Bad Student – Shelia

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It was Mr. Lee’s last class of the day and it was his favourite one too, filled with more girls than boys and many of them skirts way up high. He wasn’t that old nor young, at 26, he was the youngest head of department for all of the school’s history. Nonetheless, his charisma helped restless students focus and make good results, thus, many of the girls were into him, knowing his teaching skills would help.

Oblivious to the class, the hands-in-pocket posture was more than just an image to complete his deterring stance (HOD was kind of disciplinary too). In it, there was a little wireless remote that had its vibrating module in a three girls. Yes, three. The control was modified to broadcast three frequency, and that control he had over the girls kept him satisfied the moment they stepped out of school and into their home clothes.

Today, it was Shelia’s turn. Feeling her skirt getting a wet patch, it had become increasingly harder to maintain her upright sitting position, let alone focus. Watching her teacher stroll around the room while waiting for them to finish their work, his bulge was protruding a little, normal to many, but meaningful to Shelia. She didn’t wear panties on days with his class, knowing that it would be easier if he decided she was needed any time at anywhere. As the vibrating modes cycled through, her mind wandered to feeling his hot rod inside her again, stimulating all the areas of her pussy that would give in and make her squeal and moan, sending the near-death adrenaline and endorphins throughout her body. His strong hands holding onto her shoulders while he’s on top, ramming his hips into her cute little..

Mr. Lee: ‘Shelia?’

Snapping out of her castle in the sky, she fumbled the pages and sat straight, attention back to him, which was making her juices flow like a tap between her slit down to her legs, she had to adjust to sit on the edge of the chair, butt naked in contact with the cold plastic. Things finally got hotter as the school bell rang and everyone went into a frenzy to live out the after-school plans.

Mr. Lee: ‘Can I speak with you Shelia?’

The class knew Shelia was always called out to address her lack of concentration in Mr. Lee’s class, perhaps it was his voice or the subject? Or could it be the buzzing little toy inside her, that Mr. Lee only turned it on when he steps in? As the last student left the room, Mr. Lee went out shortly to the staff toilet (which was like the handicap, but the sign bearing ‘Staff Only’). She knew exactly what to do, packing her bag slowly, she too, made her way into where Lee was waiting, with effects of Viagra running into his manhood.

Locking the door, the two kissed like long lost lovers, sex deprived for the school holiday that just ended. Unbuttoning each others’ clothes slowly, no one wanted any buttons to pop and look bad. It took them merely two minutes to get everything off and clothes neatly folded and hung.

Squatting down with her knees apart, Shelia took her master’s dick into her little mouth and held her eyes at him while she worked her magic, synchronising her speed with the ball-tickling. Since she started, Lee had been training her and sealing her lips tightly was the number one criteria, as pushing the teeth away as hard was the safe thing to do. Gradually as he felt the drug in 100% effect, he took her head and pushed it against his dick, letting his tip slide down a little of her throat. Watching his champion taking it down without a cough, it turned him on to quickly progress to the long session of fucking.

Lifting her up on her feet, he bent her over the sink and pushed her legs apart with his feet, brushing up and down on her small, hairless pussy with his fingers. Prying her butt slightly, Lee entered Shelia and the tightness was unlike the other girls, close but not suffocating, tight but not restricting. He could feel every of her pulse, areas with different temperatures and texture. The moment he started pumping his meat into her, Shelia could not help but bit on his underwear for she might scream. That huge stick was filled with Viagra and blood that enlarged the veins, making her pussy receive the most mind-blowing sex ever. Every ‘out’ motion was drawing juices and dripping onto the floor while the ‘in’ motion forced her tiny pussy slit open and accept his invasion.

With that pill, Lee easily lasted fifteen minutes in the same position and vigour and speed – fast. Many times Shelia was almost brought to her knees or blacking out but Lee’s strong arms supported her and continued pounding till she regained energy or consciousness.

Shelia: ‘Mr. Lee.. I can’t take it anymore.. ‘

Knowing he would be at his limit soon, he pressed her body lower against the basin and went faster, ignoring the *piak piak piak* sound that was resonating. Going about 2 times his previous speed, Shelia’s pussy convulsed at the heat of the thrusts that was burning through their bodies.

Seconds later, as unexpectedly for the both of them, cum was free flowing into Shelia’s warm tunnel, while the orgasm she received was closing in right after his semen, forcing them up to her womb. With that vacuum around his member, pulling it out bluntly resulted in another mind blank sensitivity that trembled his body, weakening his limbs to the ground.

With the last few bits of white liquid dribbling along his shaft, Shelia gathered the last of energy to crawl up to Mr. Lee and cleaned her little mess all over his spent rod, licking it up like a leaking melted popsicle, and swallowing as many times as required to leave only the scent of her saliva.

Mr. Lee: ‘Go home soon k Shelia?’

With an assuring nod, he left after dressing up, in his hands held her spare panties and bra. Shelia rested and wore whatever she had left, before slipping the bullet module back inside her, waiting for the battery to die out itself. Still full of cum, she couldn’t help the juices overflowing and dripping between her legs the moment she stopped walking, and streaming down her long legs whenever she walked.

Addiction to the thrill and sex was taking over the three girls’ minds. Now, whose next?

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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