(She whispered) ‘J? Come sleep on the bed. The floor is cold.’

Having spend the entire day cooking and cleaning at a chalet rented to celebrate someone’s 21st, I couldn’t be bothered about ‘where’ I slept, that being the cold, hard floor next to the bed where three drunk girls were sleeping in.

After climbing into the space next to Kay, one of the birthday girl’s best friend, she threw one of two blankets over me and we slept closely next to each other, unwilling to adjust the temperature of the air-con which someone set to ‘Antartica-level’.

Just as I got comfortable, she moved into my arms and I didn’t think much of that, aware that there wasn’t much space on that bed to start with. I did consider myself lucky to even.. to even get a hand.. moving over my waist down to the thin pair of sports shorts I wore for the day.

(I whispered) ‘Kay!’

‘Shhh.. ‘

Unable to bend my knees without knocking into hers, she used that constrained space to lower my shorts to my thighs, which was far enough for her to hold my cold member in her warm palm. As if it wasn’t good enough to be sleeping right next to the skinniest girl of all the guests, my mind was getting smitten by the strong, yet gentle hand stroking my cock.

For the sake of fairness, I reached for her bottoms and found nothing but a pair of panties, which I easily slipped my hand into for the soft, perfect mound of her pussy to exact my revenge on. Sliding my middle finger in long, swift motion along her pussy, she was squirming before I even let of a groan.

(Kay whispered) ‘I wish you were inside me right now.’

(I whispered) ‘Wishes do come true beautiful.’

I rolled off the bed and picked up my pack of cigarettes before going over to the balcony, lighting one up in anticipation of her company. The sliding door cocked shut after the curtains were drawn and we were both out, in just our tops and nothing else.

‘How nice.’

She leaned over the railing to show off her defined ass and I moved behind her, still puffing smoke into the night sky. The cooperative girl kept her ass stuck out and up as I put my meat where it belonged, holding in that position for a minute to savour that moment.

Well, besides ‘thrusting’, there wasn’t anything else to do out there. So with each stroke, I went deeper and faster to hear her sensual moans broadcasted at the nearby trees. To be smoking, and fucking, momentums were easier to maintain. I could last much longer in that tightening pussy, and even feel myself growing bigger inside her.

After knocking continuously for close to five minutes, she stood upright and turned herself to me. A quick, swift hop brought her onto the wooden rails of the balcony, at a height perfect for me to pierce into her pussy just by taking a step forward.

Whatever that position was, it was truly exciting to be ‘right at the edge’ banging up the hottest girl I have ever come across. The thrill of doing it in the open, mixed with the fear of falling over if any of us lost grip, certainly amped up our outdoor sex happening two metres away from our sleeping buddies.

(She moaned) ‘I’M GONNA COME! I’M COMING!’

Her vagina squeezed my shaft harder and faster than I expected and I couldn’t stop myself from going all the way. It just felt so good, too good to try anything else like ‘holding it in’.

(I groaned into her ears) ‘I’m cumming too! Arghh! I can’t move anymore!’

‘No no! Cum inside me! Cum.. Plan B! Don’t stop!’

I hammered her for the final fifteen seconds and creamed her pie up, pumping load after load into that vessel that was sucking me empty. Just as I reached the last few squirts, she nudged me backwards and squatted in front of me.

Unsure if it was good timing or some biological delay, no cum went to waste before she could put my cock in her mouth. My orgasm continued for as long as she sucked me dry, while trembling and fidgeting to her diminishing climax.

At an instant, I was ‘cleaned’ and she wasn’t more messy than when she got out of bed. We went back to bed right after and we fell asleep with our hands in each other’s underwear, till my morning wood woke her up for a handjob.

Just before daylight broke, we moved to the floor I supposedly ‘slept’ on and finished each other with one orgasm for her, and a ‘physically draining breakfast’ I served right into her mouth.

That morning, at (the proper) breakfast, the birthday girl, along with Kay, confessed their love for me. While none of them ‘got’ me that day, Kay had a physical part of me before her best friend did.

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