The Tied-Up Girl

Upon entering the room, she pulled her pink collared shirt off and wriggled out of her jeans. A quick move tied her hair into a ponytail and she stood in front of the cupboard, where I kept all the goodies.

Me: ‘Hands first.’

She stuck both her wrists out and let me fasten them together with a homemade strap. She then sat at the bed and raised her feet to me, where they were tied together with the similar contraption, allowing a little more distance between her feet so she could still walk without falling over.

As the cane was retrieved from above the shelf, she tucked her fringe behind her ears and reached for my tiny shorts, undoing them as fast as she could. Without a second wasted, her mouth went over my dick, though I assumed they smelled a little from the day of housework.

She began sucking dutifully, exactly the mood I had been training her for. The young poly graduate, whom I made friends with around my place. A part of her was already accustomed to obeying orders, except that it was more of a sexual adventure I led her on.

Almost a couple of minutes later, she slowed down from tiredness and I simply grabbed her ponytail, shoving her head into my crouch at the pace I liked. She was gagging here and there, but there wasn’t any real struggle to break free.

As she was feeding on my meat, I reached for a dildo in the same drawer and enjoyed her mouth for a while more before I let her catch her breaths.

Sticking the suction base onto a clear acrylic plate, I placed the toy on the floor surrounded by a faux sheep skin. She knew what to do and kneeled on the furry ground, before leaning backwards onto the toy.

The little space between her legs helped when the toy gained a gasp from her, signalling me that it was going inside her.

Me: ‘Ride on it for a while. I’m going to make a sandwich for you.’

Moans continued out of the room as I went into the kitchen, preparing a quick meal for her to be eaten after the bedroom activities.

Moments later, I returned to her, and there she was, sitting still on the toy.

Girl: ‘I came twice already.’

Me: ‘Good. Onto the bed.’

Tying two ropes, one each of the cuffs, she was secured to the bed without any means of escape. This part was something new, one that she had never expected me to torture her with. In between a harmless looking book, I withdrew a feather. And right before I used it on her, I slipped a vibrator into her pussy and kept it on.

I laid beside the innocent looking girl without a doubt at my actions, and proceeded to tickle her as the vibrator spent her energy from orgasms. Struggling and flipping onto her side, her body could not contain the mixed reactions from the pleasure and the erotic tickles.

Girl: ‘Mister.. I can’t take it anymore.’

Me: ‘Did you cum?’

Girl: ‘Yes Mister. Yes.’

I stopped with the feather-play and let the vibrator buzz for a while more, before yanking it out of her.

Me: ‘Turn over and raise your ass.’

I released a little more rope for her to accomplish that and she had her ass up. With some work, I pushed an anal plug into her, where she couldn’t escape but fidgeted a little. I removed my shorts and laid over her legs, dick aimed at her pussy.

Me: ‘Like the plug? Find my dick and put it inside yourself.’

Girl: ‘Yes Mister.’

The Malay girl quietly shifted her body back till she felt the tip of my dick, continuing to adjust her butt till I was at her secret runway, smooth smooth runway.

Girl: ‘Mister.. ‘

I smiled obliviously to her back and helped myself in, with a tiny bit of juices that hid how naughty she had been. Regaining my balance, I began to stroke her innards, from a slow to a maintainable tempo. The girl I picked up had been a quiet one, and even now, she was just breathing loudly instead of making any noise.

She was like a toy I could have fun with without her going anywhere, and best of all, at her own willingness. Soon, I became the one in her control as she playfully made small squeezes, telling me that she was alright and enjoying herself.

Me: ‘I’m going to cum in a while. Where today?’

Girl: ‘I get to choose Mister?’

Me: ‘Yes. Cause you’ve been good.’

I took a break to let her answer clearly, and she thought for a while before telling me her choice.

Girl: ‘I.. can Mister release it inside me?’

I freed her arms and legs from the bed, and she turned herself over to face up. Her cuffed hands went over her feet and she held her legs together, a scene I had never seen her doing even when I let her be.

Girl: ‘Mister.. this position can? Sorry for asking.’

My hands went behind to her breasts and massaged them while I resumed thrusting, where she became a little more open and moaned. That cute expression of hers trying to hold it in but unable to, I almost treated her normal.

Pumping fiercely into her, I rode for the last lap till my cum exited. I did not tell her anything, but she could feel it and a little forced frown totally let me experienced her tightness. I couldn’t stop myself from unloading till every bit was out, and smiles appeared on her face.

After I pulled out, she waited for me to free her, which I did. Leading me into the showers, she cleaned me up before herself and wore a fresh set of clothing, appearing even more decent with an oversized knit with a set of short shorts hidden underneath, along with the butt plug that was still inside.

Girl: ‘Mister, I am leaving now. Can I come by tomorrow?’

Me: ‘Sure. I’ll be waiting for you here. And prepare a little present for you too.’

Girl: ‘I can still feel you swimming inside me Mister. See you!

She left happier, with a little impressions on her wrists and ankles. And a sandwich in her hand.

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