Coming Away

‘Elise, wait. Stop for a moment. Pause You know that everything we do from now, will be closer to wrong, and further from right, right?’

(She whispered) ‘Yes.’

‘And do you feel guilty?’

‘Yes.. Pause guilty for making someone who likes me give me up to someone who has to hurt me once too many he knew how to care for me.’

‘What? What does that even.. ‘

‘Shhh.. ‘

Her index finger on my lips silenced me right there and then, giving me no chance to nudge her sense of righteousness in the right path. Getting her message loud and clear, I understood her desire to thank me for all I have done, albeit in a slightly special way.

Sliding her hands sensually down to my hips, the wide table I sat on provided space for me to lean back as she undid my jeans, in slow, but unwavering steps.

First, a squeeze on the buckle of my belt. Second, a pinch to unbutton my jeans. And lastly, a tug of my zipper than sent the most unnerving clicks up my spine.

I couldn’t believe how lucky, or saddening, it was for her to do this for me, since it also marked our final days to throw around suggestive remarks.

(She asked) ‘Would you like to undo my skirt? The zip is at the side.’

The maroon flare skirt didn’t spend a second longer on her waist the moment I found the metal zip, hitting the ground gently to flash her light pink panties at me.

(She said) ‘And I’ll get that.’

A cute little wriggle brought those panties around her feet and onto the table, where my legs remained slightly ajar with no clue to how she wanted to continue.

‘Shall we move to that chair? It looks more comfortable.’

‘Sure.. ‘

I couldn’t strike up a conversation beyond those thoughts of losing her, to a guy I knew I could easily beat – in terms of care, concern and love.

After taking a seat on the low wooden chair from Ikea, she placed my feet together and climbed onto my lap near the knees, leaving a small distance between our gentials.

When she held my cock in her hand in this position, I placed a thumb over her clit and began rubbing slowly, no matter how fast she pumped my cock so I could savour this final moment of joy.

As much as I would like to say that I’m all fired up, hard and eager, what came over me was quite the opposite. A sense of pity, sorrow, yearning, didn’t let me feel to much at my nether region. I just wanted this to last as long as it could tonight.

(She whispered) ‘Umm.. are you ready?’

‘I always am – for you.’

‘Its.. kinda huge though. I’m.. ‘

The coldness I felt on her hand was certainly not from the aircon we had chilling the place at full blast, but the ongoing shiver of her shoulders told me of something else.

(I had to ask) ‘Are you worried?’

‘No. Let’s do this.’

Her bum slid down my slanted thighs to my now-twitching member, primed and conveniently pointed at her pussy that was descending over it. Just as the tip poked into her vagina, she grabbed my shoulders really hard as if reciprocating the pain she felt. I watched her bite her lips as she breathed deeper and faster, all the while taking more of me inside.

(She whispered) ‘fuck.. I don’t think I can move.. ‘

‘Can I?’

‘Will you be gentle?’


She let a side smile escape before a gasp interrupted, just as I wrapped my arms around her back to hold her closer. To ease whatever she was going through, I could only come up with a change of position, which really weakened her when I stood up – pushing my cock further inside her pussy.


Her teeth sank into my shoulder from that stool to the dining table closest to us, still clamped tight even though I had pulled out a little. Seeing that there was no other way to ease her tension, I thrusted once into her and that got her gasping for more air.

Those slim legs of her automatically went around my back and jerked me right into her again, igniting the piston of pleasure for her sexual engines. Ignoring the occasional queefs, her expression changed from a glowing blush to one with a demonic grin, squeezing her pelvic muscles to ‘anger’ me.

Torn between more sex and the tempting orgasmic end, I couldn’t make up my mind in that tight, then relaxed, vagina of hers. Unsure of when, she gave up ‘torturing’ me and remained tight, a move I thought it was intentional until she backed an inch from me.

‘Shit! Arghh! I’m coming before you?!’

(I groaned loudly) ‘NO! I CAN’T.. ANYMORE! I’M CUMMING!’

I tilted myself back and leaned into her stomach where she caught my erection seamlessly, holding it at a fixed grip so I could keep thrusting, while I slipped two fingers into her pussy to finish her off as well.

Ten short seconds later, my sticky load sprayed across her chest with most of it gathering at her belly button, at the same time I felt my fingers getting crushed by her climaxing cunt. Using my last bit of energy, I rammed my hand (with fingers inside her) violently to trigger a squirting effect into the air by my hips, knocking her out onto the table where I barely had time to catch her.

Just like how instantaneous my ejaculation was, she regained consciousness within a few seconds and jumped right up, before collapsing into my chest exhausted.

(As she panted) ‘That is. the most. crazy shit I’ve ever. done.’

I held her for as long as she needed to recover her strength, and put our clothes back on, except that she went pantyless so she could leave me a parting gift.

At the backdoor where we left, she opened her arms for a hug we have always spoke about but never did, whispering something into my ears for the last(?) time.

(She whispered) ‘Wash them and I’ll change it with my worn one when I see you again. Sad to say, I’m just getting started with you.’

Over the two weeks she went silent, I learnt of her break up and met up with her soon, doing what we shouldn’t do that resulted in her desire for my cock – before my heart.

Perhaps it wasn’t just that she was after. Perhaps it’s just me, on the whole.

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