Lucky Man

‘Hey! You’re the guy at the round table in the corner right?’

‘Yeah! And you’re the girl who was screaming so loudly.’

‘Haha! That’s me! What are you doing here?’

‘Oh. I just took a call.’

‘Right. The quietest corner.’

‘And you?’

‘I’m here for you!’

Without exchanging names, she grabbed both my hands and dragged me through the narrow corridor, out into the back alley where a few ‘zombies’ were hanging out, along the few couples who were engaging in ‘sobering’ activities.

After we found ourselves leaning against a wall, she squatted over the drain and started peeing, as if tempting me to do the same. Sure enough, having drunk so much, I couldn’t hold my bladder anymore and peed into a distance away from her.

All of a sudden, midway a strong jet of unhealthy yellow stream, she caught my dick from behind and swayed it sideways. I couldn’t stop her until I was done, and she quickly moved in front of me before I could keep my ‘strike package’.

‘Let me clean it up for you.. ‘

Her lips touched my drippy tip and pushed my foreskin back, immediately using her tongue to tease my unprepared mind. A little wobbly under the influence of alcohol, I had to hold onto some pipes for balance while she feasted on the growing erection.


A full blown cock was, well, getting blown inside her busy mouth, stimulating all my soft (or hard) spots with her sliding lips. From where I stood, I could see the pair of lacy red thongs between the legs she spread while squatting, and it did made me harder than before.


She led me into another alley which was unlit, and shoved me against a wall with my dick out. Raising and flipping her mini skirt over her hips, she lowered her panties just enough to put my cock between her ass, before grinding me a few times to get the tip in.

As soon as my mind was engulfed in euphoria, I caught both her wrists and banged her right there and then. Our knocking force was so hard that she ended up yelping in place of all-out moans, adding excitement to our public tryst with some danger of getting caught.

Our bodies began descending to the ground once her knees went weak, finally ‘landing’ onto the scrappy asphalt. We continued fucking in smaller movements until she climaxed once, coincidentally trapping my cock inside her.

‘Can you go all the way until you cum?’

‘Yeah. I should right?’

She winked and let me pick her up from the ground, wrapping her arms around my neck as I placed her against the wall for support. Dick entering her again, I had the chance to ‘bounce’ her in my arms, dominating her tempo which my dick thrust into.

Legs spread like a froggy, I easily reached my finale in under five minutes.

‘I’m cumming sweetie.’

‘Inside me, please? I’m on the pill.’

Not needing anymore reassurance, I slammed my hips at her till the cows came home, pouring my yoghurt into her in strong, powerful squirts. After some time to rest, I pulled out of her and let whatever she can’t hold, drip into the drain we fucked over.

By the time we returned to the pub, it was thirty minutes later, and time for most of our friends to head home. So we crashed in a hotel that night.

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