Setting Sun


I let go of her eyes and she froze, standing before me with the huge plains of greenery disappearing into the shadows of the setting sun. I had never seen her so quiet, and composed.

‘How did you find this?’

‘From one of my walks.’

She swept her dress under her bum as she took her seat and let the white frilly hems dance to the breeze, blowing in the direction that did not mess her hair up. It was just us, on the bench in the middle of nowhere. All that was before us could never be captured on camera, for we know only our eyes deserved such a beautiful sight.

‘This is, the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life.’

Her head fell on my shoulder and we just watched darkness consume the trees, blanketing them to sleep while the two of us went into a daze. The noisiness of her daily life, comprising of work and work, did not seem to bother her anymore. And I? Already so hopelessly carefree, it was a sight I want to share with her.

‘Can I sit on your lap?’

‘Huh? Sure. But why?’

Her butt pressed my legs harder onto the stone seat and she wrapped my arms around her waist like a seatbelt, making me feel as though I was hugging my daughter (if I had one). The relieve that came from her, was felt but not heard, taking away the gorgeous view in deep breaths.

Gradually, I felt my hands being guided to her small breasts, totally uncalled for at such a moment. Just before I could pull them away, she clenched my fingers over them and gasped, continuing the foreplay before the eyes of mother nature.

‘Hey.. ‘

‘Shhh. I just want to feel you touching them now.’

Her legs opened under her dress over my knees and brought one of my hand under, feeling the warm and moist patch on her panties. I was immediately placed inside and there was no need to tell me what to do. My fingers went to work gliding along her slit till she was drenched, hips twitching on my groin.

‘Really? Here?’

‘Uh huh.’

She picked her dress up before standing on two feet, turning towards me to undo my pants for me. The sensation of the cold winds airing my cock was never felt before, and the company she provided, only made me more calm. Part of me never felt so complete before, and the other knew it COULD be more complete.

Her panties were off after I was stripped, returning to my lap but with my legs spread.


Her words etched into my mind as she lowered herself slowly over my dick, engulfing it in the comfort of another being, so perfectly created by nature. The loud breathing from her, was telling me that she felt the same too. Satisfying, fulfilling, wholesome. Right. Those were the words.

She leaned slightly over the edge for me to thrust and I sure did it well, groin tapping lightly on her bum that felt so cold, but smooth whenever I went deep. I couldn’t keep going for long and hugged her back on my chest after some time. That just wasn’t the place to be pounding, nor was it the position.

We made our way behind the bench and she stood with her hands on the backrest, arms straightened to stare darkness in her eyes. My body reacted nature intended it to and slipped the erection into her again, moving fast and swift, but with softness that wouldn’t hurt. The rustling of the grass became the background to her melodic moans, driving me wilder with my strokes.

Her waist tightened after a while of rampage and I sensed her orgasm coming. Squeezing in a constant tempo, her muscles gradually froze in place and her head dropped, catching her breaths for the strong swing of her head. In the twilight, a stream of pee gushed out of her and hit the soil under. I did not move for as long as she relieved herself, and quickly returned to patch her leakage.

Her moans got more intense as I let my body lead th rhythm, BPM increasing to a point I felt a cramp coming. Besides the cramp though, was my seeds, ready to be pumped out.

‘Baby.. I’m cumming!’

I landed the loudest slaps on her ass along with the deepest strokes for the unforgiving first wave that drew all my strength away. The rest of them followed the commandos into her and it just flowed so easily, guided by the slight suction within. My dick slipped out of her once I got softer and she lovingly guided me to the seat.

We had to put on what we removed so we could cuddle again, and the next hour or so was spent, listening to the darkness that nothing dared to move. It’s nice to have her around, cause no matter how serious things got, she would be surprising me with her randomness. She’s someone I’ll never let go of.

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