Bad Student – Vanessa

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Here is the last girl to Mr. Lee’s ‘Pleasure Reward System’. Actually, Shelia IS his pleasure, Xuan was the reward for hardworking guys and system is one that kept everyone coming back to class – well, at least the guys. There was once, two of the guys in class were playing truant, to a point they were ready to be expelled if not for the intervention of Mr. Lee. As rebellious as they were, the two of them had a common weakness.

Their true colour showed when Vanessa was attached to them to handle their attendance and school work. She was an A student, excelling quietly behind those thick glasses and courteous self. When Mr. Lee introduced the girl and guys, they had always been looking down on those straight As students, aspiring to never be them and lose their childhood. Vanessa was Mr. Lee’s first ‘pleasure’, other than working hard in her studies, she was also putting in as much effort in his pants. Her skills were unlike others, and although she had pretty much average physique, the ability to control them well was second to none.

Kok Ming and Terence had their first remedial with Vanessa and Mr Lee., using a test to deduce their intellect range, he had them turned away and wait for his cue. While they were looking away, she unbuttoned and removed her school uniform, standing in her pure white panties and bra.

Mr. Lee: ‘Okay guys. Turn around.’

They couldn’t believed their eyes. She was an A student academically, and for the first time, they can assure that she’s grade A physically too. With their bodies ready to pounce on her, it was Mr. Lee’s presence that they had to be careful of.

Mr. Lee: ‘Why do you think she dares to stand there almost naked?’

Yeah why? What did he have against her? Blackmail? Daughter?! Mind control? The two boys have no idea, yet, the fact that Vanessa was standing there ready to be devoured was breathtaking. They couldn’t care less about how he get her to do that.

Mr. Lee: ‘So I assume you two don’t care. But I’m really here to keep you guys in school and doing well.’
Kok Ming: ‘I’ll not skip school, and pay attention in class.’
Terence: ‘Me too! Me too!’

Mr. Lee knew they could do better, and waited while their dicks and minds went crazy. It was the weakness all guys had, when something this rare was so conveniently offered right in front of them.

Terence: ‘We’ll do well for the next test! We promise!’

Of course, the deal doesn’t come with just promises. Homework, remedial, tests, CCA and anything related to school had gone down an informal contract Mr. Lee drafted. As the two of them signed their wretched lives away, Vanessa was already on a chair, facing a desk for any of them to come forth. Terence went first and immediately removed his pants before sitting on the table, watching the brightest girl go down on him. He just had to give out a relieve as her warm tongue slid down his shaft and the rest of her mouth soaking his rod, it was heavenly, definitely better than being expelled or running away from classes.

Kok Ming wasn’t just standing behind and jerking himself off, he had pulled down her panties and went down to taste his first abalone, hair free and with a flowery scent. It was already wet before he got to it. As the chair was narrow, Vanessa couldn’t enjoy more with her closed legs. The guy behind her wasn’t stupid either, he closed her legs together before pushing his wand inside her, turning on her tap as her juices started leaking non-stop. It was the perfect tightness and angle he had ever got into, not too low nor dry. Her small ass had a nice fat to muscle ratio that allowed him to continuously bounce back and forth, pumping his wand deep inside her, feeling those muscles wrap themselves around him.

As her pussy was pleasured, her mouth went down faster on Terence, going throat deep to warm his base up for launch. Abruptly, a spray of warm cum shot into her and took the life and balance out of Kok Ming, causing him to fall onto the floor and momentarily got knocked out by the orgasm. Choking on the size of Terence, her momentum was lost and synchronisation messed up.

Terence: ‘Oh my god Vanessa, you alright? I’m sorry about that idiot.’
Vanessa: ‘I’m fine I’m fine. Give me a minute.’

She drank a bit of water and asked Terence of lie on the floor. Climbing on top of him, her pussy sank over his dick and began riding. Grinding her hips back and forth, his dick was scraping every area of her pussy, driving her wild with pleasure. Her bounce on him wasn’t all-in nor all-out, she had to control her down action as any slack would slam into him and hurt his hipbones, while any uncontrolled ‘out’ action would remove herself from him completely and break the chain. With no need to put in effort, Terence laid back and enjoyed while Vanessa rode him to an orgasm which she gladly received his gift of cum in her, not spilling any bit anywhere.

With their preview session over, Vanessa was smiling as she put her clothes back on. She knew these two boys will not regret their choices. Despite being only 15 that year, they were at their peek of secondary school lives. Terence sent Vanessa back and got his gift of her kiss and soaked panties, while Kok Ming remained lying on the floor of the classroom.

These two boys were the first to enjoy the system, and to this day, no one knew exactly how many guys had ‘benefited’ from Mr. Lee. He could be changing girls, but the girls would never be able change once he stepped into their lives.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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