Best Friend’s Dad

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Jeslyn (moaning): ‘Uncle! I’m going crazy!’

Andy unleashed the last bit of his strength into his daughter’s best friend, pumping his strong hips into that soft, puffy pussy that he had been enjoying whenever she stayed over. She had especially loved getting fucked in missionary, since his horny look would turned her on even more.

Andy (groaning): ‘I’m cumming!’

He abruptly pulled out of her and sat over her chest, letting her jerk him off while he fingered her clit in an attempt to climax together. Just as his cum splattered over her face, her waist twisted violently to the orgasm that took her breaths away.

Panting for their lives, she quickly got dressed and went back to Claire’s room, to wait for her turn to take a shower. As for Andy, he went back to sleep on that relaxing Friday night.

At 10pm, Jason (Jeslyn’s dad), came over to bring the girls out for late night grocery shopping, in preparation for the BBQ they organised for their class. As expected, Jeslyn played the I-am-too-tired card, just so she could spend more time with Andy.

So, Claire went ahead with Jeslyn’s dad to the 24-hour NTUC nearby. As soon as they were gone, Jeslyn was back in Andy’s room, riding him raw for the many orgasms to come.

Jason: ‘How is your father holding up? It has been some time since she passed away right?’
Claire: ‘He’s doing fine I’d say. Jeslyn and him gets along really well.’
Jason: ‘That’s good to know. He must have a lot to teach you girls. Finding a job and more importantly, a husband.’

His hand that went onto her lap did creep her out a little, but the thoughts of what her bestie was doing with her dad was stirring other thoughts. Instead of shying away, she placed her hand over his, and saw how manly his palm was, with thick fingers attached to it.

As slowly as she could, she used both her hand to guide his hand higher to her groin, where a thin romper was shielding the over-washed panties underneath.

Jason: ‘Eh eh. You are so not doing that.’

Claire raised both her feet to the seat and began masturbating herself, moaning as sexily as she could for him to hear. Just after he parked the car in a lot, cats and dogs suddenly rained despite the clear skies they saw earlier.

Jason: ‘Now we’re stuck.’
Claire (moaning): ‘I know right?’

He stared blankly at Claire as he tried to figure out what came over her, pleasuring herself in the presence of a 36 year old man who was clearly out of her age range. When she finally stopped touching, he heaved a sigh of relief only to see her stripping her romper off and climbing into the back.

Claire: ‘Uncle.. ‘

The clanging of his belt marked the ‘overboard’ she went and he joined her in the spacious rear, where she quickly ease his guilt with a sloppy handjob that had some of her juices to act as lubricant. The saliva she topped it off with aroused him even further, forcing him to reach for her pussy while he received her handiwork.

The both of them held nothing back in the mutual trade, filling the car up with their moans and groans for more. Luckily for the rain curtain flowing down the windows, no one could see what was happening in his car, if there was anyone at all.

Claire (licking her lips): ‘Uncle. Can I try sucking it?’
Jason (excitedly): ‘You can do anything you want to it.’

The deep gasp he made caused a shiver through Claire’s spine, exciting her even more knowing that he was enjoying her mouth. Sucking hard at the tip, she moved down his shaft really slowly to feel his trembling response from his belly.

Claire (panting): ‘How long is it Uncle?’
Jason (panting): ‘8 inches?’

Gosh, was the last word he heard before his mind went blank to the rapid bouncing of her head in his groin. Her tongue was licking, flicking him like a melting ice lolli, while her hand got busy with his huge balls.

After five minutes, he heard some gags and stopped her out of fear.

Claire: ‘Do you have a condom?’
Jason: ‘No.. My wife and I don’t use any.’
Claire: ‘Good.’

She moved to the other end of the backseat and opened her legs as wide as she could for him, transferring some saliva to her pussy at the same time tasting her own juices.

Jason: ‘You want me to.. ‘
Claire: ‘Yes Uncle. I want you to fuck me.’
Jason: ‘You have to keep this secret between us k?’

Mhmm, came and he went, burying his cock that felt like a long sword piercing through her virginity. The grown up was unable to resist thrusting that tight hole and proceeded with it, ramming his cock so deep into her that she blacked out in under a minute.

Thankfully, a few more strokes into that young, hot thing and she awakened, screaming loudly as his shaft pried her pelvic bones wide.

Claire (moaning): ‘I’m gonna climax Uncle!’
Jason (groaning): ‘I’m cumming too! Sheeeettttt!’

He pulled out of her and let her hold his cock at her belly, fingers wrapped around his erupting cock while her other hand continued rubbing her clit. Jason threw one of her feet over his shoulders and pumped with the rest of his might, groaning painfully as his ejaculate ejaculate all over her bra and chest.

As for Claire, she stuffed his softened rod back into her pussy and orgasmed at that penetration, squirting the first few times onto the seats before he snapped up her romper to soak up the rest of it. Claire was probably the only one who thought the sticky mess at her vagina was fun to play with, since he was fully aware that she might get pregnant.

Jason: ‘Shall we just head home?’
Claire: ‘Okay! I have something to show you when we get home.’

She took a nap while he drove the car back to her place, and walked a few floors as Claire suggested. At the front door, they could hear familiar voices moaning and calling names, belonging to her dad and his daughter.

Jason (whispering): ‘Are they?’
Claire (whispering): ‘Yupp.’

Claire lowered the straps of her romper and went into the house hugging Jason’s arm between her breasts, surprising the fucking pair speechless.

Jeslyn: ‘Claire.. ‘

The two girls hugged for a long time, and then went back to each other’s dads for some same-room-sex in the comfort of Andy’s air conditioned master bedroom where a a king-sized bed awaited.

Part 1 | Part 2

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