‘Did you wear what I ask you to wear?’

(I whispered) ‘yes la! can you be softer?!’

With a chuckle, she stretched her hand over my lap and gave my groin area a squeeze, smiling even wider when she felt how ‘thinnly’ it was protected. Picking up my wrist closest to her, she first placed my palm on her thigh, then pushed it upwards of her dress – a baby doll type that I thought was a romper/ playsuit until my hand told me otherwise.

Shocked as I was, the erotic reveal, was in fact a prequel, to the astonishing warm and moist nether region that my fingers blindly wandered to.

(She whispered) ‘like it?’

‘Huh.. I.. yeah.’

Besides being dumbfounded at such a discovery, it was our ‘location’, inside of a moving, speeding taxi that truly bothered me. Unhampered by the presence of a stranger, she guided me deeper into her pussy, and about left it there before turning her attention towards me.

Sliding her hand up my wide thigh, it was too easy for her to find my hard on, positioned awkwardly downwards as if looking forward to ‘meet’ her. Just about then, the car stopped at a junction, and we noticed the driver’s wary eyes staring through the rear view mirror. For safety, we shifted me behind the front passenger seat, while she opened her legs even wider, to let that nosey driver peer under during his ‘casual’ glance.

Of course, we could see how bendy his eyelids were, purposefully driving slower to hit every traffic light so he could look sideways (and at us with his peripheral vision). By the second stop, she was almost forearm-deep up my shorts, rolling my foreskin up and down my shaft while my fingers just ‘resisted’ her involuntary contractions.

‘Sir? Can you stop by the side for a while? And turn off the in-car camera if possible?’

Within a minute, he accomplished her request, and even alighted the vehicle, to take a smoke right outside my window. With the interior lights on, he was able to clearly see how she unravelled my cock, and seamlessly devoured it between her sultry lips.

In no time, my toes were curling to a cramp, as like my fists which I could no longer keep open. Her head just went up and down in my groin, using the perfect-seal to awaken every nerve along my cock. Grunting and cringing like a virgin, it wasn’t until I got desensitised, did she stop her ‘torture’.

‘I think that’s about as hard as you can get right?’

‘It should be.’

There I was, staring at my red, swollen member while she had seemingly expected more. At that point, we didn’t want to waste any more time and went into missionary, placing her head at where the driver stood.

To be fair, she did her part to ‘incentivise’ the driver by putting on some exaggerated faces, though the reality was not too far off. Without a condom, I tucked my cock into her and slid it through comfortably snug tunnel, which wasn’t too tight for my own good.

What happened next was kind of ‘SOP’, thrusting and humping and pounding while she kept up the orgasmic look at him. Swapping through lips-biting, fluttering-eyelids, moaning loud enough for him to hear, she had to employ her fingers to put up that show.

Like life, the invisible changes inside her vaginal walls unfolded before my ‘(cock)eye’, squeezing, relaxing, releasing more juices, it wasn’t long before even I have to succumb to her incessant acting.

‘Cumming. I’m cumming!’

Upon my call of distress, she pulled on the handle and scurried outside, thereafter hurrying me to do the same. Bending her back over the window, she stuck her rear far enough for me to resume the sex, in standing doggy this time.

I humped and pumped for another few minutes, before signalling my own demise again.

‘Inside, inside. It’s safe.’

Shoving my cock the deepest I could remember, it was on the third thrust that I blew my load, far into her pussy that was simultaneously clenching on my lifeless cock.

Right after that, she opened the rear passenger door, invited me to sit back down, and proceeded to ‘excrete my mess’ out onto the ground. Once done, she returned to her seat on my lap, popped my limp dong into her, and ‘wore’ my arms like a seatbelt.

Following that, she bravely waved for him to go over (to her) and proceeded to give him a handjob, while I massaged her clit, and him on her chest. Let’s just say he didn’t take very long, to cum and ‘sow’ the grass patch with his seeds. We then promptly returned to our respective seats and resumed our journey for home.

When we alighted, we looked as platonic as any male and female friend, except we were going to some (other) floor of her block. I’m sure you guys can guess what was going to happen.

Cycling quickly through cowgirl, missionary, and standing-doggy, I ended the night with an intense blowjob where she remained on her knees while I purged my pipe into her mouth.

I could not be more surprised when to our driver who was still at the handicap lot where he dropped us off, and even more so when he offered to send me home.

Similar to ‘no free rides’, he probably knew that there was also ‘no free jobs’. Win-win-win!

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