Unexpected Acceptance

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Beatrice: ‘Hey J, you’re not working today?’

My younger cousin studying in a private uni came barging into my room, unaware that it was my usual off day. With a sports bra and panties, she had a cup of brightly coloured fruit juice in her hands.

Me: ‘Nope. It’s my off day. You need something?’
Beatrice: ‘Not really. I like to use your room to do my yoga.’
Me: ‘I’m going into the living room in a while. You can use the room if you want.’

For the past few days, she had been staying with my family as her family had gone on a holiday. Tuition and homework had kept her in Singapore, but she had decided to stay with us since there was someone to cook for her.

Taking the yoga mat out from under my bed, she unrolled it and got started with her exercises, with my back facing her towards the computer. Shortly after the ruffling, she let off a moan that got my curiosity. Was yoga that difficult?

Me: ‘You okay?’
Beatrice: ‘Yeah.. I am just doing some Kegel exercises at the same time.’

Did she meant that she had something in her as she worked out? I packed my iPad and left the room to her, giving her the privacy till about an hour later. Appearing in the living room, her sweat-covered body with muscles firmed and toned sat on a stool beside my feet, panting and drinking from her mug.

Beatrice: ‘J, you don’t work out?’
Me: ‘Hardly. Quickly go for a shower after you are drier k? It’s windy today.’

It was late evening when she was done, and I hurried back into my room, only to find my bed a little messed up. Well, she might have sat there or used it to aid some of the poses. Slumping into my comfy mattress, her bodily scent lingered in my nose.

Quietly, my door opened to let some of the light in, getting my attention to what she was after.

Beatrice: ‘J.. can I chat with you for a while?’

She sat beside me with the towel brushing through her long hair, thoroughly drying them before dropping it onto the floor. She was in a cropped top that kept her belly exposed, and with another pair of panties that had cartoons on it.

Me: ‘Chat? Sure. Is something bothering you?’

Her body fell onto my pillow where my arm was stretched across, immobilising my movements. All I could smell was her freshly washed hair, so ever heavenly.

She turned her body towards me and placed one leg over my thigh, accidentally (or not), swiping across my unsuspecting dick. Almost hugging me, she was looking at me with those natural watery eyes.

Beatrice (whispering): ‘I don’t know how to stop thinking about someone. When I had the Yoni egg in me, all I could think about was him.’
Me: ‘Auntie didn’t approve of you guys being together?’
Beatrice (whispering): ‘She won’t. Neither will they (her family) accept him even if I told them.’
Me: ‘Maybe you can let them know further into the relationship. Like after long enough, they can see you two are serious.’

Her hand slid down my shirt onto my groin, palm circling it as she breathed deeper. Without saying, my dick grew to her initiation and it was soon in her hand, stroked through the thin material of my shorts.

She raised her head to free my almost-numb arm and placed it across her straightened body, fingers pushing mine onto the moist panties.

Beatrice (whispering): ‘Help me take it out?’
Me: ‘Take what?’

Right then, a spherical object popped out. It was the stone egg she was using from before. Probably the one she used when she mentioned ‘Kegel’. Just as I was about to push the egg out from the side, she brought my hand to her belly.

Beatrice (whispering): ‘From here.’

I reached into her undies and brought the toy out onto her belly button, temporarily placing it there as I fondled the wet slit that was soiling her underwear. Something had kept me teasing her, without inserting any of my fingers into her. I just kept vibrating on her clit, accumulating more juices and moans.

Proceeding to stick her hand into my shorts, my dick was warm to her palm, but more importantly, it was harder than ever. Going on to strip my shorts off, I did the same for her panties and we were bare waist-down in no time. I must say things are about to get messy if we did not hold back.

Me: ‘Trici, I can’t. It’s not right.’
Beatrice: ‘You know I was adopted right?’
Me: ‘They told you?’
Beatrice: ‘I found out.’

She got up abruptly and shifted to a 69 position, lowering her pussy over my mouth to prevent me from further probing. Well, it was more of probing somewhere else than her personal life. As soon as I began licking the dripping wet hole, her mouth devoured my dick and her lips took over the pleasure exchange.

Slight body movements and uncontrollable moans proved hard for us to focus in the little competition, shortening our foreplay when she came from my licking.

She returned to my side and got me to face her, pecking once on my lips with eyes I couldn’t resist.

Beatrice (whispering): ‘It’s your turn to work out.’

I got on my knees and raised one of her legs, where she skilfully brought it close to her chest. Before me, her perfectly shaved pussy was staring at my dick with minute gapping motion. Carefully, I sank my meat into her super soft flesh and it wrapped around me easily, showing no signs of pain or discomfort on her face.

As soon as I was fully parked, the overwhelming tightness stopped me from any actions.

