Lifelong Learning

(A whispered loudly) ‘Quick! There’s no one here now.’

‘Hey! But anyone can come up anytime.’

‘That’s why.. we have to be quick.’

With my airplane-design belt buckle already unclipped, her fingers were on the zipper when I straightened my back to undo the button of my jeans, splitting the teeth apart at the same time I freed the button.

In a flash, and in the audacity of a completely open, public roof garden, A stuck her hand into my underwear and pulled my cock out, fully erected from her teasing that started once we decided to ‘wait’ for our first buses here.

As I remain seated on the stone platform supposedly to be a table, she stood excitedly between my legs, hair bunned up and gradually going down over my swollen tip long overdue a relief from the constant fondling.

The instant she cupped her mouth over the head, a loud gasp escaped me into her ear, feeling the warmth of her tongue making circles around the hood where it was super sensitive. My attention was darting all over the place as her lips slid seductively down the shaft, before moving back to the ‘ring’ where she spent a good minute sucking so hard that I began trembling violently.

Just like how she enjoyed driving me wild, I quickly lost my silence and groaned as fast as she bobbed her head, draining every ounce of my energy in a monstrous manner. Although we had done similar acts outdoors before, it was the openness of the area, plus a little drizzle that made it somewhat romantic.

After ten minutes of toes-curling squirms and struggle to contain the overpowering sensation she channeled through the puny thick stick of sex, I finally got a break though she had kept one hand stroking on my dick.

(A whispered) ‘Did you bring a condom?’

‘Yeah.. ‘

For a couple to have that much privacy, it wasn’t all that crazy to take things ‘all the way’. I fished the award-winning condom out of my backpack and rolled it on, after she took another few mouths of my dick to make sure it was clean. As soon as it was on, we made our way to the wooden bench opposite us and I bent her over it before she lazily made herself too comfortable.

After both her knees found a stable edge to hold her doggy stance upright, I took my time to tickle the entrance of her pussy with my dick head, swiping up and down for too long till she was blindly grabbing for it. Nonetheless, I didn’t keep her waiting and slipped it right where it belonged, holding in that pose for a minute just to feel her involuntary contractions around me.

Once I thrusted my cock into that tight, wet hole, my mind went blank and it was just pieces of heaven flashing across my eyes. For a start, her tightness was perfect (that night) for me to last, and the level of wetness? A little under – which was sufficient to create some friction for me to get really high.

I stabbed my piece of meat as deep and as hard as I could into her, summoning dirty moans from that little girl who was addicted to all of me. Pumping at an increasing pace, her knees gave way in my grip and we had to change to another position – cowgirl.

She sat on my lap after I took a seat and replaced my cock inside her, thereafter grinding and bouncing on my thighs which acted as cushions. As usual for such ‘rides’, I was helpless against the mercy of her control and she didn’t go easy either. Loud slapping noises (from her rapid rocking motion) drove me to the edge but I managed to delay my orgasm further by squeezing my legs together to distant her dips.

One of my finger on her clit successfully helped her climax when I rubbed her as she rode, before she grabbed both my hands to pin them against the bench. Now completely immobile, she moved her hips faster till I was groaning in ecstasy.

(I whispered loudly) ‘I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING!’

Not wanting to just shoot into a lifeless rubber, I toppled her to the side and ripped the condom off, catching her hair in time to push her into my groin. Her mouth immediately found the rod and took it as deep as I pushed her head down, almost choking if not for my incoming load.

Seconds after she started sucking, I found just enough time to stick a finger into her pussy (she was bending over in doggystyle) before I came with outmost intensity into her mouth. Devouring me like how she always did it, everything was vacuumed down her throat and she didn’t stop even after my balls were empty.

That night, I didn’t have anymore strength to even push her off, leaving her to clean me up and pacifying herself as I fingered her. Once most of me was done, I put my clothes back on at a state just discrete enough to ‘restore normality’ if anyone walked in on us, while she laid on my lap to keep sucking with one of my hand between her legs.

Unsure of when did I fall asleep, first light broke the darkness of the night when I felt her sucking on me again, causing fingers to start wriggling at her clit to stir things up. For the next thirty minutes, it was another round of raw sex since we ran out of condoms, before another round of ‘piping hot’ breakfast was served down her throat.

By the time we boarded our buses for home, none of us were texting, napping for the whole journey and only reported a word, ‘home’, when we got home.

Truly ‘Lifelong Learning’.

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