Three Pieces

‘I haven’t seen you wear that coat in a long time.’

‘I know right! That’s why I wore it today. By the way, it’s a long cardigan.’

Hannah got into the car in her long pullover and turned my head to her, before tugging that knot apart for me to see what she wore underneath. Come to think of it, I had thought she was feeling cold that evening, that’s why she kept it around her waist throughout dinner.

The purple bra and panties threw me off guard and when she let my hand into her chest, I couldn’t resist feeling up the perky pair all over.

‘You like it?’

‘It’s fucking sexy.’

To delight me further, she unclasped the front hook and let it fall away to her sides, giving me full access to cup those firm titties. Just a minute into the chest-play. The heaving wife just climbed into the backseat, exposing her lacy butt to me. A smack sent her fumbling to the back and I followed in the most impatient manner ever.

We’ve had car sex before, but never did it happen with her in that provocative outfit that I was kept in the dark for the whole night. The erection in my pants couldn’t even think straight after what she did got me so worked up – in a good way.

‘Take it out!’

I unzipped my pants and whipped my cock out in the air-conditioning, letting her work her saliva over it while I buried my hand into her panites. Stretchy as it was, the two fingers I rubbed her with got wet quickly, to a point her panties only coated the back of my hand with more juices than to dry it.

Her head was sliding off my chest when we laid close to each other, exchanging pleasure with our energetic movements over our genitals. Slowly, her mouth reached my cock and the sudden descend of her lips on the shaft caught me off guard, panting loudly as soon as she began sucking me deeply.

The flowing soft hair had conditioner in it, making them so smooth to hold, while I guided her tempo to lose my own mind. The slurping and gagging noises just seemed so erotic that I couldn’t get enough of it. There was no way I would let her go right then.

Hannah continued to move her mouth up and down tirelessly, focusing at different parts that drove me moaning wildly in various pitches. I remembered shivering violently whenever she nibbled on the tip, until I gave in and forced her all the way down. The relief was heavenly to both of us, as she knew exactly how and which buttons to press. She was someone who enjoyed being in control of the man she loved.

I was no different either. I ended the oral part after my mind went really weak, pulling her by her hair up to kiss that lips which went down on a stick I loved very much myself too. She then positioned herself between the two front seats and stuck her butt out at me, wriggling twice to get my attention.

Of course, I knew what she was hinting at and immediately moved behind her, spreading my feet wide beside hers. I pulled her ass down over my cock and slipped it into her pussy, sensing all the warmth from earlier going over my manhood. Once I was in, she leaned forward for me and I picked my bum up as well, jerking upwards plunging right into her vagina.

The thick, whitish fluid from her was equivalent to how horny we were, assisting me in the long strokes pumping so rapidly into her, causing all the moans to explode in the car.

‘You’re splitting me apart inside!’

‘I know! You’re driving me crazy too! I don’t think I can hold in much longer.’

Suddenly, she just lifted herself away and dropped herself next to me, lying down over my groin to take it back into her mouth.

‘Hey hey!’

One of her legs was perched on the seat and a hand was rubbing furiously underneath, all the while giving me the most intense blowjob I’ve ever received. I only kept my fingers together and tapped on the back of her head whenever she went up, only to bounce right down to the base.

‘Arghh.. cumming! Cumming!’

Hannah tightened her lips around the base and pulled up, to the little hood, and tickled the tip with her tongue. I grasped the handle above the window for my life as I came right into her mouth, jutting my hips as the force dragged me along with it. She was busy ‘squeezing’ my shaft from the base up to clear everything, tipping me over the edge to face those random cramps at my groin.

I was at my penis’ end when she nibbled at the tip for more, until I just gave up and pushed everything out for her with my fingers.


Was all she could say after seeing my pale face, lifeless under the fluorescent lamps outside the windows. I watched her wear her bra back and adjust her panties, before climbing to the driver’s seat and helping me to the seat next to her.

‘I’ll drive.’

We managed to get home fast in the little traffic at midnight, only to get another erection when she washed me in the showers. Well, at least the bed provided better support when she rode me to the end of the world.

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