(Carlie shouting) ‘MUMMY! MY FRIEND IS HERE!’

(Her mum replied) ‘OKAY! I’M COMING OUT SOON!’

‘Just ignore her. Come.’

Unable to greet her mum proper, I was hurried into her room that was littered with clothes on the floor, leaving her bed to be the only place to sit on.

Come think of it, we only got acquainted because I was writing at her void deck when she had insomnia one night, wandering around and chancing upon me, this smoker, who offered her a stick to satisfy her craving. As we began meeting almost on a nightly basis, our conversation topics soon got more personal about our past relationships and social lives.

In short, she IS your typical ah lian, donning gold highlighted streaks of hair and bearing a full-back tattoo which I never had a chance to verify. As hard as she studied, the academic expectations of society didn’t make her life easier once she hit the working age.

‘Hey hey!’

‘What? Show you my tattoo la?!’

A swift lift of her shirt exposed the half-coloured mural on her back, stunning me momentarily as I tried to focus on the details. The next thing I knew, a purple nightie went over her body before she stripped her FBT shorts and panties off.

‘Wait ah. I get drinks for you.’

‘Oh! It’s.. ‘

The next few minutes passed with soft whispering between her mum and her, before she returned to the room with a packet of bundung.

‘How? My tattoo nice or not? It’s damn ex leh.’

‘It’s nice! I think the art fits your body well.’

‘Haha! Real not? Don’t just make me happy leh.’

This time, she came up to me and lift her dress to her upper back, showing me the inked skin up close.

‘Umm.. Can I touch it?’

‘Can la. You scared the ink come off ah?’

I gently held her waist at where the art started, running my thumb across lines and its beautiful colours, feeling goosebumps forming on her skin as I caressed them.



‘You know what you doing not?’

‘Does it hurt?’

‘No la. It’s something else.’

I was about to take my hands away from her waist in fear of making her uncomfortable but she was quicker to hold my palms back down, as if it would definitely bother her IF I took my hands off.

The much awaited ‘action’ came when she moved my hands up her thin waist, gliding over the bumps of her ribs until I felt the moisture under her breasts. Right then, she shift my palms over her nipples and gave herself a squeeze, surprising me with that move I never imagined to make.

Carlie slowly lowered herself on my lap and pushed one of my hands down her belly, going between her legs to the soft, warm, wet mound of her pussy.

(I whispered) ‘I think we should stop here. It’s not right for us to do this when we are not.. ‘

‘Eh! I also never ask you to be my boyfriend. Wah lau. You really know how to spoil mood sia.’

‘I’m sorry.’

She easily restrained my withdrawal (of my hand) and stayed still, unsure of how to handle my rejection.

‘You really don’t think it’s right ah?’

‘Yeah. I’m sure.’

‘You’re the first guy I know that turn me down sia. You stupid or what? Free sex leh.’

‘Well, I respect you. That’s all.’

‘Then I respect you too.’

She raised her bum from my lap and knocked me down onto the bed with a twerk, quickly crawling backwards till her knees were by my ears, pussy hovering dangerously over my face. I didn’t know what was going through her when she started undoing my pants, stroking my sweat-covered balls in that nimble hand of hers.

Not intending to let me off so easily, she went down on me against my wishes, successfully causing me to moan when I felt her throat touching the tip of my cock. As for her pussy, it found its way to my mouth where I did my gentlemanly job of eating her out, so ever fiercely so she would know how was in control.

(She moaned) ‘Mmmm! Fuck! You’re making me come!’

My cock went right into her mouth again as she trembling from low to high intensity, dripping viscous fluid into my mouth as she climaxed. The overwhelmed and weak girl couldn’t put up a fight when I flipped her off my body, just twitching non-stop while I sat upright in anger.

No matter how ‘lian’ she looked, I knew that there was no way she could handle me IF I went rouge on her.

(She asked softly) ‘Are you angry?’

‘A little.’

‘I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. I just don’t know why you don’t want it.’

She got out of the bed with her blanket over her chest and came before me, looking all apologetic and pitiful to soften my heart. For a start, I wasn’t intending to bear a grudge over what happened. We simply didn’t know each other enough, much less..

Much less letting her holding my dick and massaging it so sensually, weakening my mental defence to the sight of her kneeling in front of me. Taking my dick once again between her lips, the soft spot in me gave in to let her take what she wanted, from the innocent blowjob to the moment she climbed over my lap.

(Carlie asked respectfully) ‘Can I put it inside?’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Very sure.’

With her assistance, my dick slipped into her pussy easily, and the both of us took turns fucking each other in gradual, increasing speed. Sometimes cowgirl, sometimes missionary, all it took was for either of us to sit upright, and move our hips as if our lives depended on it.

I couldn’t remember much besides how crazy we were, fucking from the bed to the pile of clothes we grouped together, thrusting my cock in missionary, then doggy, then letting her jerk me off with her hand (around my cock) between her legs.

(I groaned desperately) ‘I’M CUMMING! CUMMING NOW!’

She tugged my rod as a signal to move over to her face and her mouth readily took me in once I got close enough, for her to suck and blow me until every drop was out. We never returned to her bed after that round and rested for at least thirty minutes before we started dressing up.

Stepping out of her room to leave her place, her mum was sitting in front of the TV in the living room, looking all cheeky and concerned.

(Mum speaking as I put on my shoes) ‘Did you have fun? She told me that you are a writer. Come visit her anytime k?’


‘I will aunty. See you again.’


The displaced daughter walked me back to my spot and quickly gave me a blowjob to get me hard and ‘inspired’, before leaving me high and dry so I could write.

To put it briefly, there was nothing but her (and what we did) in my mind the whole night.

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