Friendly Neighbours

Returning home at 3pm after a long morning shift, a knock came through my door just as I shut it, catching me at the right time before I took my shoes off. In front of my gate stood a girl in her twenties, clothed in just a towel around her chest and behind her was a well-groomed man looking in his thirties.

‘Hi! I happen to hear you come home and wanted to catch you before we didn’t have a chance.’

‘Uh huh.’

The week-long renovation that woke me up on days I needed to rest? So they are the culpri.. I mean, new neighbours of the unit opposite mine.

‘She’s Alisha and I’m Alan. Nice to meet you.’

‘I’m Jae. And it’s nice to meet you guys too.’

‘Since you are still dressed, would you like to come over for a bit? We just cooked lunch.’

He opened my gate and his girl wasted no time in pulling me out of my house, leading me right into their apartment that was so beautifully done. Cosy on one part, and romantic on the whole. This must be their first home.

After I removed my shoes, Alisha seated me on their sofa and pulled the towel she was ‘wearing’ off, wandering into the kitchen where delicious smelling food was waiting. Alan, whom I supposed is her husband, sat next to me with his food and started talking between bites.

‘You know Jae, I’m working as an oil rig engineer and won’t be home most of the time. It’s a really boring job that is made worse by being offshore.’


‘So, since we are neighbours, I’d like you to help me take care of her, like food, some chores, and other needs.’

‘Yeah. I can do that. I can pass her my number and she can call me whenever.’

(Alan speaking quieter suddenly) ‘You know, I don’t want her to keep other man, or worse, MEN, behind my back.’

‘I get that. No offence for saying this, but she’s really desirable.’

‘I know right!’

We exchanged a fist bump as my food arrived and we ate together, with her being in the nude. Through a three-way conversation, I learnt that it was her habit to go naked in their previous residence, a penthouse with no other taller buildings around.

After the much-filling meal, we had a beer each and she sat beside me, running her hand across my lap as if it was ‘normal’ to make their guest comfortable that way. I got defensive when she moved too close to my groin, making sure Alan saw it so I wouldn’t get into trouble.

Not only did he smile at me, he shoved me back in my seat by my shoulder.

‘She mentioned to me that we have a cute neighbour, and I thought ‘why not let him take care of her instead of some other men I don’t know?’ You get it?’

‘I do, but it’s not right to.. for me to do this.. ‘

(He ended with) ‘For you, or her?’

A wink later and he made his way to the kitchen with our empty plates, giving his woman privacy to get her hand into my pants. It was one thing to be ‘cheating’ and another to do the same, but with permission. There was no ‘right thing’ to do then except to let her remove my bottoms, and go down on me without hesitation.

How is it she was so comfortable, and willing to do it on me? Was it a ‘dare’? Or something they do everywhere they go? How ‘safe’ is she?

The urge to get answers went away once she began sliding her lips along my shaft, making skilful swirls around my manhood that got me squirming in my seat. She easily took all of me into her throat and not a sound of gagging was heard through the long period of deep throat.

Milking me with her lips, my mind couldn’t focus on anything except the wet, warm tongue that was tickling me everywhere.

‘Mmm~ You taste good!’

She pulled my jeans off and sat on my lap with her back facing me, getting busy with her fingers that resulted in sensual slurping noises. A few minutes after she touched herself, her ass rode up my thighs and stopped short of my erection. Taking my hard on under her pussy, she kept her fingers under it while grinding her hips back and forth.

It took just three jerks of her ass to slip me right in, and boy, it was the hottest vagina I’ve ever been inside. Burning with passion and sex, she did all the work of bouncing on my dick, fucking me in whichever speed she wanted.

Alan only appeared after the two of us made so much ruckus, that he wanted to see, and film what was happening. What assured me most was the fact that he used my phone to make that sex clip, and he was so jovial about his woman having sex with someone else.

‘Nice huh? Letting someone else do the work.’

‘Umm.. Alisha. Should I?’

(He interrupted) ‘No no! I don’t mean that bro. Relax!’

His girl fell forward onto my lap and I was treated to the soft, supple boobs rubbing against my legs, while her pussy kept consuming me over and over again. My eyes simply couldn’t make up their mind about what to look at, be it her slim back or our conjoined genitals.

(She screamed) ‘DEAR! I’M GONNA FUCKING COME!’

‘Let it flow then! Don’t fight it!’

To think that he actually cheered her on, I shifted my lazy ass off the couch and laid her (chest down) on the coffee table. Going on my knees to take over the task, my hips literally went out of control under the tight control of her cunt.

The two of us were moaning and groaning our hearts out, occasionally expressing our limits which never occurred for at least fifteen minutes. To keep things ‘moving’, we took turns fucking each other until I cried out my final words.


I pulled out of her and fell straight into the sofa, where she parted my legs before turning over. In a fell swop, she took my dick in her mouth and Alan came forth to hold her down, bobbing her head like a basketball for the finale.

A minute into that hyper-blowjob, I gave a sigh as my loin muscles contracted for the hot cum to leave my body, right into her mouth which he held firmly so it would all gather in her lower jaw.

Another few moments later, she swallowed and resumed sucking me, while Alan took a seat on the sturdy, wooden coffee table to keep fucking her doggy style. My suffering (from my oversensitive cock) came to an end three minutes later, when he came inside her.

Well, I could fully understand his lack of stamina from what he just saw unfold. The three perspiration-drenched bodies exchanged final handshakes before I left for home, feeling more tired, but full anticipation for what’s to cum.

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