Best Friends’ Benefits

*Knock knock*

Shane got up and opened the door to his hotel room, astonished at the sight of Sheena who should be at home.

Shane: ‘What are you going here?’
Sheena: ‘To check in on you!’

She pushed her way though the door and went to his bed, lying down so comfortably in the usual t-shirt and shorts outfit of hers. These two have been chatting non-stop on Whatsapp, topics running everywhere from school to work and to – sex. Though it was all fun and games, their strong connection did not make anything seemed ‘impossible’ to happen.

Seeing the tired girl lie on his bed so peacefully, he didn’t want to interrupt her. After all, it had been pleasant that she dropped by for a visit, on his ‘off’ day he had been looking forward to. A whole day of doing nothing, eating good food and porn, yes, mindlessly watching porn.

Shane: ‘So what time can you stay till? It’s already quite late.’
Sheena: ‘Did I say I’m leaving? You just want me out of here right? Fine.’
Shane: ‘Haha. Nooo. I just want you to lie here. And then I’ll go inside you.’
Sheena: ‘Hah! Right. Just keep fantasising kay?’

He had taken his place next to her, only with his berms on. There was nothing between them to stop him when he leaned on top of her, looking into her eyes that said ‘so are you going to do it?’ The few seconds he hesitated felt like a long time, but there was nothing more beautiful when she shut her eyes as his face neared, only to not feel anything on her lips.

Instead, a hand landed on her boobs and began squeezing, making her moan into his face. Shane had unexpectedly turned her on even more when he deviated from the ‘routine’, skipping the sensual connection she thought would happen, and moved to the erotic side. The buttons on her shirt popped open one by one, until his hand was in her bra, massaging those fine mountains till the summits were up.

He just ignored her dazed look and went to her chest, to cup his mouth over the nipples to work them harder. Those teeth grinding on those sensitives, Sheena was slowly losing control of her hands, moving up her thighs to reveal those lacy panties she wore under her skirt. One of her hand went into it and began masturbating, while he continued to caress her breasts with his mouth.

It did not take long for Shane to take her hand out, replacing his on her clit that was so erected. His thick, strong fingers started pinching them to soreness, but never forgetting to give it a long rub whenever she got too worked up. This friend, knew how to tame that feisty spirit inside her, getting that soft side of her to appear through those sensual moans.

Sheena (whispering): ‘Do you have a condom?’
Shane: ‘You bet.’

Her message was loud and clear, though he needed to lay everything out before she would spread for her. The kisses on her nipples continued into the night, while her hands roamed into his shorts, massaging that throbbing stick ready to penetrate her soul.

Shane (whispering): ‘Are you ready?’
Sheena: ‘For? Are we fucking?’

Her smile broke the seriousness he had and pounced on top of her, swiftly sliding his cock between her legs, knees held up in the air. He wasn’t exactly cute nor hot to begin with, but that was exactly what Sheena had enough of. The jovial side of him, never shown to anyone because of social norms, had attracted her, to a point fantasies came naturally whenever she showered.

This time, he was inside her, ramming that breath-taking shaft through her lady parts that were screaming out in naughty slurps. Never had she felt anything so hot with someone so special, and in ways nowhere close to romantic. After a round of exhaustive panting at his relentless thrusts, she pushed him away, and flipped over to hide from his urges.

The little resistance did nothing when he raised her ass higher, and easily spread her knees apart so he could bang her in doggy. The bouncy ass under her just helped him to go deeper and faster, shoving all his excitement into her pussy that was twitching non-stop. This moment, had to happen under ‘accident’, cause they would never arrange a date for this to ever happen. The two, they were just too carefree to really tell each other what was happening.

Sheena (moaning): ‘I’m coming now!’

Her ass rose higher as her pussy tightened, for him to gladly plummet his cock so deeply. He was too, about to lose his cool when she formed the seal near her entrance, increasing the suction multiple folds to ‘suck’ him back.

Sheena exploded with a convulsion-level fit under his weight, thrashing all over while he was still hammering her flat. He went into the final burst of energy unleashing all of his pent up hormones at once. With the rubber on, he dipped his cock to newfound depth to offload, stretching that rubber between them with the cum he deposited.

Shane (tiredly): ‘I’m done.’
Sheena: ‘Let’s see it?’

He pulled out of her and took the condom off, turning Sheena’s face white when he held it up for her. It was so heavy with his cum and looked really thick, still sort of warm when she lifted the sag.

Sheena: ‘Hey. If we ever do it again, we must use a condom. No exceptions.’

Fear, was what Shane saw. A good kind I guess, to boost his confidence in satisfying his best friend again. The two of them took a shower in turn before they fell asleep, naked cause she did not bring clothes to change into. Though, they didn’t sleep throughout the night, especially when she accidentally held onto his dick like a baby.

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