Turning Good

‘Thanks for the meal and movie leh. First time I hang out with a guy like you. A bit embarrassing cause I don’t know what to say.’

‘Hey. It’s fine. I just wanted to enjoy the day, and I did.’

After taking a long shot to look for someone to hang out with on a day I wanted to take a break from everything, an ‘ah lian’ I met online took up my offer (to have everything paid for in return for company).

From the time we met to the end of the ‘date’, I could tell how impressed she was by the way she listened to my rants, to the surprised face when we caught the movie in the Gold Class theatre, before being overwhelmed by the dinner in an upscale restaurant I fancied for a long time. Nonetheless, I got what I paid for and I was sure she did too.

Out of courtesy, I sent her back to her place where she stopped me at the void deck, presumably to thank me for everything. Just as I thought we were done for the day, she popped a question that caught me off guard, in a way that I never thought my ‘offer’ would suggest otherwise.

‘So.. We are not going to fuck?’

‘Umm. No? I didn’t put anything about that on the post did I?’

‘No, but I thought usually guys will ask for it? Like you didn’t pay for my food and movie tickets for nothing what. So I thought.. ‘

‘No. We’re not going to do that. Thanks for the offer though.’

Here on, I couldn’t tell if she was confused or smitten by my upright morales, until she asked if I could send her up. Of course, having made such a long trip to her place, a few more floors wouldn’t hurt and I brought her to the doorstep, where she introduced me to her parents who were just cleaning up after dinner.

‘This is Jae! A new friend.’

They might have mistaken our status when I realised how ‘compatible’ we were dressed, her in a spaghetti top with tie-laces around her chest and plain black skirt, while I was in a buttoned shirt with jeans and shoes. Without asking further, they invited me in and fetched a glass of water, leaving me no choice but to extend my stay.

Perhaps it was the fact that such a well-dressed guy like me didn’t mind their daughter who had tattoos all over her shoulders (to her elbows) or just how she had ‘scored’ a ‘decent’ guy like me, that they made that assumption. Bombarding me with personal questions, my ‘date’ appeared again after she changed out of her skirt into something more comfortable – a pair of FBT shorts.

She then asked me into her room where soft toys lined the edges of the bed, while lights went out in the living room, along with the last thing her dad shouted before the main door slammed shut.


As soon as they left, she led me away from the stool in front of her laptop and onto the bed, where she went on her knees between my legs.

‘You really never think of fucking me?’

‘No. And you shouldn’t give in so easily too.’

She then picked up half of a pill in a bottle cap and swallowed it with the water from the bottle, before offering the other half to me. I didn’t know what she was up to and neither did she looked like she was going to explain.

‘Trust me.’

Knowing full well of the danger I could be in taking that unknown substance, I saw the certainty in her eyes and gulped the other half down my throat. Following that, the lights went off and noises of her stripping came from my front.

Bringing my hands to her bare hips, I felt the little moisture from perspiration forming on her skin, all the way to her breasts where she cupped my palms over. Before I made sense of any of these, my pants were being undone and a rush of heat consumed my sanity.

Like her, I was covered in sweat within minutes and her fumbling hand on my cock didn’t help much either. I found myself groaning hysterically as she pumped my shaft up and down, taking the hot tip into her mouth and teasing it further with her tongue. A full-blown mouth-fuck then unfolded when she let go of her grip, gagging herself to a pitiful state I could not bear to listen for more than three minutes.

(She whispered) ‘You don’t like ah? Painful?’

‘No. But I don’t want you to do that to yourself.’

Suddenly, she climbed over me like a fiend and I managed to stop her from ‘fucking herself’ when she tried to sit over my erection. ‘Trust me’ pretty much ended when it comes to sex, not for the fear of STDs, but for respect of her Q.O.L., or as doctors know it – Quality of Life.

(I whispered) ‘Condoms.’

She got the message immediately and that protection was put up as quickly as we could. There on, it was a merciless penetration with an upward jab of my hips into her pussy that was wet beyond believe. The poor girl didn’t know what hit her when she lost consciousness midway during her ‘ride’, collapsing backwards for me to keep fucking her in missionary.

Pounding her like a rag doll, she gasped and thrashed around helplessly, while barely responding to my frequent checks of ‘comfort’. I was in a head of mess when I couldn’t get control of my hips, letting them loose to do whatever they wanted. All I could think of was how good my dick felt inside her warm orifice, getting squeezed and milked in the most awesome love hole.

Finally, after ten minutes of raging sex, the exhausted girl pushed me off and flipped over into doggy, spreading her ass wide open for me.

‘Put it inside my ass.’

‘What? Seriously?!’


I made one last thrust into her pussy to get however much fluids I could coat over my dick before putting it in her anus, (myself) groaning in agony as I forced inch by inch into her. Her mood took a turn for the better (or worse?) once I started banging her breathless, almost losing my mind in that first tight hole I ever had.

Talk about fucking crazy fuckers. Yes. That was all of it that mattered.

To be fair, I didn’t last any longer than five minutes when I was in her other hole. It was so hot and soft and squishy and pure addictive. Just a while after I started fucking her ass, I was tapping out in outmost desperation.

‘I can’t take it anymore! I’M..NGHHHH CUMMING!’

She swiftly bumped me off her back and did a quick rotation of her body, catching me a few seconds away from ejaculating. The condom came off with a loud snap and her mouth went all over it again, oblivious to whatever smell I strongly thought that would be.

The second ascend to heaven took my life along with my cum that literally exploded into her mouth, squirting my record number of times as she kept sucking me fast and deep. It was then I learnt that my balls CAN be emptied. Still not letting me out of her jaws after I was firing blanks, she used one hand to rub herself until she orgasmed.

At the end of that out-of-the-world session, the both of us were left with less than no strength to tidy ourselves up. Her parents returned home halfway through our nap that I didn’t know how long it was, and no more sounds were heard once they retreated to their bedroom.

When day broke, that crazy little girl was gone from the bed, and had made breakfast for the whole family who was seated at the dining table. Seeing her dressed in an elegant black dress, I could only shamefully/ guiltily greet her parents in the same clothes I wore last night.

(Dad winking at me as he said) ‘Have a good day you guys. Don’t come home too early.’

(Mum adding on) ‘Or come home for dinner together.’

The bewitched girl slipped her arm under mine and fed me breakfast, before we left her place for mine. In just one night, and she has transformed from a black sheep to a white swan, greatly approved by both her parents.

I guess that’s what you call ‘polishing a rock into diamond’.It was a close call when she mentioned the word ‘flings’ when we re-established our status, as a process to earn her place in my life before we get into anything more serious.

Till then, it’s ‘more practice’ for her.

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