Private Pool

‘Did you wear any underwear?’

‘No? You told me not to?’

‘Good. Let’s go for a swim now.’

Almost immediately after the guests left, we stripped ourselves naked and went over to the private pool, which ‘privacy’ was pretty much limited to the people downstairs, who wouldn’t be able to look ‘down’ at us.

She got into the pool first and made me sat at the edge, grinning sheepishly as she waded between my legs to play with my freezing little one. A single downward tug of my foreskin got me growing but not as fast as she put me into her mouth, sucking and teasing with her tongue to feel it growing inside her.

As if she was that pervertic, the new found privacy gave her nothing to hold herself back once she went down on me, keeping me at her throat more times than I could hold my groans from getting too loud. Somehow, the more I tried to keep quiet, the faster she went and it didn’t take her much to get what she wanted, me to be twitching and grunting to her littlest flicks of her tongue.

‘Come in.’

I pushed myself off the ledge and let her lean her Ds on my chest, making out as fiercely as we had never done before. With one hand stroking my confused member, she slung one arm around my neck and easily lifted herself onto my waist, before she relaxed her grip to slide down my cock.

The easiest penetration ever sent us moaning in the huge temperature contrast and I started thrusting to get warmer, coincidentally heating her up as well. We kept that ‘bouncing’ motion up in the waters until we realised that we were moving away from the shallow end, and were fucking with the water level at our necks.

‘Go over to the steps.’

Unlike public pools, the ‘steps’ in our pool were meant for us to walk properly out of, all of it underwater for her to bend over once we shifted to that end. In the huge resistance of crashing waves, I took her in doggystyle for a few minutes before none of us could take that slow-mo action anymore, moving to the day bed so we could finish what we started.

Skipping all the vigorous sex we could have, she got on her back and I went in again in missionary. Under the stars, eyes reflecting them dimly, our hips slammed relentlessly against each other while gasping in delight, under the forceful entries of my hard cock into her contracting pussy.

This time, I engaged the rarely-used gears that slowed and sped up to enable a longer session, that both of us much preferred. A series of hard, deep thrusts, followed by a pause and fingertips rubbing on her clit. That very sequence replayed itself for at least two orgasms (on her end), and I only had to time myself in that increasingly-impossible pussy.

At one point, I didn’t hold myself back anymore and rammed the lights out of her, broadcasting moans and screams for extra terrestrials to hear.


I raised one feet and slipped out before I came, dashing over to her mouth that was all ready to suck the life out of me – which was what happened a second or two later. Cumming into her cute mouth was the best sight I’ve got the whole night and she just wouldn’t let go until everything was out, and I had to beg her to.

Lying next to her just like after every sex, the hyperactive girl didn’t stay down for long and began sucking me again, for another of many rounds she promised to swallow every load of.

Indeed a sleepless night.

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