Even more Rants

J is ranting here. Skip if you wish to. No sex involved.

I work in the F&B industry, more specifically, in the line where coffee is involved. As all of you know, the F&B industry is known for its low pay, long hours, that few of us would want to be doing for the rest of our lives. Apart from passion (which I have, that’s why it’s not really a complain here), it’s the money. When I imagine where I’d be after 2, 5, 10 years, I still see myself doing what I fell in love with. And the salary? Probably adjusted for inflation, but any hopes of totally changing my lifestyle to a higher-income one? I guess not.

There isn’t much I can do to the long hours required of me, nor the job scope I am entrusted with. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to be in control of the two factors above? Time and workload. This little hobby (erotic blog) of mine isn’t designed to be my second income stream. I just cannot picture myself limiting knowledge and entertainment (especially on the internet) to those who ‘can afford it’. To be fair, you need to at least pay for the broadband to read.

When one has to work long hours in a fixed location, what are the chances of meeting the ‘right’ one? Even if we actively seek, the most important question for future planning is ‘how much do you earn?’ before ‘how much do we earn?’ Sure, I write, I cook, I do photography, I make coffee, plus a lot of skills I picked up from interests. Where do they go? Back to the cafe, I’m only required to do this few, not ‘anything I want’.

That’s just me, who have time for hobbies. What about those out there? Whose work took up so many waking hours that the time they are left with is just enough for sleep? Yes, I do shift work, and I am free from 9 to 4pm. Hello? How many people is free during that time? Perhaps all the F&B staff that does shift work.

What I’m trying to say is, nothing will change. I have never hoped to be sitting in an office one day, I have never hoped to be doing less for more money. Do you love your job? Or is stuck in one that you are willing to do for the money?

As your entertainment provider, I would not reject donations. And even if you have one hundred to spare, can I bring myself to accept it knowing that you are not that much, much better than me? If you are a millionaire looking to help me, please do. If you are a billionaire, I wouldn’t mind living off you to write for the rest of my life.By the way, Buying digital media off this site does not help at all, cause the money goes to the girl(s).

It hurts me a little to know that despite the things that I gave up to stay in a job I love, money and time can never appear on a platter for me. And love? That’s just much worse given how much (or little) I earn from this job. Now, the thing is, can I be with someone who earns more than me? Does she deserve this kind of life? Or someone earning less than me? Who equally doesn’t deserve this kind of life.

J is happy where he is now, it’s just some rants that needs to be gotten off his chest. Don’t tell me to work overseas. It’s the same shit, just different place.

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