Strang-er Sex

(Girl asking) ‘Hi! I am looking for J.’

‘That’s me.’

(She asked) ‘Is everyone else inside? Why is no one helping you?’

‘Well, just so coincidentally, all of them have something else tonight. So no one is here or am coming.’

‘Seriously?! That’s so fucked up! I go put my stuff down and help you.. ‘

Before I even got her name, she had gone into the chalet and came back out without her bag, picking up a pair of thongs to help me with the sausages.

‘Jake didn’t even tell me he is not coming!’

‘But you’re okay with staying?’

‘I don’t mind. Plus your food looks really really good. This is the first time I’ve seen proper BBQ food like those in American films?’

Smiling silly to myself, I considered myself lucky to be accompanied by this 20 plus looking girl, wearing a grey cardigan with a bralet showing between the buttons and a pair of tight shorts to match.

As soon as we got the first batch of steak, satays and sausages done, we brought our plates into the living room of the 2-floor chalet, gorging ourselves to the aromatic delicatessen.

‘MMMM! THIS IS SO GOOD! I feel sad for those who didn’t come. Sorry uh. I haven’t ate anything today.’

With my mouth full, I explained my hunger from the 10-lap, rage-swim I did earlier, to vent the frustration as my guests took turns to cancel one-by-one on me. In about three rounds of cook-and-feast, we filled our tummies really well especially when beer was added to the menu.

Leaving her in front of the TV to ‘digest’ her food, I tidied the pit alone and went back inside to find her coming out of the bedroom upstairs – in a pink cross-back romper with no signs of bra.

‘Are you sleeping here tonight?’

(She answered casually) ‘Is it inconvenient for you?’

‘No no! Not at all. But it will be just you and I, you know that right?’

‘Duh! Who else? You want a threesome ah?’

We laughed at that suspiciously harmless joke and went for a 20-minute walk around the compound, listening to cat calls from some all-male chalets and judge-y eyes from the girls we passed. Under one of the lamps, did I look closely at what she wore and I was shocked by how obvious her nipples were. Though they weren’t too dark, they were perky enough to be poking at her thin top.

‘Wei.. ‘


‘Haha. You’re so cute! Grrr! You make me want to bite you!’

Before long, we were back in the chalet where she took a quick shower, and I got mine after her. When I was done, she had turned off all the lights in the place, only leaving the door upstairs as my ‘night light’ to get there.

What stumped me next was the sight of her lying in bed with the blanket pulled up to her chest, shoulders free from any straps I thought her romper had.

‘Umm.. you won’t mind if I sleep naked right?’

‘Haha. Can I complain?’

Her giggle brightened the room a little and I got under the sheets with her, keeping a distance between us as I removed my shorts so I could sleep in my underwear.

Ten minutes after the lights went out, she began fidgeting on her side and it wasn’t till I felt her hand that I turned my body to her.

(I asked softly) ‘Can’t sleep?’

‘Yeah. You know? This feels like a secret getaway? But with someone I don’t know so well. Just to make myself clear! I am NOT complaining, but this is something I’ve only imagined, but not experience.’

‘I’m glad you enjoyed yourself today.’

‘Did you?’

‘I sure did. I’m in bed with a naked girl!’

‘Arghh! You!’

She reached for my hips under the blanket in an attempt to tickle me and she sure got me there, sparking off a fight which only got more erotic when she unconsciously climbed on top of me to overpower me.

How could I not get hard from the accidental rubs on my groin, especially when her pussy was doing it?

(She shouted) ‘Are you seriously getting hard now?! HUH?!’

She went for my bulge and grabbed it firmly in her hand, as if wrestling the joystick – to me. I couldn’t do much except squirm to her smallest movements. At one particular flick of my hips, she fell away and I quickly slanted my body towards her, cupping her pussy in my palm and giving her a hard squeeze to hopefully regain control.

(She continued shouting) ‘OH NO YOU DON’T!’

My middle finger went straight between her slit and vibrated vigrously, while she stuck her hand into my briefs to jerk me off. This sexual gladiator fight quickly turned from a struggle to a mutual-respecting, am-I-hurting-you?, battle of the sexes, in which both would be winners!

(She moaned) ‘FUCK! I’MM-NGGGG COMING!’

The breathless lady slumped flat onto the mattress before trembling uncontrollable, fingers still gently wrapped around my cock. Just as I thought I could catch my breath, she yanked on my rod hard to bring me on top of her, genitals barely an inch away from each other.

Without a word, she used both her legs around my waist to push me towards her pussy and in, I went into the juiciest, hottest cunt I’ve ever had. It was so slippery inside her that I couldn’t thrust at my full speed, only able to move as rhythmically slow as I could without cumming too soon.

In a magical way, that tempo of mine triggered her orgasms and it kept going for as long as I kept up forcing my dick into her shutting vagina. Seeing her so weak and submissive, it got pitiful at one point and I increased my pace to reach my own happy ending.

Pounding her deep and hard, breaths were missed in increasing frequency for the both of us. Loud screams from her, and deep grunts from me.

(I whispered loudly) ‘I’m cumming! I’m cumming!’

Her feet tightened on my back as I tried to pull my hips away, coming to an end that could well go both ways – good or bad.

(She cried desperately) ‘It’s safe! I’m safe! Cum inside me!’

‘No! I can’t! What if.. ‘


I passed the point-of-no-return at her ‘please’ and came all I had into her vagina which muscles milked me in a gentle vacuum, perfectly emptying my balls without too much stress. We fell away after I came, and she twitched for a while longer.

‘You are very sure it’s safe right?’

Peaceful snoring noise left my question unanswered and I fell asleep shortly after, for the morning where I would wake up first and eat her out for breakfast.

Strangers’ reunion I would call this.

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