Despite hearing my little girl’s voice, I couldn’t open my eyes, nor move my limbs no matter how hard I tried. It must be bad sleeping posture, I reasoned with myself as I felt the mattress sinking, relative to her weight and motion. Having ‘reported sick’ from the previous-day’s experience of the same symptoms, I was in no rush to wake up, and would probably go back to sleep after addressing her.

With however much strength I had, I gave her a faint smile as she came into view, but that quickly changed when she proceeded to pull her shirt off, followed by her shorts. Bewildered, I squeezed my brows together for a hard frown, to no avail as she turned her body away, towards my feet.

The next thing I felt, was her brief struggle with my boxers as she yanked it off, exposing my manhood to the one person I would chop it off for (than let her see it). Fearing what she might to do it, I had my eyes shut – briefly until I learnt of its size when she wrapped her hand around it.

As far as I am concerned, I was up, hard, and very warm (in contrast to her palm). My forceful cries, under those strange circumstances, came out as pitiful whimpers, to which she continued to play deaf to as she began to stroke my cock.

When she finally stopped, it was for her to ‘get ready’ in the form of masturbation, while seated in front of me with her legs wide apart. She didn’t even have to use much force, to keep my head turned at her legs during the awfully long period which she rubbed herself so lovingly.

‘I’m sorry dad. I know you gave me your word. But I don’t know how else to make you keep to them.’

Once she was excessively wet, she hopped off the bed and put her phone in selfie-video mode, aimming it directly at me. Helpless, I closed my eyes and resigned to fate as she climbed on top of me next, planted very affectionate kisses, and slowly slipped her pussy down my cock.

At that instance I felt her groin plastered closely to mine, she moved her lips over my ear, and whispered something that ruthlessly, changed everything.

(She whispered) ‘i’m wetter for you than him. I promise to never see him again. And.. begins riding only.. just.. have daddy.. inside me.. ‘

Instantly, I ‘grew’ bigger, and harder, that I had opened my eyes in disbelief. Right in front of me, was her similarly-shocked gaze, staring deep into my soul while still crazily rocking that althele’s body. Switching to a back-forth motion, she began quivering within seconds, that lasted no longer than a minute before she orgasmed in a shy, shaken moan.

Lifting her bosoms off my chest, she grabbed onto my shoulders as she braced for the speed-increase, slamming or grinding at my least expected moments. From the corner of my eyes, I could estimate that it took her about twenty minutes, to get my drug-laden body anywhere near climax.

As soon as I started nodding wildly, she reacted unaccording-ly, by changing up to a squat-slam position over my cock. All she needed to do was to rub her clit a little, and her vagina straight up sealed itself tightly around my shaft.

Barely one minute into that mind-blowing, one-sided, non-consensual sex in the above killer stance, was all it took to convince my physical barrier, to give up, and pump her full of semen.

Although it was only two days from my last ‘release’, it was a huge load I blew into my little girl. The sight of my baby-making juice leaking out of her was no surprise, but she was never meant to come in any contact with it.

Once the ‘highlight’ was over, she took her time to clean me up, making sure not to obstruct the camera as she sucked my balls empty before wiping me down. For the next few hours I took to regain my strength, she remained by my side, feeding me water and some fruits.

By the time I was well enough to get on my feet, mummy had returned home. To keep all of us safe, I never breathed a single word about how our little girl brought a man home, fucked at every corner of our (supposedly empty) house, but couldn’t use our nuptial bed because I was in it.

About a month long of sleepless nights later, I took matters into my own hands and added a special ‘something’ into my girl’s morning-drink. To my own surprise, it sent her straight into an inescapable, insatiable sex-rage, bad (or good) enough to strike a one-sided deal with me to ‘ease her discomfort’.

In exchange for my cock, she unlocked her phone for me, to do anything with it. So, in the same cowgirl-position she owned me in, I deleted anything remotely related to our tryst, and reclaimed my ‘peace of mind’. My biggest regret, was how much I had underestimated the psychological effect the medicine had.

The use of it, along with our incestuous ties, and the intense activity under its influence, had formed some form of mental link that manifested within her mind. While our normal lives remained normal, I had unwittingly turned her, to be wholly mine.

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