Roof Romp

(Melissa saying) ‘Thanks for the dinner tonight. It has been so long since I’ve gone on a date.’

She turned to Jake and gave him a kiss he least expected, reddening his face within seconds.

‘It’s fine. I know both of us needed this.’

The couple-look alike gazed into the blinding city skyline as the last of a few REAL couples made their way down the rooftop, leaving them alone from their viewable perspective.

Melissa took the opportunity to put on her lipstick, which Jake found himself staring at the egg-shaped lady reapply her make up. Right after she was done, she picked his hand up and kissed on the back of his hand, giving him ‘something’ to bring home.

Seeing how smitten he was by that imprint, her mind began shifting in another direction, that got her turning his head towards hers. Without hesitation, her lips smacked on his and a hand quickly slid down the silk, button shirt, for his groin, that shocked him motionless.

‘Mmm.. I think I should put more lipstick on you.’

The zip on his pants went down to his delighted face, and a brief struggle managed to free his birdie. To have a girl with a body to die for, sitting next to him and giving him a handjob, he was sure that was almost all his mind could handle that night.

Gradually, she brought her head to where pre-cum was oozing and made him gasped too loud, when she wrapped those luscious lips around it. The momentary pause was enough to throw him off his feet, let alone the slow descend down his hard shaft.

The sensation of a soft, warm tongue gliding under his manhood, then slithering around aimlessly, got him really worked up in his seat.

That smart boy slipped a hand across her chest and dived straight under her tight skirt, coming in contact with a moist patch on her panties to her surprise. As soon as he began rubbing that spot, she went faster than he found ‘comfortable’.

Halfway through their public ‘tryst’, she paused, to tell him something that made his heart skipped a beat.

(She whispered sensually) ‘Take them off.’

While she resumed sucking on that saliva-covered pipe, he worked her panties to her knees and pushed for her pussy, that was all soft, wet and hot for him. A finger went between those folds and almost caused her to let off a moan if not for the deep throat she forced on herself.

Finally, he got to where she could not move anymore, when he slid his middle finger in and out rapidly that desirable pussy.

(She whispered harshly) ‘Hey! Stop stop!’

Fearing her discomfort, he retracted his arm and let her adjust her clothes, particularly the skirt she had to stand up to straighten. Before his eyes, her panties came 100% off her feet and that short skirt? It went up high enough to show him a glimpse of those perfect mould with skyscrapers peering underneath.

Like the well-educated girl she is, it was her call to spread his legs open, so she could ‘sit’ between them. Of course, that throbbing cock was involved in getting between her ass, for the most soothing meat tunnel he had ever been in.

Melissa took her sweet time to lower herself down his cock, savouring his thickness, length, and life, pumping through it. Fuck!, that very swear word came out of her mouth when she reached the base, snuggling to a fit with a wriggle of her hips.

(She looked at him and asked) ‘Nice?’

(He replied breathlessly) ‘Yeah.. nice.. ‘

At that moment, his cuteness of the whole encounter shone on her, and there was no way she could stop then. Rocking her hips back and forth at his groin, his meat easily went in and out of her love hole, lubricated beyond HER own comprehension.

(She asked politely) ‘Can you make sure you stay inside? I’d like to go to the edge there.’

She watched him nod innocently before being lifted off the stone seat, walking on ‘fours (including his feet)’ to the ledge where a ‘Do Not Sit on Parapet’ sign was displayed. There, was when the control changed hands to his waist, jerking excitedly at the tightening hole he was invited to.

Thrusting as discreetly as he could, their suspicious movements were too obvious. Still, she held onto the ledge for her dear life as he increased his speed, along with the depth he was ramming at. Barely able to contain herself, she used her forearm to silence herself while he fucked her more intensely.

(She whispered to herself) ‘Coming!’

‘What? Still thrusting Oh shit! You’re getting tighter!’

The disorientated kid couldn’t stop himself from pounding her even harder, making sure every inch of him was well massaged by that milking sensation. Within seconds of her orgasm ending, he was groaning too loud for their own good.

(He whispered loudly) ‘I’m cumming! I’m cumming!’


Not sure if he heard her, he made the fiercest few strokes before a wave of hot, thick cum hit her from within. Filling her up non-stop, it didn’t take him too long to overfill her pussy, dripping cum onto his shoes.

Shocked and worried about what he had just done, he pulled out as soon as he was done and fetched her clutch.

‘Do you have tissue? I’m so sorry! I couldn’t control myself. You are just so.. ‘

‘Shhh.. ‘

She picked her panties from the bench and put them on quickly, collecting all the goodness flowing down her thighs.

‘It’s fine.’

‘But what if you get pregnant?!’

‘Then we will have a baby together. But imagine all the sex we can have before, and after that.’


The scare ended when she told him of the plan to get a morning-after, which relieved him of any fears. As wonderful as he could imagine a life with her, it was his present financial situation he knew wouldn’t be able to sustain a child – but she could (earning more than him).

To end the night, she licked him dry after they got seated, and showed him all the lipstick smeared on his cock. The happy kid tidied everything up and they made their way home, after making plans to meet the next day.

His place. Then to the clinic, then his place again.

Oh! The ‘sex’ between those punctuations, is silent.

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