Back from Holiday

Eric felt Chloe’s arms around his waist, followed by pecks along his neck. For the past hour, he has been preparing dinner for her while she returned from a Korea trip with her friends. Finally home, she just had to hug him from those days of missing him.

Eric: ‘Welcome back. Dinner will be ready soon.’

Chloe (whispering): ‘I don’t want dinner yet. I want you.’

He continued stirring the stew in the pot, till it was bubbling, and her hands were almost in his pants. At last, all the fires were put out and he turned to her, feeling her warm breaths down his chest as she fidgeted with his zipper.

Eric lifted her easily and let her wrap her legs around him, before carrying her to their bedroom. He too, had been thinking about her a lot. Never once did he give in to the temptation to touch himself in front of those videos they made.

Lying her gently on the bed, he yanked her tight-fitting white shirt off, and slipped his hand under her bra.

Eric (whispering): ‘I missed you too baby.’

His pants finally came off, giving him the freedom to climb over her body while planting kisses all over her. Chloe had began stroking him already, that power-filled dick that was drooling all over her fingers.

The black skirt she wore slid easily down her legs, and her bare pussy simply drove him crazier. She was totally wet enough for him to do her anywhere. Staying motionless, she continued enjoying his kisses, at the same time, feeling his finger slip into her love hole. As more juices came lubricating his entry, moans were blown directly into his ears.

Chloe (whispering): ‘Let me have a taste of him first.’

Her lips-biting face excited him to help her upright so she could reach his manhood. Eyes staring sensually at his gaze, her mouth opened with her tongue and got started licking him all over. One hand fondling his balls, the other held his dick straight. Slowly, her teeth parted ways as he watched his dick disappear, savouring the saliva that he was dipping into.

As though saving up the sausage for later, she let her tongue stroke the base lightly, lips pressed together around his rod going up and down in long strokes. With that kind of erotic pace, his legs went jelly if not for her head for support. Both their minds were at where they connected for that instance.

Eric: ‘Baby. I want to be inside you.’

She fell backwards onto the pillows and admired the ribbed body going below her legs.

Chloe: ‘Lie on me, I’ll guide you in.’

He listened with no qualms and sensed her legs spreading wider, lips touching once again as her hand handled his dick towards her entrance. Her eyes rolled white as he pierced into her slowly, warm, wet meat enveloping his rock hard stick bit by bit.

In less than a minute, he was buried deep, assisted by her feet that was pulling him closer.

Chloe (whispering): ‘Fuck me as hard as you can. I’m all yours.’

Instantly, the slapping sounds ensued their vigorous movements, coupled with loud groans that weren’t enough to show how intense they were. Her legs were raised after a few minutes and the deepest pounding threw her out of her mind, panting breathlessly as her G-spot was attacked mercilessly.

Orgasms soon came one after another, dick expanding sideways to caress every bit of flesh inside her. She was sure no spot was left untouched with those violent thrusts.

Eric: ‘Come, turn over.’

At last, he requested for her favourite position. She flipped over immediately to doggie and stuck her pussy out, displaying the most intimate side of her body to his raging cock. In a swift thrust, he sank his dick deep into her, deeper than any previous positions. That was the reason why she loved it so much, cause it stretched her to her limit.

Hips began ploughing and her butt got numb with the non-stop pleasure slaps. That angle of penetration drove her mind wild as he could really feel her body unable to contain all of his meat. The x-th number of orgasms came hard knocking her close to unconsciousness when he went hyper speed, going a little numb from her ever-tight squeezing pussy.

Soon, he was going for short bursts of high-speed sex, leaving her drooling and even more horny as he deprived her momentarily whenever he rested.

Chloe (moaning): ‘Fuck me hard all the way baby. I want all of you inside me.’

The vengeful sex lasted for another five minutes, completely taking over her senses when he grew even larger inside her. Eric on the other hand, was surprised at his stamina after a long period of no-sex, but he was near to his own climax.

Eric: ‘Babe, I am going to cum. Turn over.’

As usual, she turned herself around to position her head under his legs, and let him plug his dick into her mouth. Supported by a pillow under her neck, he sank deep in and continued to fuck her mouth.

Unable to control his speed, she let her throat relax as much as she could, at the same time fingering herself to relieve some of the discomfort.

Eric (groaning): ‘Now now.. ‘

She began swallowing before he stopped and soon felt his cum flowing down her throat. Waves after waves, load after load, she finally had an idea of how much cum he could have after a week of no-sex.

Finally, he lifted himself off her and let her mouth take care of the last few drops, emptying his chamber as her tongue licked the last bit up.

Eric: ‘Dinner in bed?’

Chloe: ‘Yuppie! And me for dessert?’

He brought dinner into the bedroom and finished the food with her recollecting the various events in Korea. Once they were done, a quick shower cleaned them up and she was in a long t-shirt with nothing under. Ready for him to eat her out for dessert.

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