Bad Dream

(Nat whispering seductively) ‘M, that was such a great fuck.. ‘

‘M? Is that what you call him?’

Looking up to see the source of the unfamiliar, manly voice, the face of a smiling stranger shocked her into absolute silence. There was no way she would come this intimately close to anyone besides her boyfriend, and even form such a sentence as if they had a wild night.

As her mind wandered through the events that led to this unfaithful situation, noises coming from a distance led her eyes to the most unbelievable sight she never imagined.

On the couch of the hotel room was her boyfriend, M, fucking a girl who possessed a similar figure to her. On top of that, his distinct voice was calling out ‘Nat’ the whole time he was plowing his strong hips downwards.

No matter if it was caused by drugs or alcohol, or even free will, she felt the sudden loss of trust in the man she had been together for years with.

‘Are you confused? Don’t tell me. I can see it. He actually planned this you know? A ‘girlfriend swap’ party.’

(Nat in her disbelieving tone) ‘No way. He never mentioned this to me before.’

Nat was barely reacting when he excused himself from under her, and didn’t so much make a move when he rolled her onto her stomach. She kept her eyes in the dark corner where M was fucking someone else, while her ‘man’ perched her ass up into doggiestyle.

(She let off an unexpected moan) ‘Ahhh.. ‘

A tongue wriggling erratically in her pussy didn’t had much effect until sorrow overwhelmed her mind, swelling her eyes up with tears as she was eaten out from behind. Her sadness slowly disappeared as a finger was pushed against her clit, gradually vibrating faster and faster to involve ‘pleasure’ in her current state of emotion.

As her moans grew louder to his fingers that found their way into her pussy, M was upping his moves on that unseen partner.

(Her man asked) ‘Hold yourself up. I want to see a nice doggy.’

The moment she followed his instructions, he knew his place in her heart and stuck his cock into her pussy before she got in position. Feeling a different, unaccustomed piece of meat in her body, she did try to stop the new sensation from overwriting M’s ‘imprints’.

Every felt so new and refreshing, especially when the first few thrusts came in contact with previously untouched areas. Her intuition seemed to give way when her moans turned to cries, begging for mercy from the cock that was hitting all her sweet spots each time.

In the corner, M was executing his best moves to make his girl say the same thing, though that girl was somewhat too innocent to be that ‘vocal’.

Having her own ‘dick’ plugging her pussy so violently, her vision of M faded into the darkness he was already hidden in. All that was left was her own happiness, which that cock inside her was giving adequately.

(He signalled her with composure) ‘I’m cumming Nat. Are you ready?’

(Making herself sound too willing) ‘Fuck yeah.. Cum anytime.. anywhere.’

(M’s voice from the corner) ‘WHAT THE?!’

The man behind Nat then sent the hardest few thrusts into her pussy before he suddenly stopped moving, staying deeply embedded as he unloaded his cum in a quiet and relaxing manner. Nat didn’t wait for him to finish before she crawled away from him, turning her ass towards M to ‘squeeze’ out thick blobs of white that ran down her tanned thighs.

While Nat and her new man cleaned themselves up, M gave his warning and switched to a face-fuck position with his new girl, possibly finishing in her mouth.

‘Nat? Take this. Morning-after.’

With much delight, she popped the pill and laid back in bed, drifting off to sleep shortly after. When she woke up, it was M’s familiar scent that soothed her initial confusion, while she stared intensely at the corner – where a sofa was supposed to be.




It was probably a bad dream.

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