Sister’s Brothers

‘Xiao Qi, can you go accompany Jacky? I’m going to light one up with Sally.’

After the four of them took on the risky mission to sneak into the rooftop of Ryan’s old school (which he had secretly made duplicate of the keys to), the breathtaking sight of the skyline left the three first-timers at a loss for words.

Amongst them was Jacky, Ryan’s best friend since poly times, Jacky’s younger sister, whom Ryan had taken a liking to, and Ryan’s own younger sister, who coincidentally, was Jacky’s ‘type’. The two buddies hatched a sneaky plan to bring their sisters up there, for whatever last minute ideas they could come up with to spend some ‘quality time’ with.

As Jia Qi made her way to Jacky who was still busy snapping photos of the beautiful evening sky, cigarette smoke soon blew in her direction as Sally and Ryan smoked away.

Unaware that Ryan already had executed his plan, it wasn’t until Jia Qi tapped Jacky on his shoulder before he realised she was standing behind her.

‘Eh! Your photography skills quite good what.’

(Jacky replied) ‘No lah. My phone camera good. XiaoMi mah.’

‘Haha. Eee. I hate that brand. So China.’

After he got what he wanted, they moved to another corner on the roof, before he settled down on some (squarish) electrical pipes for a break. On his part, he had brought a single Viagra pill to be shared between Ryan and him, to be slipped into their water bottles that would be offered to their own ‘partners’.

In under a minute after Jia Qi drank from his bottle, she was fidgeting in her seat and Jacky was getting a little hard himself.

(Jacky confessing) ‘You know.. It’s actually your brother’s idea to come up here. He needed a chance to get closer to my sister.’

‘REALLY! I didn’t even think of that! That’s why he ‘chased’ me away! Haha!’

The sky quickly got darker as the sun set into abyss, blowing chilly winds that shifted Jia Qi closer to him. Surely, putting his hand around her shoulder wouldn’t be too suspicious, and she was all but coy to his advances.

‘Why did he bring me along then?’

Oh fuck. Why was she so ‘smart’ to ask him that?

‘So my sister would be less worried with another girl around?’

‘Hmm.. Makes sense.’

He slid his hand down to her waist as minutes passed in silence, made meaningful by the appearance of stars under the clear skies. Jacky’s patience finally paid off when she laid her head on his shoulders, even wrapping her arms around his to stay warm.

That hand? That was lying motionless on her lap? Soon got to work, opening his clenched fist to grope a feel of her thigh.

(Jia Qi said without lifting her head) ‘Wei.’



That being all she said, he decided to push his luck by moving his hand up, and under her skirt. Still not detecting any resistance from her, he made his way between her legs and she quietly parted them for him. The first contact greatly pleased him as he felt some moisture on his fingertips, slightly warm and soggy to the touch.

(She whispered) ‘Is it wet?’

‘Yeah.. ‘

She turned herself parallel to the beam they were seated on and placed one feet on the other side, giving him space to manoeuvre his fingers as he liked. Jacky pushed his fingers through the sides of her wet panties and began fondling her pussy as soon as he felt the fleshy, soft mound, stirring moans and twitches from that innocent-looking girl.

Just as he got all worked up pleasing his ‘type’ to create even louder moans, she had reached behind for his groin where a bulge had formed under the zip (of his pants).

‘Can I help you too?’

(He whispered) ‘Of course.’

They managed to free his birdie with one hand each, without making him stop fingering that thoroughly drenched and hot pussy. The duo held little back once they started engaging in that mutual-pleasure trade, losing their composure as they took turns to ‘torture’.

From back-facing him, she rotated herself to match his relentless fingering better, giving him some of the most thrilling moments when he edged.

(Jacky blurted) ‘Argh! If only we could go further.. ‘


‘Sorry sorry. That was my little head thinking.’

‘I don’t mean that.. But.. Do you have protection?’

‘Well.. Guys always carry one no?’

‘Can I see yours?’

However she put it, he knew he was getting closer to using ‘it’. While she inspected the baby-blocking sachet, he continued exploring her ‘blindly’.

‘Uh oh. I think I accidentally opened it.’

‘Haha! You damn cute sia.’

‘Oi. What sia? Accident what. But since it’s opened, can I try putting it on you?’


They stopped all sexual activities and turned their attention to that rubber, which he stood firmly in front of her for her to put it on.

His surprise came when she brought her face close to his dick, taking it between her lips for no reason. Knowing better to keep quiet than question, he sensed her lips pressing tightly together before she slid them down his cock. That sensation of a wet, wet orifice consuming his mind was impossible to bear and a loud grunt escaped his mouth, pleasing Jia Qi mentally to know she was doing a great job.

