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Contradictory to how guys had hoped to ‘walk in’ on a couple having sex in public, I was in a different, more awkward situation when those familiar, sexy noises were heard. To be more specific, I was literally taking a dump, in the dark, when that couple decided to make use of the then closed changing room to satisfy their urges.

It was about ten minutes after 11pm when I had just rinsed the pool water off my body, and retreated to the unusually clean toilets to take dump – all done in the dark because of the trouble I might get into if the security catches me (using the pool after hours).

Probably five-minutes had past when I heard the (main changing room) door open, followed by whispers, some how smooching noises, and then the creaking of the old, wooden benches right in the middle of the room. From where I was, there was no way I could leave without interrupting them, nor do I want to put anyone in such an awkward, probably-life-changing situation because of their one-off raging hormones.

I had thought that I could ‘ride it out’ until that stupid flush sensor went off, silencing the room once and for all. The worse thing? The guy actually asked, ‘hello?’, to which I had to make myself known. Seeing that the damage was done, I quickly pulled my pants up and opened the cubicle door, making extra sure not to make any eye-contact.

Despite all that, it was still impossible, not to notice how the girl, then naked, was tied to the wide, centre bench.

‘Bro!’, that word he used immobilised me for some reason, and I was 90% sure he was about to threaten me. I replied in the only, non-offensive way I knew, ‘yeah?’, and heard him inviting me over, like ‘you in a hurry?’

To think that he actually came up to me, put an arm around my shoulders and brought me to his girl, was still very surreal to me. I would never imagine myself to be staring so closely at someone else’s girl, and even more so helplessly bounded to the bench at her wrists (above her head) and knees (apart, along the narrow sides of the bench).

Know that I have seen porn, of various genres and settings, featuring actresses so hot and I would use the word, ‘unattainable’. But that girl in front of my eyes, whom was so willingly (not struggling) exposed in such a compromising position, was so normal.

Illuminated by the lamp posts right outside the frosted-glass windows (for ventilation), she appeared neither fat nor skinny, yet toned at her waist and hips. But on top of that, she seemed strangely smooth all over, which I suspected was caused by some moisturiser or in this weird case – lubricant.

Oh, and did I mention, that she was blindfolded by a t-shirt loosely strewn over her head?

She just laid there quietly, while I tried to wrap my head about his true intention. ‘Do you want to have sex with her?’, he popped that question so casually, as if no one would say ‘no’. How could I not notice the quiver in her stomach when he said that? And yet, she remained silent.

‘Can you free my knees? I want to put my feet up’, she uttered with a shiver in her voice, but otherwise calm, and unwavered. The guy did as she asked, leaving her pussy even more exposed than ever for me to lost myself in. ‘Cmon’, was his last cue before I hesitantly undid my pants.

Swallowing my saliva, I just had to ask, ‘miss.. do I have permission to.. ‘, ‘Yes.. ‘, she interrupted.

At once, I took my pants off and leaned over her body, using one hand to glide the tip of my cock along her pussy to ‘gather’ some of that glistening oil that she was covered in. Except that, instead of some sticky substance, I was greeted with a slimy, slippery liquid that came from within her.

Taking my chances, I pushed my hips forward and let off a gasp as I ‘popped’ into her pussy, as if I had slid too far in for our own good. Since my little head was in, I thrust slowly to let the rest of myself in, and was duly overwhelmed by how she was appropriately wet for my unexpected ‘visit’.

I would say that she wasn’t excessively wet, like she was lusting for me, but it was just moist enough for me to slide in and out. My subsequent motion could be considered ‘generic’ as I rammed my hips into her groin, shoving as much meat as I could into a defenseless girl.

Those few times I took a break while inside her, I couldn’t help but be fascinated by the slight, but obvious tremors along her vaginal walls, which was only possible because of the lack of excessive lubrication.

Anyhow, I snapped out of my sensational journey and selfishly did what any man would, pounding her to my delightful end. Throughout the sex, her reaction was surprisingly natural, giving me a somewhat authentic ‘girlfriend experience’.

After about ten minutes of my uninvited ‘intrusion’, I announced my demise and heard her voice once again, ‘cum.. inside me.. ‘. Not-so-foolishly, I turned to her partner and got a palm-up hand-gesture, giving me the go-ahead cue.

Since there was nothing more to lose except some kind of blackmail-ish future, I came deeply into the stranger, leaving no rounds unfired for all that’s worth. Again, I was lost in some kind of trance before I realised I have to pull out, to a glorious sight of my thick, white cum leaking out of her in a single stream.

Out of politeness or confusion, I took her guy’s seat (after he stood up) and just.. stayed there while they engaged in their rightful act. At some point in time, I left them to themselves and to this day, remained unsure about the random event that unfolded.

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