Leading A into the hotel room I booked an extra day to ‘celebrate’ before her actual birthday party tomorrow, I could tell how excited she was with my effort to make more time out of the planned one-day-party that would happen in that very same room. Once we placed our belongings down, I removed her jacket and bra, leaving her in the dress she wore specially for me. Next up was a blindfold that I put over her eyes, before I whipped out the pair of homemade handcuffs she easily recognised by its material.

‘What are you doing?’

‘Wait.. I’ll be done soon.’

I could tell how excited A was when she started breathing faster, all the way from the door to the bed where she was given a sip of water. As soon as she was done, I grabbed the back of her head and shoved her face into my groin, down my cock that already been hard for her. There was no chance for her to escape as I held her by her neck, in front of my hips that were thrusting wildly down her throat.

Seeing how hard she tried to smile while choking, I climbed into bed as she sucked me and slipped a hand under her dress, to meet the pair of black thongs I had bought for her. Sensing the abundance of juices leaking out from between her legs, I moved my fingertips in circles around her clit, to ease the discomfort in her throat as she was slowly consumed by lust.

Usually, she would be the one in control, giving me that privilege once in a while to touch her in ways I want. But for that special occasion, she had no say, literally, with that mouth filled with that cock she loved so much.

Something in me snapped when I saw her gagging in pain, finally freeing that monster in me even if it could only be out for a day. I pulled out of her once I felt big enough, and flipped her like an omelette onto her chest. With her legs hanging over the edge of the bed, I easily spread them with my knees and plugged her pussy full of my cock, ramming it in its raw state without any protection on.

A’s moans grew louder as I forced myself deeper and faster into her, filling that slippery opening with the very cock she longed for. I could tell how turned on I was when she started groaning in a tone I never heard, possibly from the enlarged state of my penis sliding in and out of her.


‘Oh really?’

I bumped her further into the bed and picked her hips up, for her knees to go under so she could support her ass in doggystyle. I wrapped one of my arms under her and teased her clit as I tried to keep thrusting, bringing her to the first of many orgasms she would get very weak to.

After hearing a loud moan from her excited voice, her legs gave way and she fell flat onto the comfortable bed. Well, that certainly didn’t mark any part ones or twos for me. I spread her legs in that very pose and slipped a wireless vibrator into her, and switched it on before she was even ready.

I then rolled her onto her sides and kneeled before her face, returning my cock to her mouth and making her suck it with little breaths recovered. Gradually, she turned onto her back and a pillow was placed under her neck, so I could do some work fucking her mouth while she kept trembling to the vibrations coming from within.



(As she panted) ‘Yeah.. ‘

I stuck my cock back into her mouth and reached for her pussy, where my fingertips found her clit again for the second orgasm that really drained her out. Unable to focus on sucking me anymore, I ended the agonising blowjobs and went between her legs, replacing that vibrator with my cock that was more than happy to be back in that narrow piece of heaven.

‘Jae? Do you have a condom on?’


‘But I thought.. ‘


I gave her a spank on her left ass cheek and she got my message quickly. Seeing her struggle while I rammed her in missionary, it was a view I was sure I wouldn’t get under ‘normal’ circumstances. Just to mess her up a little more, I stopped moving all of a sudden and left her for the door, which I opened and whispered (loud enough for her to hear), before closing it.

Of course, she turned all quiet and worried after that fake scare, concerned with who I just spoke to.

‘Who is that?’


‘What did he want?’

‘Why don’t you ask him yourself? He’s here.’


The sudden penetration of my cock distracted her for a while, but there was just no way she could maintain her promiscuous mood not knowing who was that. I didn’t want to make things any worse and climbed over her chest to let her suck me for a bit, though the playful me didn’t just let that scare went unsolved.

I picked up the dildo I left on the bed and forced it between her legs, increasing her fears that THAT might belong to another ‘person’. One thing that dildos didn’t have was warmth, and she picked it up instantly with an angered frown.

‘Is there really someone else in here?’

‘Do you want someone else inside here?’


‘Then keep going.’

Her mood changed for the better once the doubt was cleared, subjecting me to a little more ‘pain’ through the lips that was sucking me hard. The ‘double penetration’ certainly did its work when she came for the third time, marking my cue to get my own orgasm settled.

Taking up a spot on the bed, she fumbled her way on top of me, executing her killer cowgirl move that got me really high without any efforts. Five intense minutes passed quickly and I jumped up from my lying-down position to ‘use’ her mouth again.

The deposit of cum I made all went down her throat with a smile I least expected, and she did the after-cum service of cleaning me up.

For the rest of the day, she was kept bounded but not blinded, serving her ‘master’ on the last day before she was given the princess privileges, that started on the stroke of midnight.

Make a guess, to who was the one tied up on her big day. To think I had to enact some difficult positions with my hands tied, she had the last laugh when I fell asleep midway a blowjob she was indulging herself in.

Sigh. Now how would I have the strength to entertain her guests?

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