Tubby Surprise

After spending the morning decorating the studio apartment with another friend, Evelyn, for a friend’s 21st birthday, we hit the T-30 minutes mark before the birthday girl will then arrive with the ‘escort party’. We went into the toilet filled with over fifty plus balloons and sat around the sink, waiting to further surprise her with her favourite childhood plaything.

After spending the whole morning with Evelyn to decorate the studio apartment for a friend’s 21st birthday, we realised we had finished the tasks two hours ahead of schedule. Having the luxury of an empty room and equipped with swimwear, we went for a thirty minute dip in the (shared) pool of the condo, using every rest time to decide on a good hiding place to surprise her.

Upon returning to our phones once we were done swimming, six missed calls on her phone and five on mine, sent us running back up to the apartment.

(A WhatsApp message) ‘ETA 5.20pm’

Twenty minutes would definitely seem like a long time to hide ourselves but we were barely dry to put on any clothes. Moving at our fastest, we jumped into the shower in our swimwear and took a very hasty rinse, until Evelyn started soaping herself up.

‘Hey! Still got time meh?’

‘The chlorine will damage my hair la. Very fast one. Help me wash my hair. I want to soap my body too.’

Whatever it was, I had caught some foam on myself as well. Since I doubt I will take more time than her to shower, I lathered myself up too and ended up fighting for the shower head. As luck might catch up on us, the doorbell rang the moment we finished rinsing the soap off our bodies.

(Evelyn whispered) ‘Shit! So fast meh?! Hide hide!’

In shock, I went for our clothes piled on the overhead racks and she pulled the shower curtains shut after I got in, hurrying me to lie flat in the tub, which was never intended for anyone to hide in, let alone two person. Out of courtesy, I turned myself towards a side of the tub and let her be the ‘big spoon’, planting her bikini-clad breasts against my back. Due to the space constrain, she had no choice but to clamp one of my legs between hers, pushing her groin into my hips.

(She whispered) ‘Keep quiet.’

A few minutes of eerie silence later, her legs started to cramp up and some fidgeting happened behind me where I felt her breasts rubbing on me. Unknown (or known) to her, I could feel her pair of nipples getting harder through her top and the slight suffocation tempted me to get some conversation going.

(I said) ‘Hehe. Hard.’

(She whispered) ‘Shhh! What thing hard? I think we have time to get dressed. Don’t peep ah.’

Her bikini top came off and the next thing that took my breath away was the hard press of her naked chest on my back. Forbidden to look at what caused that, more seconds of nipple-rub only turned me on.

(She whispered) ‘My shirt is under your butt!’


Angered by my clumsiness, she sat upright (in the tub) and yanked her t-shirt from under my raised hips, yet to put on the bra which straps were dangling at my arm. Whatever she did during the next few seconds, none of it mattered once the doorbell ring again.

Ding dong ding dong

(She exclaimed) ‘Fuck!’

Her attempt to stand upright was thwarted when my bum once again, were lying on the ‘release’ strap of her bikini bottoms. Completely naked and flustered, she went back to her spot behind me and her shaved groin was then pressing nicely on my hips.

(She whispered) ‘You asshole.’


‘Now I know what you mean when you said ‘hard’.’

‘Haha. Hey. It was just a joke.’

‘Only you can still joke at this time. Maybe I’m not the only one who is hard?’

Her hand suddenly went around my waist and grabbed my groin, which had been ‘blocked’ by a fully-erected cock. Not only did she not let go, she gave it a hard squeeze for revenge.

At my position, I couldn’t do anything but succumb to her attack, though it didn’t last more than a few squeezes. When she didn’t seem like she was going to stop after I called for a truce, I slapped my arm on her ass and reached around her ‘cheek’, before being greeted by a moist slit.

(She called out) ‘HEY HEY HEY!’

The antagonised girl swiftly slipped her hand into my trunks and started jerking me, as fast as I was sliding my fingertips along her labia. Given my awkward angle of contact, I couldn’t reach her clit but managed to push a digit into her vagina, where she abruptly stopped her movements.

(I asked in concern) ‘Are you alright? Let’s stop this nonsense.’

‘Argh! I just came you idiot! Get up!’

I conceded to the end of ‘fun’ and went on my hands and knees, about to get out of her sight. As expected, there was no ‘surprise pleasure’ for me when I climbed out of the tub, collecting my clothes along the way.

(She said) ‘We’ll change in here. In case they are outside.’

As if it would make any difference changing outside or inside, walking out of here together is already a talking point.