‘Mmm! I need to clean you up before we put it on right?’

‘Uh.. Yeah.. If you prefer.’

He ignored her giggle as he guided her closely to put that condom on, rolling that thin rubber down his solid cock kept hard by the sips of magic water he took frequently.

‘It looks so shiny!’

‘I know right.’

The ‘awkward moment’ Jacky feared was seemingly getting close and he did not know how to initiate the ‘home run’ step. Just as things were coming to a standstill, an idea struck him hard and there was no way it could be worse than discarding that unused-but-opened condom.

(Jacky suggesting) ‘Oh! You know. Instead of using our hands, I can actually put my cock under your pussy and rub you with it.’

‘Huh? How?’

‘Okay. For this part. You will have to follow my instructions.’


‘Stand in front of me with your back facing me.’

She got up and faced the metal beam (at knee level), showing him her back that he gently nudged forward. A quick tug of her panties brought them down to her thighs and he took a step closer to her pussy.

‘I am.. going to just.. put it under.. here.’

He had pushed his cock through her thighs, along her slit, and parked the tip in the direction of her clit. Not wanting to wait any longer, he began thrusting into that gap, hopefully turning her (back?) on from that long intro-to-condom.

A few thrusts got her moaning in a tone different from earlier, as though she was actually getting fucked!

(She moaned) ‘Oh yes! This is really different! It’s as if.. I’m getting fucked!’

(Jacky groaned) ‘JIA QI! Wait wait! Spread a bit wider. This is too tight for me.’

‘Isn’t that a good thing?’

‘Not if it’s too sensitive for me!’

The obedient girl parted her feet slightly and that small move provided the relief Jacky needed. Out of curiosity, she reached under her pussy to see if he was truly ‘outside’. And yes. He didn’t trick her.

And so, the grateful princess applied pressure at the little head, slowly bringing it higher – right to the entrance of her vagina. Of course, Jacky knew where he was and had to stop out of respect for the girl he liked so much.

‘Jia Qi. Are you sure?’

‘Yes.. I’m sure.’

A single jerk of his hips brought him through the gates into her heavenly realm, blowing their minds off with the appropriately cosy tunnel of love. None of them could stay still once they crossed the line, taking turns to fuck his cock, and her pussy whenever either of them stopped.

The slapping sound of their hips grew louder as he shifted his grip from her hips, to the waist, and finally her shoulders. The beast in him revealed itself at the instant she released a jet of fluid into the ground in front of her feet, officially graduating him from pleasurable-intercourse to the disheartening-yet-anticipating orgasm.


In her last ditch effort to create an interesting twist to their first sexual encounter, she straightened her back and pulled away from his exploding cock, aptly killing his orgasm from the lack of stimulation.

That fast-reacting hottie then spun herself around to sit back down, swiftly returning his cock to her other ‘heavenly realm’. Sucking and forcing herself as deep as she could go, the similar conditions of sex brought him back on form in no time.

(Jacky crying out) ‘JIA QI! I’M.. ARGHH!’

Hot cum violently sprayed into her mouth and more kept pouring in without losing strength. By the time he was done, her cheeks were all puffed up and she had to back up to his pee hole to create ‘holding space’.

‘Spit it out!’


Jia Qi opened her mouth at the sky to ease the pressure, and swallowed his load before his eyes. Dumbfounded Jacky didn’t know what to say and hugged the breath out of her right after.

(He whispered into her ear) ‘Why?’

(She whispered) ‘Cause you’re yummy.’

They surprised themselves again when they simultaneously suggested dressing each other. Their night came to an end with kisses before they walked into the open in search of their siblings.

At the far end of the roof, they were greeted with the sight of Sally sitting on Ryan, on the warm, hard, concrete ground. He looked especially tired with those swollen eyebags.

‘You guys done?’

(Sally shouted happily) ‘I AM!’

(Ryan called out weakly) ‘Bro.. Help me up.. ‘

The girls walked in front of us and Ryan was truly worn out to his bones.

‘Your sister.. plus your stupid pill.. I think my body is sensitive to it man. Three rounds in a row.. And I am still hard.. Fuck.’

I couldn’t do much apart from sending them off first in a cab, while my sister and I walked home. Well, it was good to know Sally actually had feelings for Ryan, which he learnt first hand in the most fantastical way.

To imagine a foursome would be incest, but same room sex? That idea isn’t too far fetched.

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