A Second Look

Although Miki and I were just meeting at a neighbourhood supermarket, she certainly did not disappoint my eyes when she turned up in a white camisole, lacy at the back with a tinge of translucency to show her red-black bra, and a pair of yoga shorts that her butt cheeks filled nicely. Needless to say, envious eyes were on me when she held my arm around the aisles, checking out the prices of groceries needed for a birthday party.

As planned, we didn’t get anything besides a good gauge of the budget, close to a hundred without counting the hard liquor. After an impromptu ‘summary meeting’ at Starbucks, I did the gentlemanly move of sending her back in return for her company, which didn’t just end when we reached her lift landing.

‘Aren’t you going to walk me up?’

‘Haha. I am now.’

We went to the highest floor according to the button she pushed and walked all the way to the end of the corridor, before she grabbed my hand in excitement. Unsure of what she saw or heard, I blindly followed her down a flight of steps and stopped there.

‘Uh. One floor down?’

‘No. Here.’

She caught me by surprise when she pushed me up against a wall, and started kissing me on the lips. Not only was it the second time we met, but I knew nothing about her except that she clubs. Now that luck has caught up with me, her hand found its way into my shorts within a minute into making out, changing my soundless breathing for groans when she stroke my growing erection up and down.

(She whispered impatiently) ‘I’ve waited so long for this chance.’


‘For. This.’

A twist of her wrist lowered the stretchy waistband low enough for my cock to bounce out and her shoulders quickly dropped to my hips. Her starving mouth then spontaneously took my cock in and my mind snapped blank as soon as she slid her lips down that hard shaft.

Unlike the countless blowjobs I have ever received, her relaxed lips brought me to new heights with a massage-like pressure, similar to a handjob that kept me hard but not deprive me too much. The soft tongue she placed gently against the underside of my shaft provided the softest, wettest platform to slide on, like a delicate caress of the fiercest monster.

Every few strokes when she took a break, she took her time to keep the ‘helmet’ in her mouth, maintaining a slight vacuum while tickling the tip with her tongue. My gaze at her lips slowly became hard to break away from when I realised her mouth opening wider, seemingly to contain my ever-thickening cock.

‘Mmm! Now, this is big!’

She got up on her feet and turned towards the ledge of a huge opening in the wall, where friendly neighbours were free to look at IF they were looking. A naughty wriggle of her ass brought her shorts down to her knees, for a smooth, tiny slot to show itself between her ass cheeks.


‘Uh huh.’


‘Uh huh.’

There was no need for anymore speech after she shook her ass again. I went up behind her and spread my feet shoulder-wide, readying myself right behind that fine, hairless pussy. After I pierced my wide ‘head’ into her, the overwhelming tightness stopped me in my track, but not before she took control and backed herself up on me.

In a flash, I was in one of the tightest vagina I’ve ever been in, and she was controlling me with her up-down grinding motion. It must be the most awkward standing sex when I realised I couldn’t move without cumming, and that she had to do most of the work fucking ‘herself’.

My pointless worry got better when she threw backward glances at me, as if telling me ‘it’s alright’ with her smiling, open-mouth breathing. Still, I managed to give her a minute of continuous pounding before I had to stop again, for a climax I didn’t know how to hold onto.

(As I panted) ‘Umm.. Miki? I think I’m going to cum soon. You’re too.. Tight for me.. ‘

‘Oh it’s fine. I’m sure things will get better with more practice.’

She stood upright and sat on the ground in front of my twitching manhood, completely covered in her abundant juices. Miki took me into her mouth again and pulled me ‘in’ by my thighs, tapping continuously until I got the cue to start moving.

The silly me took over the blowjob and made it into a mouth-fuck, which she managed to take all of me down her throat without so much a flinch of an eyelid. She was literally all mine to use as a cum dump.

After a strange ten minutes long combo of blowjob, deep-throat mouth-fuck, I finally felt the urge again and warned her of the incoming load. My thrusts sped up for another minute or so until I couldn’t hold it in any longer, before starting to fill her mouth up with my cum.

The sporting girl only showed a face of satisfaction after my squirt was over, and cleaned me up simultaneously as she gulped my load down. After the deed was done, we got dressed and that was also the time she commented on my fluids.

‘You know, it might be weird coming from me, but you taste good.’

‘Really? You’re the second person to say that.’

‘Yeah. It makes me wanna.. Can I?’


She squatted where I stood and pulled my pants down again, cleaning me up a second time for a period long enough – for me to get hard again. Unable to leave me in that state, we went for another round in missionary on the dusty ground, and came into her mouth which was hungrier than the first time.

In a way, we did have something to ‘take home’ that night. And I hope for more nights to cum.

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