Me (whispering): ‘Relax a little?’
Beatrice (whispering): ‘Wait.. ‘

I felt the tight grip loosening, and I began thrusting into her small body. With me gaining speed on her, she was moaning louder and louder, in the empty house my parents had left for work for. The gently squeezes came stealthily as an orgasm approached, forcing her to jump away as the climax peaked.

The little girl tucked herself into the corner and shivered non-stop, as though she was in shock.

Me: ‘Hey, are you alright?’
Beatrice (whispering): ‘Yeah.. it’s just.. my first time receiving a vaginal orgasm.. Sorry if I scared you.. ‘

Concerned overcame my lust and I patted her till she was better. Expecting her to return to her room, she crawled to the centre of the bed, and waited for me in doggie.

Me: ‘You are not going to sleep?’
Beatrice: ‘Huh? We just got started right?’

I sighed through my nose with a grin and stopped behind her bouncy ass, letting her grind on me till I was back to the ‘normal’ size. Having lesser time to sleep, I pushed my way between her pussy and got her to hold onto the pillow.

Beatrice: ‘J! It’s so deep! I love it.’

Regaining my energy, I pounded her rear till my hips ached, but nothing slowed me down. Her body rose and dropped as I made small adjustments to the angles, ensuring I covered ever spot that I could reach. Then, another orgasm came but the phrase she screamed out, ‘keep going!’, well.. kept me going.

Her voice got softer and her body felt weaker, yet the mind-blowing tightness did not relax one bit. Her body was speaking on behalf of her, for more.

I laid down on the bed and she sat on her feet, pussy still keeping half of me inside. Once she felt ready, I showed her the high speed twerking(?) hip thrusts and the results were instant. A long, deep groan was all I could hear before she collapsed face down after a full minute. That move alone took all of my strength and a part of me was glad she was knocked out.

Getting off the bed, I shifted her body to lie in a more comfortable position, before sitting next to her lifeless form. Her hand feebly reached around my waist and took my cock in her hand, playing with it as she sobered up.

Beatrice: ‘I’m not good enough for your cum?’
Me: ‘I was reserving it for breakfast.’

That was the least offending, cheeky sounding, excuse I could come up with. The real reason I couldn’t cum, was cause she IS my cousin. My dick would go super sensitive, numb, disinterested, but stayed hard due to the motions. It was a mental barrier between us.

She awakened after a couple of minutes and climbed off the bed, put her panties on and kneeled before me.

Beatrice: ‘I’m sorry you couldn’t cum after giving me all those orgasms. You’re actually the guy I want to be with.’
Me: ‘Huh? Umm.. It’s okay. You should rest now. We can talk tomorrow.’

Suddenly, her head just went between my legs and took my dick in her mouth. Trying to push her away just made her bite at the base of my dick, holding me hostage till she got what she wanted. Once she realised I was helpless in her mouth, her tongue came in contact with my dick and she began sucking me.

She wasn’t that skilful at it, given her age. But the signals came when she went deep throat on me, and took my hands behind her head. There was no gag reflex.

Beatrice: ‘Fuck my mouth till you cum. If not I’ll jump on you when auntie and uncle (my parents) are around.’

I firmly held the sides of her head and thrust her mouth at me, jerking a little of my ass to dive it really deep. The wide-open jaws kept her teeth away, allowing me to feel her throat at its best.

Lasting for almost five minutes, it was the most intense conflict of emotions I had ever felt. Still, my body was overpowered by my dick and I was soon at my end.

Me (exclaiming): ‘Trici, here it comes.’

I let go off her head and she took over the rhythm, making long strokes with her tightly-sealed lips down my shaft. On and on she went, till I tapped on her cheeks.

The instant she took my dick out of her mouth, I knew it was going to be my first time doing whatever she was doing. She pumped my dick till the first squirt entered her mouth, and the rest was directed at her face. Dribbling down her cheeks, more squirts caused the excess to flow onto her chest, and into her mouth.

Once the last few shots were blanks, she sucked on my meat straw and I trembled at the over-sensitive dick head.

Beatrice: ‘J, you taste nice. And it warms my face.’

Her eyes were closed when she said that, and a few pieces of tissue paper were placed at her chin when she got up. We went for a quick rinse together and it was nothing short of teasing and foreplay inside.

Thereafter, we went back into my room and she slept soundly, hand accidentally resting on my dick and my hand on her boob under her shirt. Since that day, she had been visiting my place after school as it was nearby, completing her homework before we commenced our ‘yoga’ session behind closed doors.

After a year of incestuous activities, plus normal dates we went on, her parents linked our closeness to a possibility that we could actually be together. As of now, everyone in the family was glad we were together, instead of some other guys she could be with.

After all, who else can be a better person to take care of my aunt’s daughter? What a weird thing our families have accepted..

Part 1 | Part 2

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