Girlfriend Fucker

‘Bro, this is a message from her.’

The couple left after I accepted the note and I kept the incident on my mind till the end of my shift. When I read the message inviting me to an address, I had no idea what else to think about. That guy’s girlfriend, has been watching me at the bar, even sitting at an awkward angle to show me her ‘upskirt’ when I did my intended job.

*Ding dong*

(her saying) ‘Hey, you’re here.’

The girl opened the door wider to let me know that her boyfriend was there, sitting on the couch with a pissed off face. When she went to get a glass of water from me, the tension in the living room was high with him glaring at me.

‘Look, if you didn’t come over, she would still find you.’

‘Hey, I don’t even know what am I getting into.’

‘Just don’t be mean to her.’

The cup of water had some effervescent coming from a pill at the bottom, and it smelled like Redoxen. After I quenched my thirst from the long walk into their neighbourhood, she led me by my hand into her bedroom, as if I was ‘chosen’ by a customer.

‘What exactly is happening here?’

‘Don’t act stupid, you know what right?’

The condom on the bed summarised everything and she had already began stripping her ugly home clothes off. In her panties, she helped me with my clothes until I was stark naked, made to sit on her bed while she kneeled before me.

Without saying a word, she pumped a big blob of strawberry lubricant over my tip and took it into her mouth, going all the way to the base to make me groan. Long strokes were made to get me weakened, in the most unique one-night-stand I could never imagine.

As she worked on my cock, the sight of her enthusiasm did get me really hard, for I was looking right at a girl with curves at the right areas. She finished sucking me after five minutes, leaving me drowsy and high from her skilful tongue that probably had serviced her man earlier.

‘So fast tired?’

‘How could I not be?’

She pushed me down and capped me on, using her lips to roll the condom down my shaft. Once it was on, she just went into doggy facing her pillow, sticking her ass out at me to play. Was it suppose to be THAT straightforward? I went behind her and stuck my dick into her wet hole, entering so easily as if I had toyed with it (which I didn’t touch at all).

Just as I started pumping, the bedroom door opened and her boyfriend came in, taking his pants off and sitting in front of her head. She quickly devoured her rightful dick and let me fuck her from behind, using the jerking motion to deliver her best blowjob.

I couldn’t look him in the eye after such a thing happened, but it was helping me last a little longer too. Fear, guilt, were my best buds that night as I pounded her fast and furious, raping her pussy so hard she could not focus on her boyfriend.

Somehow, she was performing extremely well that night, getting him to cum within five minutes of our romp. The desperate girl sucked everything out of him and did not stop until he had to crawl away. He left after leaving his load and seemed to be in a better mood, in contrast to the fact that I was fucking his girlfriend.

‘Cum soon.’

‘I will.’

I held her waist tighter and let go of all my inhibitions, screwing her love hole as fast as I could go. The next few minutes were the most agonising times I’ve had, cock about to explode but unable to. Picking up my speed, our hips slapped loudly in the bedroom, experiencing the full wrath of her tightness in little time.

‘I’m cumming!’

She froze her arms to let me hammer the rest of it out, ejaculate filling up that balloon with an abundance of moans and groans.

‘You’re quite good you know? You’ll be someone I’d keep.’

I fell on my butt away from her and wore my clothes back, albeit in a zombie manner. She wrapped a towel around herself and waited for me to be done before sending me to the door, where her boyfriend was standing behind her feeling her up.

‘Goodnight cutie!’

That night was a confusing one to begin with, not that it ended any differently. I hope he won’t be angry with me for long.

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