Wanting It

‘Do you want to hang out for a bit longer? I don’t feel like heading up now.’


Over the past few weeks, I got acquainted with a staff from another cafe after realising that we have been taking the same bus home, although we seldom end work the same time. As we got closer, it became routine for us to wait for an hour max so we could take the same ride home, mostly sleeping for the trip.

That night, a street-wide event kept our shops open till 11pm, when it was still early to take a cab home. Knowing that I live just two stops away from her, she woke up a few stops before her place and asked if I could walk her home.

Sitting at a bench (on the grass patch) outside her void deck, we spoke about matters of the heart and she suddenly made a request for me to massage her calves. Not thinking too much about it, I caught her feet and placed them on my lap as she swung her feet towards me.

(I was seated upright at one end of the bench while she leaned against the armrest of the other end.)

Starting with where her skin was exposed, I kneaded my way up her ankles to those aching calf muscles, before she moved my hands above her knees.

‘Here too.’

She let me work around the thighs below her shorts and I got tired after a full ten minutes of authentic ‘my-style’ massage.

Just as I weakened my squeezes to put a nice end to it, she pushed herself towards me and sat on my lap facing away, thereafter ‘buckling’ my arms around her waist like a seatbelt.

To be honest, my mind had already wandered further than it should when she gave me access to her thin legs, and a hard on was setting up ‘tent’ against her shorts I assumed she could feel my hardness under it. It didn’t take much of the awkward silence for her to slide my palms to her belly, as if hinting me to ‘go under.’

Feeling her legs part over my thighs, she unbuttoned her denim shorts and nudged my hand deeper, granting me permission to anywhere outside her panties. Not wanting to ‘act blur’ anymore, I shoved that hand in and felt the contour of her cameltoe, smooth-to-a-hairless possibility.

The slight moisture didn’t stop me from rubbing where I assumed her clit was, vibrating my fingertips till her ass was grinding on my erection. Instead of moaning, loud, deep breathes told me of her enjoyment and a quick whisper moved things faster.

(She whispered) ‘Go inside.’

I slipped that very hand into her panties and received a warm and wet welcome from her pussy, all slimy for me to explore wherever I wanted. A few swipes along her lower soft lips brought her hands to mine, pushing me towards the opening of her vagina that was tight to my first probe.

(She whispered) ‘Have you done it outdoors before?’

‘Not this way.’

She got my message immediately and brought both her knees together, splitting my legs apart and leaning forth to stand on her feet. Those hips-hugging shorts came down far enough to let me catch her glimpse of her fair ass and my next command was to ‘take it out’.

Briefly put it, it didn’t take more than thirty seconds for a guy in jeans to undo enough for sex. She supported herself on my thighs as she lowered herself slowly over my cock, unassisted by either of us. In that position where both her feet were together, the entry was stimulating as fuck as my dick was forced into a small opening, though all wet and hot.

The overwhelmed girl couldn’t move after all of me went in, but I wasn’t in a better state too. We remained in that compromising connection until I shifted my ass to the edge of the bench, where she could stand ‘slightly away’ from me.

(She asked in loud breathes) ‘How do we do this?’

‘You can relax your arms, and just pushed yourself back and forth? I think the motion will.. Oh yes! Oh fuck!’

She had begun the ride before I even finished describing the moves, boggling our minds with short pulses of pleasure from the discreet ‘fidgeting’. Knowing full well that there was no other position we could attempt in the openness of our location, she kept up with the grinding movement until she froze to an orgasm.

A minute break allowed her to recover from the cutesy shivering, and an epiphany ended the penetrative sex.

‘I don’t mean to spoil the fun, but what if.. ‘

‘Shhh.. pause I get it. Stand up a bit so I can put my dick between.. Here.’

Between her ass crack my dick flipped into and she felt more at ease. For three minutes, she pleased me that manner and then stopped again. As if she discovered something new, she didn’t say a word as she parked my cock under her pussy, between that thigh gap.

Of course, it triggered another type of sensation that I enjoyed better, and sadly, better meant faster. Just a few minutes into that shaft-massage, I had to hold her still in anticipation of my climax.

(She asked in a little high) ‘Shooting?’

(As I panted) ‘Yeah.’

The sweet and understanding girl wore her shorts back and returned to my side, surprising me when she bent over to take me into her mouth. Somehow, the untrained, confused tongue and lips pushed me over the edge easily and caused me to unload two seconds after a warning, right into her mouth where she cupped over in shock.

Taking every squirt calmly, my hips jerks uncontrollably into her tongue that was still teasing my dick head, forcing drops, down to blanks, out of the pulsating piece of rod. A frowning face from her filled my heart with guilt but she didn’t leave me with that.

Instinctively swallowing that load to speak, she only realised what went down her throat after she smacked me on my thigh out of anger. I found myself falling for her innocence despite how ‘fiery’ she was when it came to how our intimacy ended, though she had gotten her fair share out of me.

‘I’ll make sure to spit it out the next time! Humph!’

I sent her up after we got dressed and parted ways with a kiss, which somehow diffused her feistiness. Now both of us are going home more tired than before we got this ‘far’, or ‘close’, or ‘deep(?)’.

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