Bachelor Pad

(I greeted) ‘Good morning.’

I was still in a grouchy state when I saw my new Taiwanese tenant making eggs and bacon in just a shirt, though I knew she would have something on underneath. Having bought the two-room flat at my maximum disposable amount for my dream ‘bachelor’ life, the other room was left untouched for a period too long that seemed like a waste for additional income.

So after a few days of advertising my too-good-to-be-true offer, this single lady working in the F&B industry contacted me and finalised the details of the accommodation quickly.

Translation: Good morning! Breakfast?

That’s if YOU are the breakfast!

‘Yes please! And didn’t we decide to speak English so you can improve?’

‘Right.. I’ll try. Give me a few more minutes.’

After slamming into the couch for morning news on TV, she served up a plate of, well, bacon and eggs, and sat next to me, lifting both her feet onto the cushion while crunching on those crispy strips of pork. From where I was seated, her black knickers were especially HD in the light from the window, highlighting that narrow crease between her cameltoe. Such a teasing, opened minded girl huh?

(She commented casually) ‘Oi! Don’t be distracted.’

She knew where my eyes were and I turned my attention back to breakfast, trying to let time ‘heal’ that little temptation I just fell for.

‘I can make you breakfast everyday if you like, just to show my.. 诚意 for the cheap rent.’

‘Sincerity? Sure. I don’t mind.’

When I suddenly felt my balls getting tickled, I unfolded my leg and clamped her down in shock. Somehow, she had managed to sneak a leg under my thigh (sitting with one leg folded), and nonchalantly flashed a grin when I gave her the death-stare. There was just no way I would sacrifice rent money for any ‘special service’.

‘Don’t worry la. I’m just playing. Don’t be so serious.’

‘I’m just shock. I don’t want us to get the wrong ideas.’

‘I won’t. I thought at first there was something to the cheap rent, but after meeting you, I know you are someone I can live with for a long time.’

She continued wriggling her toes after that statement to make me give in and boy did that work. I released my her foot and let her lay it over my lap, fidgeting its way into my loose shorts I wore to bed. After just a few minutes of mindless rubbing, I was hard enough for her to take me between her big and index toes, a pinch too tight for me to let her continue for long.

As soon as I set my empty plate down, she did the same and laid chest-down on the sofa, arms perched over my thigh towards my dick that she easily stretch my shorts lower for. Like an innocent little girl, she took it into her mouth and savoured it deliciously, kissing and handling it like precious meat staff.

Containing myself in the mercy of her skilled mouth was difficult as fuck, especially when she could take me deep throat without gagging, and let her warm throat fondle that sensitive tip in whatever random ways she wanted. What felt like a really short blowjob came to an end when she told me of her aching jaws, and it was my turn to ‘know’ more about my housemate.

We then switched to her side where she took up a side-plank position after stripping her knickers off, letting me rest my head on one of her inner thighs while the other leg was kept against the backrest to make room. The sweet fragrance of her shower foam flooded my nose immediately when I brought my face near her pussy, that was so fair and pink like the insides of a strawberry.

Unable to wait any longer, I licked her in my lazy stance and kept my tongue really busy at her clit. The series of loud moans and sudden gasps excited me to a point I buried my face into her groin, eating out whatever my lips could touch. As if I hit the button to her floodgates, she was leaking really profusely and I was thoroughly slurping her juices up non-stop.

‘Hey Jae? HEY!’

Finally, she pushed and pulled me back in a swift hard tug, bringing our faces so close that our genitals had a small area of contact. One so soft and wet, and one so hard and ready. As soon as she adjusted her body to be under mine, my hips arched forth and my dick slipped so satisfyingly into her hot, hot vagina.

There was no stopping once I started pounding her senseless, driving my cock so deep and violently for her eyes to roll white. Still, she pulled me in to kiss during that trance, which made her seem really confused when I made out with her opened mouth.

Gradually, her tightness got me all worked up and I, myself, was in a frenzy as I neared my climax. With her legs locked around my waist, it was a chore to pull out of her before I lost it all.

(She exclaimed impatiently) ‘Come to me! Come!’

A twist of her body dropped her head over the hand rest, for me to stand at her face while her fingers vibrated on her clit for HER orgasms. Plunging my cock right back into her mouth, I began a face-fuck that sounded so painful, but she was managing well in that particular dual-input pose.



I could feel my shaft pumping so forcefully into her throat, joined to her body that was shaking so uncontrollably. My thrusts kept going despite her groaning in agony, part wanting, and part rejecting my overfilling load of cum. By the time I exited her throat, the fit-like trembles died down to a spate of deep breaths, which I desperately needed too.

(Speaking as she panted) ‘Fuck! That is so good! You are perfect!’

‘You.. too.. ‘

We rested for a bit before I brought the plates to the sink, washing them to calm my spirits down – but for no reason. She appeared behind me and wrapped her arms around for my deflating dick, pumping it while I stacked the dishes up. When I was done drying my hands, I was hard as fuck again, thanks to the hot, toned body that stood naked with her breasts pushing against my back.


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