Ryan: ‘Hey. Coffee for you.’
Kerlyn: ‘Thanks! I needed it so much.’

He left her cup on her desk and went back to his, peering over the short cubicles wall to take a longer look at her. That day, she had wore a white lacy top with her new black lingerie, flaunting her assets to the male workers throughout the day.

By 8pm, she was the only staff in the office besides Ryan, whom had been waiting for his chance to strike. As she lifted the cup up to her lips, he rubbed his hands together like a pervert, just waiting for the effect of the sleeping pill he put to happen.

Slowly, after five minutes, he could not see her from his table anymore and went to over to her.

Ryan: ‘Kerlyn, are you alright?’
Kerlyn: ‘I just feel so tired suddenly. I think it’s cause I didn’t have lunch.’

He slipped his arms under her pits and flipped her onto her desk, slamming her against the keyboard loudly. She could barely mumble a word when he did that, hands moving so slowly to resist him. Her thin sheer top was ripped apart from the back and his big hands just went around her chest, kneading those B cups so painfully.

Kerlyn couldn’t scream from tiredness at all. The little but powerful dose had rendered her limbs useless, leaving him to freely strip that striped pencil skirt down to her feet.

Kerlyn (tiredly): ‘Please.. stop.. ‘

Her pleas fell on deaf ears the moment he yanked her black panties down, seeing that glorious slit so puffy and pink. Ryan gave her ass a tight slap and dragged his fingers along the centre, leaving a tingle of shiver when he brushed across her clit. He noticed her reaction and continued to tease her pussy, until he waved his wet fingers before her eyes.

The soft zipping sounds deafened her ears once she felt his hips on her ass, tilting slowly to send his cock into her vagina.

Kerlyn (softly): ‘Noo.. ‘

His groans echoed loudly into her ear that was facing up, cheeks still pressing the keys on her computer. He was losing control of his cock that was thrusting rapidly, in full length in and out of her pussy. The sleep but conscious lady couldn’t stop herself from getting wetter, especially since his size, was bigger than any guy she ever had. It was just so.. satisfyingly..

Kerlyn (sobbing): ‘Please stop it.. ‘

He got her cue and raised his chest away from his back, digging his nails into her ass cheeks to hold them still. Even more violent strokes flooded her mind with pleasure and she came almost instantly, feeding him with more energy to go on. Ryan was beyond sanity when he jerked her body so hard, pumping all of his anger for her day-long of teasing with that slutwear.

Ryan (whispering): ‘I’m not going to cum inside you. Don’t worry. At least not in that hole.’

He went on for another five minutes before stopping, and threw her onto the office chair where she rolled to the glass window behind her. Grabbing her shoulders, he leaned her forward before kicking the chair away, her ass landing in a thud onto the floor. He stood over her legs and held her hair in a bundle, leading her mouth to his cock that was looking so juicy.

The lack of energy to close her jaws made her the perfect doll to be face-fucked, shoving his cock down her throat right at the window. The lifeless head just went back and forth to his content, till he tip-toed and almost lost his balance.

Her tongue immediately felt the heat from his cum splashing around, choking her with the half-way deposit at the back of her throat. He left her lying there disheveled while he put his pants on, delighted at his new office bin. Just before he zipped his ware up, he poured a few drops of liquid from a small bottle, walked to Kerlyn and let the few thrusts clean him up.

The exhausted office lady regained her consciousness the moment he was done, but could not get up quick enough to chase him down. Left all alone in the office, she could only wear her skirt back, and used a blazer from her next-door colleague to get home.

Not that wearing sexy clothes was her fault, but having that nerdy man pound her like a slut made her felt like it was a good problem to have.

Kerlyn (Whatsapp): ‘You don’t think it’s over yet.’
Ryan (Whatsapp): ‘What’s over?’
Kerlyn (Whatsapp): ‘You’ll see tomorrow.’

When he got into the office, he spotted her in a tight blue dress, G-string lines showing so obviously under her bum. So, she wasn’t done with getting raped..

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