Last Night’s Dinner

(Kylie asking) ‘Do you want to grab dinner together?’

‘Yeah sure. What do you want to eat?’

‘Hmm.. I was thinking we could come back here after we get some food. There’s nowhere as quiet as here.’

Not expecting her to want to come back to the bar after one of the busiest nights, it was not too bad a plan to eat something here. Besides, none of us were in the mood for anywhere else and it seemed only convenient for us to eat here. After all, WE were the one working our asses off with a shortage of manpower.

As soon as she was done sweeping the floor, I placed my ‘order’ of Korean fried chicken in original flavour and she left to get our food. The 22-year-old university student became one of our best despite joining us without any F&B experience. Her usual outfit of short shorts and crop spag top made her a common eye candy amongst our male customers, though she had yet to honour any of the many ‘dates’ she was asked out on.

‘WOOHOO! Are you ready to eat?!’

‘Haha. Still got so much energy huh? Let’s eat.’

We poured ourselves a pint of draft each and ate up quickly, refilling more glasses before we realised how drunk we got. Seated at our unofficial ‘staff’ corner, it was the most comfortable seat we told no one so we would always have a clean area to eat, but that spot wasn’t exclusive for us.

Getting a shock when her head suddenly fell on my shoulder, my eyes were treated to the deep valley of her B cups, glowing with fairness and softness from how both her arms unconsciously ‘pushed’ them together.

(She spoke drunkenly) ‘Why are guys all so superficial? Going for boobs and looks and not.. Me?’

‘Uh. Who as you to try them all?’

‘HAHA! Fucker! Don’t you ever stop coming up with such witty response?’

‘I will! One day.. ‘

She brought her half-full glass to her mouth as I did to mine and we drank all of it as fast as we could, which she failed spectacularly when she couldn’t contain what she thought was ‘little’ in her mouth and spilled all over her grey top.

‘ARGH fuck! Help me take it off! It’s reaching my shorts!’

A quick twist of her body away from me allowed me to pull her spaghetti top off, revealing her strapless bra underneath. Without thinking sanely, she unbuckled her bra as well and flung it across the table, away from the messy table.


‘Wow your ass! Finish your cup!’

She playfully lifted the bottom of my glass and poured at least half of what I couldn’t finish fast enough, over my shirt. The ‘helpful’ her took my shirt off and swiftly straddled over my lap, pasting her chest on mine.

‘You do have quite a hot body don’t you?’

‘What! This belly is hot?’

‘Yeah! To me at least.’

We barely spent a minute in the awkward position before she slammed her face on my lips, luring my tongue out with hers to make out sloppily. Unsure of how far she was planning to take this, I dare not move until she slid her ass away.

Wriggling herself into the tiny space between the table and I, her nimble fingers got around to undo my jeans as I looked at her blankly. In less than ten seconds, my dick found its way into her mouth and grew faster than I’ve ever seen.

To be engulfed in a mouth so hot, lips so soft, tongue so slippery, was nothing I could have imagined happening in MY workplace. She was just relentless in sucking me fast and deep to hear my raw groans blasting into her ears.

‘Mmmm! You’re so fucking hard aren’t you?’

‘How could I not be.. ‘

‘Wait. I’m not talking to you.’

‘Argh you little bitch!’

She grinned at me naughtily and picked herself up from under, stepping onto the lounge seat to position her groin in my face. My immediate reaction to strip her bottoms off met no resistance and my mouth was on her pussy before I knew how, facing a wet, wet adversary who was grinding my nose.

Her clit was taken care by her free hand, while I ate her out as soberly as I could. Just as I got started, she figured she had enough and sat back down on my lap, ‘devouring’ my dick as she shifted her pussy towards my hips.

‘OH FUCK YES! A cock of a mature man!’

‘Haven’t you done anyone my age?’

‘Hey! What do you mean? I haven’t fucked anyone besides my three exes. So you have no say in this.’

She wrapped her arms around my neck and lifted her ass up, swinging it towards my cock to fuck me repeatedly. I didn’t let her do all the work and rammed her upwards whenever she slowed down, or wanted to say something. There was simply no need for words to interrupt such raw, hot, casual sex.

‘Oh fuck.. Oh fuck! Can you feel me getting tighter? Yes? No?’

‘Yessss.. It’s.. I can’t.. I can’t!’

‘Heh. Fuck you!’

By then, I was slouching on the couch when she picked up her pace at grinding me, ‘swallowing’ and ‘unreleasing’ my cock in a front-back motion, my muscles around my thighs cramped at an increasing intensity.

‘Hey hey! I’m going to shoot inside you if you don’t stop! STOP!’


At that moment, I knew there was no turning back when cum escaped the tip of my cock into her, pumping life into her waiting embryo that was still too early (age wise) to be fertilised. The hyped up crazy woman was still fucking me when the last drops squirted with however little strength left, rendering me completely weak in her ‘grip’.

The overworked girl collapsed in my arms right after, pussy still holding my deflating member with that slight suction. I gathered the rest of my energy and laid her on the leather seat, wearing my own clothes first before dressing her up like a doll.

That night, the ‘short nap’ I wanted to take brought me to the next day, only waking up because of the noises she made while cleaning our last-night’s dinner up.

(Explaining as she brought me my iced coffee) ‘Coffee. Three shots two pumps.’


We tidied up our corner and left the place together, ready to catch more sleep on the Monday that the place is closed.

‘Goodnight Kylie. Let me get my rest before you try anything k?’

‘Speak for yourself.’

In my arms, she fell asleep – at her place (nearer to work).

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