Grateful Toy

It was two minutes past four when Ling showed up, with a scrounged-up bundle of shorts and panty in her hand. After setting her school bag down, she shoved her innerwear into it and skipped straight to me, confidently planting a kiss on my cheeks. Once the ‘formalities’ were done, she turned her back towards me, placed her hands behind, and easily yanked my shorts down far enough to reach my growing manhood.

In under a minute, we were duly-undressed for accessibility, and it took her no more than ten seconds, to get my hardness up to point. Once I was at her preferred size, she flipped her skirt up, leaned her ass on my cock, and began her little ‘challenge’ to bend me low enough to reach her pussy.

No doubt strange, it was her habit to ‘use’ me for a while, rubbing my shaft along her pussy and over her clit until we both felt juices running. The rest, was still in her control as she tipped just a little bit forward, hold my erection in place, before falling backwards again.

Like almost every time, I pierced right straight in, giving her that little shock she seemingly enjoyed, but still needed some time to get over. With her vaginal walls slowly relaxing around my cock, I held her tiny waist and made small, slow thrusts, stretching her deeper before anything else.

At the moment she raised her arms to push against the railings in front of her, I took my hands off, and fished out my vape for a short drag. Shrouded in heavenly clouds bearing a mango scent, she skilfully rocked her ass front-and-back, delivering sensations not too different from wearing a condom, lubricated on the inside, over my dong repeatedly.

Such closeness, tightness, and true-to-her-emotions moans, was only possible because of her, and her undying spirit to engage in our unhealthy activity. As she jerked her hips faster and harder, it couldn’t be helped that she could only endure that much, before reaching the her limit.

As I replaced my hands on her shoulder, she tightened her grasp on the rails in readiness, for my turn. My mind, seeing my wide, thick hips pressed against her tiny, fair butt, delivered more blood to my little head, causing her to squirm to that ‘small’ growth inside her.

Starting slow, I gradually increased the speed I rammed her pussy at, until it was borderline violent, justified only by how much more wetter she was getting. Uncaring for her orgasms, I just went at it with however much stamina I had for the day, slapping our hips together while she savoured the mini-convulsions.

‘Ka.. come.. ingggghhhhh!’, one word turned into three when her body turned stiff, then later plunging me into agony with that impossibly-tight contraction. Unrelenting to her ‘signs of resistance’, I made large, deep strokes into her pussy and split her vaginal walls apart – over and over again.

As she neared the second orgasm, I felt my own end as well. Like every time we did it, I wouldn’t cum any how else. Once I froze my movements and called out my demise, she rubbed herself to the second climax before pushing me out. Falling onto her knees, she took my drenched cock into her mouth hugged my thighs, giving me free reign to feed her as far down as my meat could reach.

Within two minutes, the teary-eyed girl widened her jaw, glanced up at me, and smiled as she was grateful while I buckled, thereafter sending multiple warm load of cum into her throat. On my ‘way out’, she vacummed the last drop out of me, licked me clean of her fluids, and swallowed.

The next few minutes were hers to straighten herself up, reapply the light-pink lipstick I erased. It wasn’t everyday that I felt like going for a second round, but it was one of those times she had stood/ leaned in a specific way, that encouraged me to reenter her from behind.

So while she tided everything I messed up, I went at it in standing-doggystyle. It took me another ten, intense minutes, before I cried ‘cum’ again. This time, like every ‘second’ round, I came inside her. Despite her lack of panties, none of it leaked.

‘I’m throwing my fifteenth birthday party this weekend. Can you be there and bring that.. that thing along?’

‘Sure. Where is there?’

‘**S Hotel.’

Who could have expected her to remember that ‘thing’, which I used to make her – her.

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