(Me on phone) ‘Haha. And you only thought of me when you can’t find anyone to drink with.’

‘Don’t say so much la. Where are you? Free beer still complain.’

A good buddy of mine since NS times rang me up just as I was done with work, giving me an address to a nearby hotel where he was supposedly having a ‘sexcation’ with his girl. Now that she bailed on him last minute, I was invited to help finish the beers he bought.

After registering myself at the front desk, I made my way up to the room and was let into darkness, upon knocking thrice.

‘Why don’t turn on the lights? Act emo ah? Or romantic?’

‘What do you mean?’

The feminine tone caught me aback and I went for the switch right away, eyes momentarily blinded by the sight of a girl in a body-hugging crop top and really short denim shorts.

‘Where is Zack?’

‘He isn’t here. Call him?’

I did just that and we continued the conversation in the toilet, as he requested.

‘I set this up for you la bro. She’s my girl.’

‘Eh eh. I am not this kind of person hor. If you don’t explain I will leave.’

Sigh Okay look. She likes to play the role of a sub. So I gave her this assignment to.. to share good stuff with you. Can?’

‘So I just let her do what she wants?’

‘Yeah. Or tell her what to do if she doesn’t move.’

I dropped the line right there and then and went back into the bedroom, where his girlfriend was seated on the bed and looking aimlessly at me. Frankly, I was as much at a loss as she was, until she signalled for me to sit on the bed with her.

As far as ‘bro-code’ went, doing one’s girlfriend is like the biggest no-no in all of history, no matter if it was consensual. When she started telling me about their ‘relationship’, did I find out that (she knew) he was using her as a sexual outlet, which to my astonishment, was totally fine with her.

Somehow, he knew how to keep her coming back for more.

(She asked) ‘So, shall we get started? I can go first.’

With that, she pulled her shirt off and let me feast my eyes on her well-endowed breasts, slightly jiggly as she wriggled out of her shorts. Aiding me with my clothes, we were soon lying next to each other naked, hands carefully gliding along bodies with outmost uncertainty and hesitation.

I could tell that there was no way I would enjoy this, no matter how good her skills were. She is after all, my buddy’s girl. Moments after we started feeling each other up, she kissed down my body from my neck, and disappeared under the blanket until she reached my groin.

Surely, ‘lying motionless’ wouldn’t count as ‘jumping at the opportunity’ right? Her mouth found its way over my uninterested cock and the gentle sections gradually stirred me upright, as if it was a meaningless flute unless someone could make a tune out of it.

Within minutes, I was groaning to the slow, long, and delicate movements of her lips along my shaft, filling my lungs as she went as far down as her throat. Whatever response my body had, motivated her a little and she increased her pace, numbing my other senses besides the ones on my privates.

(She whispered) ‘More?’

‘Yeah. More.’

She swapped her mouth with a hand and kept stroking, while she climbed over my lap for ‘more’. The brief glances I threw at her didn’t show me much other than how ready she was to ‘sit’ on me, but there was something different about her angle.

When she finally lowered herself onto my erection, I saw where I was poking into that it wasn’t at the usual hole.

(I asked calmly) ‘Anal?’

‘Yeah. He said I will have to use a condom if I am going to put you inside my pussy.’

‘But not in your ass?’

‘He didn’t say anything about that. And he haven’t used that hole yet.’

A little ache was felt through my groin as she forced the tip of my dick into the tightest orifice on her body, giving me no other options but to let her do the work. I think we took almost a minute to just get the ‘head’ in, but the rest of it went ‘smoothly’ the instant she let off a loud groan.

In the smallest, softest, warm tunnel of ass, none of us could move once we lined up whatever body parts needed for anal sex. Every fidget would cause her to moan in shock, and every attempt to ‘rise’ will inch me nearer to ejaculation.

‘I don’t think we should do this tonight. It’s not going anywhere.’

(As she panted) ‘I.. I am getting somewhere.’


‘My.. My pussy.. And clit.. Is really sensitive now. It feels like.. Like I can cum anytime.’


I cupped her pussy with my thumb pointing downwards and gave that sensitive clit a rub, which instantly erupted into an orgasm for her. She was thrown backwards from me and I had to sit upright just so she wouldn’t break my dick. Regaining slight control over my urge, things felt different when she laid on her back.

Taking my chance to salvage what we couldn’t do, I thrusted my hips very slowly and gently, yanking and shoving my cock through her anal ‘ring’. Coupling speed with strokes, we gained minutes that she would never forget, spending them in a series of frenzied gasps and groans.

I found my tempo after a while and extended my stay inside her, making it pleasurable by going as fast as I could. That said, it didn’t take me long before I was overwhelmed by my urge (to cum), and unleashed the fiercest, hardest jabs into her ass oblivious to her pleas for a break.



I only managed to slap my hips on her asscheeks for a few times max before I came into her, unloading every drop and further getting drained by that strong vacuum when I pulled out of her.

That poor girl dashed into the toilet after I was out and made such agonising moans inside, as if regretting what we just did. About ten minutes later, she appeared with the most exhausted face I have ever seen, and crawled into my arms.

‘I think I found a new fuck toy.’



I called my buddy after we were done and was asked to ‘take care’ of her in ‘everyway’ till tomorrow, which I did over the course of two condoms, and once more in that forbidden cave.

Given how much we had been through that night, I was the last person to be surprised when she broke up with him, to come under me as a ‘sub’, which he gave in without much thoughts.

A pleasure addict, I would say she is.

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