Workplace Leverage

No longer than ten minutes after I took the shot of vodka, a random boner started portraying those false images in my mind, mostly fantasising about the naked bodies of the three girls seated around me. Ryan, another colleague who had the same drink, was fidgeting awkwardly as well but I didn’t quite notice anything weird.

Another ten minutes passed into the drunken conversation about previous work experience and the girl right next to me, Hui Ling, gave my fingers a tight squeeze. Whatever we just had, it was getting all of us touchy, especially Ryan and Fion, whose arms were wrapped around each other’s necks.

(Ellie asking) ‘So.. How long was the longest dick you girls had?’

(Ling replied) ‘Umm.. This long?’

(Fion added) ‘Mine is about there, but thick!’

Giggles burst into the meeting room where the small gathering was going on before the attention was turned to us, the guys. It didn’t take long for Ellie, the one who appeared to be the only sober one, to ask.

‘And which ones does you boys belong to?’

None of us (guys) knew how to respond and Ellie quickly suggested a stupid dare. Asking the ladies if they were interested to find out, it was an unanimous cheer of ‘YEAH!’.

Ling immediately got out of her seat and put me in front of her, while undoing my pants for the rest to see. Fion did the same to Ryan without any of us resisting. One by one, dicks flopped out of our underwear and the girls were just silenced by our hardness.

(Ellie taunting) ‘Okay. Now let’s see if this is their biggest.’

Taking up their positions behind us, Ling and Fion slid their hands to our groins, teasing and engaging in a handjob to pit their skills against each other, with our ‘size’ as the judging factor.

As all these were happening as we were tipsy, Ellie became the judge, to add fuel to the fire (of passion).

‘Ladies, I think we have a draw here, so gentlemen, we are moving on.. To the endurance test!’

(Fion bursting out) ‘Haha! So! The winner cums first? Or last?’

‘Last for the boys.. And first for the girls!’

Ling became the first to react by sitting on the table, and doing a spin to bring her legs in front. I pulled her skirt up to her hips for her to move better but certainly did not expect her to remove her panties. Standing right behind her (seated with her knees bent backwards), I didn’t catch the position she wanted until her ass backed up over the edge.

Fion wasn’t sitting still then, and did as we did though she was a few seconds late. When Ling whispered for me to put it inside her, I finally saw what she was up to. I was to fuck her on the table, in that pose that resembled a frog’s hind legs. Half-kneeling and bending over, I could thrust from behind and still reach her pussy.

Having a little ‘bro moment’ to start at the same time, the two of us started owning the sluts before us. Humping and rubbing, screams soon filled the room with Ellie pacing around us.

(Fion moaning) ‘I’M GONNA COME RYAN! I’M COMING!’

A jet of juices sprayed over the desk onto the other side and Ryan began groaning in agony. Turning to see what he was going through, Ellie had actually gone up behind him and ‘blocked’ his back while Fion went crazy grinding him.


Those three words from Ryan sent his head crashing into Fion’s back, followed by loud, deep breaths from the two. Ling and I was shocked by what we just saw – an inescapable creampie caused by Ellie. As I slowed my hips down to a stop, Ling crawled away from me.

The distracted me later got another shock when Ling’s ass slid back into my hands, this time, facing me as her pussy took my dick in again.

(Ling moaning) ‘I want that too.. ‘

There, I lost my balance and fell onto the carpeted ground, where she rode the consciousness out of me. Slamming her groin onto mine, my cock was forced into her closing vagina, massaged by another hand belonging to the person kneeling behind her – Ellie.

That unbelievable tightness of her needed no more than three minutes to get me grunting and twisting my waist left and right, in an attempt to shake her off before.. before I unloaded my balls into her.

Quite possibly the hardest orgasm I’ve had, waves after waves of cum poured into Ling as she screamed her climax for all to hear. Before I was even done, Ellie had left our side and let us finish exchanging fluids in peace.

When Ling was thoroughly exhausted, she managed to crawl a few steps before collapsing onto the ground, leaving all of us confused about the situation.

‘Hey guys?’

Ellie’s voice broke the awkwardness and the screen of her Macbook greeted us with the CCTV footage of the ‘same room sex’ we just had.

‘This will be my leverage on you guys from now on. Quitting will only make this worse. I will give you guys more instructions as the time comes.’

We didn’t have anything to argue with and watched her leave in her detestable grinning face, having to pick up whatever mess we just caused. Fion left with Ryan before us (Ling and I) and we basically spent the night at a hotel trying to figure out what Ellie has to gain through that – along with a round or two of sex as we went about it.

Well, might as well right?

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