I made my way to the far end of the bathroom and was about to lower my trunks down when they were pulled down, for her to grab that guilty piece of cock (from behind) again. This time, I didn’t wait to spin myself around, looking at the full glory of her fine, skinny, toned frame which was a head-height shorter than me.

Strutting to the sink, she hopped on it and proceeded to wet herself with some water from the tap. Needless to say, I got the hint and went to her, standing between her legs she had spread wide apart.

She held my face in front of her and stared at me for a while that felt really long, before pressing my shoulders downward. No instructions were needed once my face reached her pussy, opened like a book the moment she planted the arches of her feet at the edge. My tongue went for the clit straightaway and tickled her in the fastest tempo ever, occasionally making a lap along her slit to gather her juices.

The result of going down on that beautiful piece of oyster was undeniable, when I got harder as she moaned. Five minutes later, she went silent and a gush of liquid thicker than usual flowed right into my mouth I kept sucking over that soft mound.


Like an obedient puppy, I stood up and let her hold my solid cock, that required no effort on her side to make it this hard. Another half-minute of hesitation later, she tugged my stick towards her vagina and put the tip in, though holding on even tighter to have full control over it.

(She asked) ‘I suppose this isn’t your first time?’

‘No.. pause Is it yours?!’


She let go of her grip and put her calves on my waist, pulling me into her and letting off the most orgasmic groan ever. Her feet couldn’t relax for me to move and I did not force anything either.

(She asked breathlessly) ‘Can you move?’


I took both her feet from behind me and split them apart, going as wide as I needed to hold them on the edges of the sink. Left in much shyness from seeing how our privates joined, her eyes were locked at that area for a long time after I started thrusting, dipping all 7 inches into her vagina where her eyes then closed momentarily to let imagination handle the journey inside her.

The hot bathroom sex slowly got intense as I moved faster, jabbing her tightening hole until she came again.

(As she panted) ‘Can we try doing it standing up?’

‘Standing doggy?’

pause Yeah.’

She stood in her ground dumbfounded and waited for me to bring her in front of the sink, where I bent her back over to look into the mirror. Tucking both her feet together, I received a more sensual moan during my second entry. Besides that, a wetter, more relaxed hole allowed me to start fast, and would burst into a faster, deeper pace whenever she tried to focus on the relfection of our faces.

We went all out in that spot and she came twice there, before I pulled out in fear that I would miscalculate my timing. To think that she got SO agitated the moment I removed my cock, I suspected her ‘experience’ that she supposedly have with sex.

‘Look, I took it out earlier because I don’t trust myself to pull out right before I cum.’

‘Okay? So.. What’s cum?’

‘ARGH! Get back up on the sink.’

She did as I told and I rammed my cock into her again, slamming so violently that she lost that refined composure she had when she had it slow. Watching her losing control of her expressions, she managed another orgasm that resonated through her body with obvious tremors, exciting me towards the urge I had long feared.

I let slip my dick the instant I edged, and carried her off the sink onto the floor where her legs folded instinctively. Her body was still shivering when I lowered her unconscious chin to put the tip of my cock in, while one of her hand wrapped itself around the shaft automatically.

‘Move your hand a little. Back and forth.’

Her eyes rolled up to me as she jerked and it took me another two minutes, before I sprayed my thick load into her mouth. Up to the point when I was squirting my last drops, I didn’t realise the uncomfortable look she had when she stood (or sat) her ground to take every bit of my cum.

(In my panting voice) ‘I.. That’s cum in your mouth.’


She picked herself up and went in front of the sink, worrying me about what I just put her through. Little did I expect, her to swallow everything in her mouth. The concerned me was relieved when she started putting on her clothes, in entirety with her bra and panties.

In our minds, we were ready to step into a room full of highly imaginative people, except that there was not a soul in the house. We went over to our phones to the string of unread messages, that mostly asked about our readiness.

(Evelyn asked) ‘5.20 right?’


She shoved her phone in my face and didn’t stop doing that until I pushed her away. Unsure of what I was suppose to look at, she then incessantly tapped the corner of the screen at the clock.


‘YAH OH! IT’S ONLY FOUR. FIFTY. FIVE NOW! Cock eye sia you!’

Whatever happened to the imaginary ‘5:00PM’ we BOTH saw earlier wasn’t exactly discussed, and the rest of the day went as planned, without anyone ever finding out what we did in the bathtub.

Since that day, we didn’t speak much whenever we met, but just fuck our brains out at every opportunity we could find – in and out of our academic life.

Oh. And she lied. I am her first.

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