Additional Work

‘Boss? This is Charlene. She’s here for the interview.’

‘Alright. Thanks.’

Ryan waved for her to take a seat on the chair beside the small office table like going to the doctor’s, except this was a less formal interview for a much-talked-about, high-paying job. Dressed in a knitted spaghetti top and tiny clubbing shorts, he had been exposed to such outfits more often than they needed to be in.

Unwavering to her visually pleasing attire, he went through the standard interview questionnaire with no obvious signs of persuasion or attraction to her slim figure. As much as Charlene tried to appear motivated and willing, she wasn’t given more glances than what the other applicants supposedly got.

‘Is there anything you’d like me to do to prove my abilities to you?’

‘There is no need to. I view all applicants, no matter male or female, equally. As this is a legitimate business, it still boils down to the.. ‘

Her hand she placed on his kneecap paused him for a while, as if it had some power to ‘up’ her chances of working there. According to his breakdown of salary and the rumours about the bring-home amount, she understood that a hundred dollars was the least she, or everyone currently working there, would cash out – every night.

‘to your past experience and.. and desire to work here.’

The word ‘desire’ certainly got her attention as he spun his chair towards her, giving her ease of access to wherever, if she got his message.

‘Tell me more about your expectations of me.’

‘Well.. ‘

The hand on his knee moved upwards to his zipper and it was fairly easy to open his fly, but not before he tasked her to lock the door. Returning eagerly to her seat, he went on about the company’s (specifically his) preferred ‘mindset’ when it came to ‘following orders’ and ‘taking initiative’.

A quick push of her index and thumb unclasped the hook holding his formal black pants together, and opened her ‘world’ to his privates. Taking that very initiative he just spoke about, she managed to pry his dick out of his underwear after a few seconds and got started ‘impressing’ him, by stroking his growing member in her seemingly tiny hand.

‘You will also be required to have good oral.. communication skills, because.. Ahhh.. Because most of the customers will actually talk about current affairs.’

As he kept going about policies, she brought her knees to the soft carpet and waded between his legs, looking at him out of respect for his clarification. It took her no time to silence the non-stop description of her job scope, once her mouth went over the thick, swollen, red piece of cock that paved an alternate path to change his mind.

Groans began to echo around the small office as she used her tongue to wet every inch of him, before pecking and kissing wherever she could reach. When she finally found the perfect up-down motion to get him moaning in pleasure, she threw in a little bonus by reaching into her shorts to masturbate herself too.

‘Good.. Ahh.. You know how to enjoy yourself while meeting my needs.. ‘

The moans that resonated over his cock heightened the blowjob sensation significantly to a point he had to hold her head still, before he lost himself to the uncontrollable trembling of his legs and diminishing energy levels.

‘You did great. You can expect a text from me.. In two days’ time.’

He couldn’t believe his eyes when she did a little sexy dance to strip her shorts off, peeling the cat-design panties off while facing her bum at him. Apart from the damp patch he could spot on the pantyliner, there were sticky strands drooling from her pussy too.

‘I can dance a little. Let me show you.’

She went behind the desk and positioned him directly in front of her ass, swaying her hips left and right till his dick head was brushing across her fine butt. Changing to a much slower ‘dance’, she moved her ass back and forth to ‘stroke’ his dick between her ass crack, until the tip poked into her pussy.

From then, it was an excruciating descend down his cock she didn’t expect to be so thick, covered in veins she had never experienced before. Not only was it overwhelming to fit all of him inside her, he was barely containing his urge in her pussy he couldn’t tell was so, so tight.

(As he panted) ‘How old are you again?’

‘Twenty.. Two? How old do I feel like?’

‘Much.. Arghh.. Much younger.. ‘

The up-down pussy slamming got him really agitated as she rocked on his lap, fucking his fat cock as fast as she could – which was actually so slow that it tormented him.

‘Mind if I.. If I guide you?’

‘I’ll love that boss.’

He stood up in a fit and pinned her back onto the table, before ramming his over-sensitive cock repeatedly into her like some wild animal gone wild over sex. The loud humping noises filled the room as he pumped her so fast and deep, causing orgasms to explode in her head over and over again, without an end in sight.

Somehow, he was poking at her G-spot with each thrust and it got her tighter as well. Lasting for a measly five minutes, his agonising moans went louder then softer as another climax (of hers) shut her vaginal walls too closely around him.

He mentioned nothing when he pulled out of her, collapsing onto his seat in perspiration and a whole lot of misplaced breaths. Having received one too many orgasms she didn’t cared so much for, the quick-witted girl took up the tiny spot between his legs and started sucking again.

Using her throat a little more this instance, she deep throated him for just ten times before he held her face into his groin, along with a deep, long grunt.

Waves of hot cum then started pouring down her throat without going over her tongue, skipping the ‘taste test’ she would gladly miss for a stranger only beneficial to her financial situation. About a minute later, she retracted her mouth and collected the few drops from his man-pipe, leaving him sparkling clean like how he told her things should be in the workplace.

Pleased and satisfied beyond his imagination, he signed off her contract and gave her one of three openings, with an additional task of ‘reporting to him whenever he comes into the office or she comes to work’.

That’s about the things one would do for money.

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