Messy 23rd

‘Can I take my blindfold off now?’

‘Not yet. Leave them on. Put your hands behind your back.’


Jen, fully aware that not many people would be turning up for her impromptu 23rd birthday party, still decided to hold it since I could easily get a complimentary room in the much overrated M.B.S., from being a high roller in their casino.

Knowing how many guys would do anything to ‘bed’ that outgoing, flirty teen, she was up for the ‘sleepover’ theme I suggested, appearing in a checkered boyfriend shirt with likely just her lingerie underneath. I did assume though, that she understood that such a room wouldn’t come ‘free-of-charge’.

As part of the surprise, she was requested to put on a blindfold at the door, and was allowed in only after I did a quick check without revealing what was behind the door.

‘Is it a watch?’


The second loop went around her other wrist and she was hastily led to the bed, in a much quieter mood after realising that those ‘watches’ were actually restraints.

‘Umm.. Can I give up and see what my surprise? I’m feeling uncomfortable.’

‘No. You’re not allowed to do that.’

Lying her flat on the bed, a single strap went around her ankles quickly and was pulled tight before she could resist, fully restricting her movements to the confines of the sheets. Once done, I took the dildo out of a cup of warm water and went up to her face, pinching her cheeks so hard her lips parted, just wide enough to take the toy into her mouth.

Gagging desperately for her life, she wasn’t given a chance to even scream with that dildo plunging down her throat, sending her into a vicious struggle that went nowhere with me sitting on her back.

After two or three minutes of choking, I stopped fucking her mouth and pinned her head hard into the pillow, leaning close enough not to shout.

‘You struggle, you die. You obey, you enjoy. Got it?’

(She snarled) ‘WHAT THE.. ‘

I slapped the cheek facing me just before she completed her sentence, at a strength not too hard but not too light either. Reaching back for her ass, I peeled her panties from under her dress-shirt and cupped my palm over her pussy to lift her hips up.

Without further ado, I took the warmed dildo out of the cup again and shoved it into her pussy, plugging that toy so deep and far into her. Thrusting slowly at first, her resistance died down and soft moans came from her face, clearly enjoying that ‘rape’.

‘Aren’t you a dirty slut?’


‘Answer me please.’

(In between her moans) ‘Yesss.. ‘

‘Do you like it up there?’

‘Yesss… ‘

I kept moving the toy in and out of her at the same time I removed myself from her back, sitting comfortably next to her as I pleasured the birthday girl. After she came once from the non-consensual penetration, I turned my attention to her ass which I thought of exploring as well.

‘Come. Split your ass cheeks for me.’

‘Do I have to?’

She didn’t need more persuasion once she sensed me turning her head to the same side I slapped her on, and pried her ass open for me. I then went up to her ear again and whispered.

(I whispered) ‘Have you ever done it in the ass?’


‘So don’t act innocent.’

I twisted the toy as I forced it into her ass, accidentally letting it slip back out before I plunged it back. To hear the most orgasmic moan from her was a surprise, but it certainly wasn’t the last when I kept thrusting it.

The deranged girl immediately went into a fit when orgasms started overwhelming her, causing her to shiver so crazily that the toy was ‘shot’ out of her anus. Unable to keep her down anymore, I stayed away until she composed herself enough for me to get near.

Carefully, I undid all the restraints and took her blindfold off, clearing up the mess by ‘walking’ her through the events that involved no male penises. Jen not only gave me a smile when she learnt that she wasn’t actually raped, and asked if she could keep the toy.

In the end, no one but me could attend her birthday party, that was so poorly planned with a just a small birthday cake. That night, after food and drinks from room service, we.. We might have had a round or two of sex in return for the ‘surprise’ I planned for her.

Well, a slut’s a slut.

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