbuttoning slowly and peeling those pesky top over her shoulders. Her skirt came off with a wriggle and the pair of white bikini clung onto her body in the sexiest way possible. It was a decent swimwear with the top covering the important places, and the bottom wrapped around her tight looking ass. The front portion of the bikini bottom was a tad narrower, but her cameltoe was well well hidden in shade.

We went straight for the waters with her hands on me against the waves. Waist deep, I went for a short swim, returning to her after I got breathless from the strong current. Laying on the sand with our feet in the water, the sunglasses we wore helped and the only thing we had to do was to keep splashing water on our bodies to prevent sunburns.

Slowly, the waters pulled us lower and we decided to sit in the wet sand waist deep. Whenever the water recede, her crossed legs revealed those obvious cameltoe and the material got a little translucent when wet, hinting at a shaved or waxed pussy that I wanted so much to lay my hands on. She saw where my eyes were staring at and glided her bum deeper, where the water would not expose her privates. Somewhat disappointed, I shifted next to her and let the waves hit against my fats, chatting on nonsensical topics while we basked.

The crowd behind us disappeared as the temperature got hotter, and her hand just went to my crouch, where my dick was shrunken by the cold water.

Alice: ‘Why is it not standing?’

Me: ‘And why are you so wet?’

Alice: ‘Cause I’m in the water?’

Me: ‘Is it?’

I placed my arms at her waist and pulled her closer, so no one would suspect what we were doing. Her hand went into my trunks and tugged at my dick, until it grew larger to her liking. With what she wore for her bottoms, it was easy to push the cloth to the side and sink my finger into her pussy, where a different kind of wetness caught my attention.

Alice: ‘Since there’s not many people now, shall we go into the waters?’

We got up and went neck deep into the sea, hugging her from behind and fingers going back into her bottoms, dipping into the mixture of saltwater and her juicy goodness. Her hands were on her bum, and stroking my rod as well, warm in contrast to the water. After a few minutes of foreplay, she perked her butt to slide up and down my shaft, before I angled it lower to point at her pussy.

Me: ‘Ever done this before?’

Alice: ‘Nope. It will be my first time.’

I felt the centre part of her bottoms get pulled away and I entered her easily, plunging my rod into a different kind of pleasure. That unforgettable tightness and slipperiness, kept my hips moving as the waves rushed against my back to drive my manhood deeper. With both of us looking at the beach, a few passerby glanced in our directions but did not raise any alert. After all, it wouldn’t take too long before we were done.

She floated away after some time and turned around to face me, arms over my neck and legs around my waist. In the wobbly environment, she let slip of her grip and lowered her pussy over my dick, where I held her waist and pulled her up and down, assisted by the buoyancy and natural ‘forces’. I could totally feel the tension between her legs, and the orgasmic expression on her face was priceless.

We had skipped the kissing part to prevent any water from entering our mouths, and at the same time, trying not to get dragged down into the deeper waters. Almost mouth level, I took a deep breath with her and went under, grabbing her waist and thrusting my hips with all my might, until a kick to the surface gave us another breath of air.

I was about to cum and she was squeezing her pussy tighter for me. Swimming sidestroke towards the shore, we gained footing and resumed our sex better. Finally, I waded my way to get my chest out of the water and rammed hard into her, without exposing our lower body. The gush of hot cum made her gasp and her legs clamped around harder.

Lost in the pounding waves, she could feel better if I was done and once my pulsating dick calmed down, she swam away and adjusted her bottoms, before crawling back onto the sand. I followed her behind as I tidied my trunks, joining her exhausted on the beach.

Me: ‘Sorry Alice.. I totally couldn’t tell if you came. The waters, are just too fierce.’

Alice: ‘Don’t worry k? I did. In fact, the moment you put it in from behind, you touched a sensitive spot and almost knocked me out. I came a few times.’

Me: ‘Look.’

I pointed at her pussy and we saw a thick white load of liquid gathering on the cloth. She pressed onto it and rubbed it around, smearing my cum all over her pussy.

Alice: ‘No one can see now.’

We waited for the sky to get a bit darker before stepping out of the sea, heading to our spot to start on the simple BBQ. She only wore her skirt, leaving her top to keep neighbouring eyes busy on her slim, curvy body, while I was dressed in a similar manner, but garnered no views, but jealousy.

Having sex in the sea.. is both thrilling, but a little disappointing. As my mind had to balance and pump. I would still prefer the bed or somewhere more comfortable.

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